Fire, Frozen Zombies, and Tiki Love at Zombie Hut NYC!

Photo credit - Zombie Hut

Photo credit – Zombie Hut

If and when the Zombie apocalypse happens I will be ready and waiting at the Zombie Hut on Smith Street in Brooklyn  NYC. Just have the bartender light up the bar on fire and let the fun begin!

How can you not love a tiki hut bar centered right in Brooklyn? Cheap ass beer list with some quality offerings in the $4-$6 range. Super potent Frozen Zombie drinks loaded up with a lethal straw full of 151 booze. Flaming scorpion bowls for group imbibing. Kitschy Gilligan’s Island meets Brady Bunch tiki interior. Board games like Jenga and Sorry on hand to play. Friendly and fast bartenders. A flat screen and large projection screen showing the days games. Fireplace in the back room. Goofy island style decor with colorful hanging lamps, paintings, bamboo, and tiki masks. Terrific music selection was playing the nights I have been here, from 80′s rap and hip hop to classic rock and 90′s grunge. Continue reading

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Why the heck am I putting myself through this?


Why are you doing this? Why are you putting your body through this?

I get asked these questions quite frequently when people hear that I am constantly hitting the weights in the gym, or out running three to five miles a night to get ready to participate in a Tough Mudder on July 12. Honestly, there are times when I really don’t know why. Not sure what motivates me but I keep on doing it. I’m well past my younger days of athletics and when my body could recuperate much quicker from the muscle soreness, aches, and pains I incurred after training. I guess it’s that I refuse to give up. It’s very easy to give up. I know many people that just let it all go when hitting a certain age and give in to life’s excesses. Even though my body might have a bit of wear and tear on it after all these years something keeps me going. Something just won’t let me quit. Even when I have days lately when I doubt I can do this, and my mind plays games with my confidence, my heart and soul won’t let me give up. It refuses. There is a nagging voice in the back of my mind that urges me to keep going. Even when I’d rather be out bar hopping with friends, hitting a party, or going out to a gut busting dinner. Failure is not an option.

Why am I doing this to myself? Continue reading

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SHHHHHH… quiet and drink your beer at Burp Castle NYC.

l (1)

Small, dark, dank, crowded, hot inside. SHHHHHH!

Drinking Youngs Chocolate Stout makes it all a heavenly experience!

I had not been to Burp Castle in years, and honestly, not much has changed. Still has the terrific and fun murals of Monks engaged in all kinds of scenes and religious scenerios on the walls. Dark woods and barely enough room to move when crowded. A few small tables on the inside, and a strange gated outside porch area to hang out in. There was music playing when I was here but not too loud. Always a bit warm in here as there really is no AC and just a few ceiling fans. Dimly lit and a bit mysterious. As soon as the sound of conversation and laughter rises to a crescendo the bartenders admonish us to pipe down.

SHHHHHH…….. Continue reading

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OPA! Some Greek pastry delights in Astoria, NYC!

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Big Fat Greek Wedding in Astoria style Jersey Shore fist pumping music dessert cafe.


Holy diabetes they have a ridiculous amount of desserts on display here! As we walked by Omonia Cafe after leaving a nearby event we were craving some coffee and were lured in by the never ending amount of pastries and sugar laden confections in the glass display cases. As the evening finally brought with it some comfortable and better weather we decided to take a seat in the outdoor cafe part. I was ready for some sort of sugary sweet treat and this was a good find.

This place is a trip! Booming freestyle dance and clubby house music playing, colored lights change on the side of the building, flickering white lights cascade down the trees lining the sidewalk, our waitress had a thick Greek accent, and we were surrounded by Russian girls conversing over dinner while nearby a young guy in a stylish fedora had the staff sing happy birthday to his main squeeze. Pitbull was blasting over the speakers and on the flat screens they had on the Speed Channel and ESPN. It’s designed like an outdoor open air European cafe with no walls that is open 24 hours a day. Continue reading

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Iron Chef reigns supreme in NYC – Morimoto!

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Photo credit – Yelp

Iron Chef Cuisine Reigns Supreme!

Having dined at Morimoto in NYC on a few separate occasions I must admit to having a rocking time at both! The most important thing to remember is to make sure you get a seat at the sushi bar! This is where all the action happens and the chefs will chat with you if you are friendly to them. To see them work up close is really cool. It’s entertainment! Plus, on both occasions the Iron Chef Morimoto himself was holding court there and he came over to speak to us both times. Really nice and warm guy. Was very interested what we thought of his food, which was terrific by the way.

When you pull up to the place the outside is covered with a flowing red drapery across the front. You can’t miss it. Entering the place you are greeted by the front desk staff. Both times our seats were not ready and it would be about 15 minutes to wait, so we went to the downstairs bar/lounge area. Bar area is very clear white with glowing red walls! Futuristic cool. See through poly-plastic type stools, and funky spaceship type feel. Small lounge area to grab a seat and enjoy a cocktail while waiting for your sushi feast to begin. Continue reading

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Las Vegas you’re a dirty whore but I love you!


Vegas baby, Vegas! We meet again. Oh how I love thee you dirty bitch!

Being that I am once again in Las Vegas attenting another convention for work I figured I’d give a shout out to my favorite place to work and play.

This pretty much sums it up every time I step off that airplane at McCarran Airport. For a few days or a week you can live like a rock star and party like a porn star. It’s an adult playground and fantasy land like none other. You can live out the seven deadly sins while here, and sometimes invent a few new ones! Continue reading

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Holy crap my cell phone died! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


There is nothing more terrifying than having your cell phone die on you! In this day and age of being connected 24/7 the ability to tap a few aps, access a phone list, use social networking, or surf the net with the touch of a finger is a godsend to me as I am always using them, as are many others out there reading this I’m sure. I’m a Droid phone guy and swear by it. I love my phone as if it’s my own child. My phone is like a part of me, and I feel totally naked without it. Oh, the agony! I feel as if my puppy has been taken away from me. Well, actually it feels more like a kick in the groin! I was using it this morning as I normally do to check my email and Facebook and all of a sudden it just froze. After repeatedly trying to start and unstart it with no reaction I removed the battery and popped it back in. Still nothing and still frozen. Then it made some weird screen pixilation and went black. Oh my God – I just witnessed the cell phone equivalent of a person dying with it’s last gasp in my arms! I literally started to feel queasy. I started to panic at the thought of being disconnected from the world for a whole day. That, and I can’t remember anyone’s phone numbers anymore! I’m screwed! Continue reading

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The Fat Man strikes again at Veniero’s in NYC!

Photo credit - Veniero's

Photo credit – Veniero’s

The Fat Man strikes again!

After dinner not too long ago on the LES we decided to take a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood. My girl’s family actually grew up in this hood so we like to wander around and check out their old haunts. All of a sudden The Fat Man taps on my shoulder and points me in the direction of Veniero’s. Yes, I can’t resist so we decide to head on in.

Just had to wait on line for a few minutes for a table. When is there never a line here? At least you get to view the gigantic pastry counter with all its wonderful sugary offerings. All types of pastries, cookies, and gelato flavors. We were seated pretty quickly and handed the menus. There is so much stuff packed onto it that the actual letter size is super small to fit it all on the pages! Went with a regular coffee and trio of miniature pastries each. Hey, I’m trying to watch my figure as summer is just around the corner! I’m not fat – I’m just a bit oversized! Continue reading

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