Whip me with a wet noodle, as I am far from perfect myself.


No one is perfect, and leave it to me to make a fool of myself once again for not remembering that. As I awoke this morning after a restless night of sleep I decided that I really should be whipped with a wet noodle, as I am far from perfect myself.

Sometimes I need to learn to bite my tongue, or learn to not hit the publish button too soon on my blog posts that I write. Over the last few years those that follow my blog have seen that I cover many different subjects from food adventures, to NYC events, to topical humor, fitness, etc. Every once in a while I tackle some subject matter that a few might find a little off-putting. Perhaps that is why some of you might have noticed a recent blog post disappear today that was placed over the Memorial Day weekend. It was one of those things where I thought I was being a bit funny and amusing, but the more I had time to think about it over the weekend I realized even I was a tad uncomfortable with it. It was one of those things I needed to sleep on, and then even before that I should have known better.


It’s the first time I have retracted a feature here, and I feel in my heart and pea-sized brain it was the right thing to do. So many people out there are affected by the words we say and the things we write. We live in an age of political correctness, emotional turmoil, and personal self awareness. Many suffer as they feel shunned, feel like outsiders and misfits, and made to feel bad about how they look or present themselves. Unless we are actually standing in their shoes we don’t know why or how they got to the place or position they are in. I was one of those same people years ago, so I know the pain that is felt by so many. I still feel it at times and suffer in silence. I realize I have more sympathy and empathy than what I penned in that post, so this one is my apology to all.

Perhaps I am getting a bit soft and losing my edge a bit. No, it’s more like I am trying to be a decent human being, and not paint a picture of people in a bad light who don’t deserve that treatment. Who am I to pass judgement on others knowing my own faults? No reason to be hurtful, even if it was meant in a humorous vein. Then again, there are those who deserve a good-natured ribbing now and then, and those that do deserve a smack upside the head seeing what they do at times! Ever watch the show COPS? Shop at Walmart? I’m still going to call those out when the time is right. Such as this idiocy –

You won’t see me wearing this at the beach this Summer!

I guess a “mea culpa” is what is in order here. My bad. My blunder. My boo-boo.

Get out the noodle. I’m ready to take my punishment. I deserve it this time.

32 thoughts on “Whip me with a wet noodle, as I am far from perfect myself.”

  1. Yeah – well – let that be a lesson to you. I’m not sure what you’re talking about, as I saw no offending post, but thanks for being a bigger man than yourself and fessing up to perhaps being a bit offensive to those who don’t understand sarcasm.

    Now the posting of that – whatever that was – that is horribly egregious and must stop immediately.

    Nuff said. See you next time.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt
    Patricia recently posted…Oh WebMD.com – You Crack Me UpMy Profile

  2. I was wondering- I went to click on it this morning and then it didn’t match up to what the title was. Oh well! You’re a good man for acting on your feelings.
    As for that picture- what the what?!! I would totally burst out laughing if I ever saw someone wearing one of those for real.
    Holli recently posted…Happy Memorial DayMy Profile

  3. Hey Phil, I was to dang busy stuffing my face and drinking adult beverages this past weekend to read your post. No matter, though, it takes a good person to realize a error in judgment. You did the right thing, although I AM a bit curious…you weren’t making fun of cheeseheads, were you? :-p

    Have a good week (what’s left of it) and try to stay dry.
    Mary J Melange recently posted…Being Judged And Finding A MermaidMy Profile

  4. Hey Phil, you’re a real decent guy even if I have to cope with seeing you naked mug shot every now & then so I’m sure that you did the right thing. I saw the top part of that blog piece but I was never able to get anything out of it as it mysteriously turned into another post. Perhaps the aliens were at work…!

    Anyhoo, time to whip you. Bend down & let me……….!
    Victoria recently posted…The smart guide to travelling to Helsinki.My Profile

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