Summertime tonsil hockey, PDA’s, and love lines in NYC!


Sometimes you stumble into a situation that you immediately regret. You see things that cannot be unseen. Things that can turn your stomach. I don’t know what it is lately here in NYC but I have a knack for walking into people going at it in a revolting display of public affection. You know the type. The couple that disgustingly can’t keep their hands off each other and feels the need to show off to the world their love. Case in point the other afternoon when I decided to have my lunch in the park. We have had some beautiful summer weather and having lunch on a park bench seemed like a good idea. Sunglasses on, chicken wrap in my hand, a cold iced tea, and the warm sun on my face as I leaned back to relish in the moment. A moment that was suddenly ruined by the sounds of wet slurping noises. At first I thought it was a panting dog sitting next to me until I looked over and saw this couple in the full throes of tonsil hockey! I mean, they were going at it relentlessly. I really think he was going in so deep that he was trying to dig out her fillings with his tongue. I’m surprised he did not pass out from lack of oxygen since it looked like she was devouring his whole face with an air lock. The absolute horror of what I was witnessing transpired fully when I realized these were not young kids but a couple that were old enough to be my parents!!!

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! MY EYES!!!!!! Continue reading

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Craftbar NYC – a worthwhile Restaurant Week menu!

l (2)

Normally, Restaurant Week in NYC is a mishmash of menus that most times do not really reflect what the participating eateries offer on a daily basis, and many are mediocre at best. I have had my share of acceptable and below par experiences with this special week of dining deals, but sometimes one does come through to satisfy my gluttonous desires. A recent lunch at Craftbar left me actually wanting to come back here again. That is key to why these restaurants get involved with this – to make people come back and dine off the regular menus. It always makes me scratch my head as to why certain establishments refuse to put on the RW menu some of their better offerings, and eschew totally what their cuisine really is. Case in point – a steakhouse that refuses to place steak on the menu. If they do there is usually an extra surcharge of $7-$10 which kind of deflates the purpose. Lunch is $25 for three courses, and dinner $38 for three courses. It also makes me laugh when I see some of these places use the same menu for both. Why even bother if they’re not even going to make an effort. Mix it up a bit! Continue reading

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One of the best meals I have ever eaten! Chef Vola’s in NJ.

l (2)

In a total food coma. One of the best meals I ever had. Worthy of the hype! Don’t even think about passing up dessert. If you can score a reservation here at Chef Vola’s just go! No matter what time they offer you. Refrain from haggling. Run there. Wow! 

Basically, Chef Vola’s is the Atlantic City speakeasy version of an Italian restaurant. Hidden away off a side street in the renovated basement of a family home this place is the holy grail of meals in this town. Really, if you can get a reservation here it is worth the epic food coma you will be in afterwards. Kind of funny that you can’t find their phone number or address on their website but it’s listed on Yelp and the internet with some searching. That’s part of the old school “you gotta know someone’s cousin or business associate that knows someone in the family” to get in. When I called they asked how I knew about them. I played along and wrangled an early seating right at opening which worked out perfect for us, as we just wanted to sit at the tables and gamble afterwards at the casino. Forget about going out dancing or anything like that after a meal here unless you want to explode. Try to get an early seating, since if you get a late evening one you just might as well go to bed afterwards all food sleepy as if you drank a bottle of Nyquil. Best. Feeling. Ever. Continue reading

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I conquered Tough Mudder and lived to tell about it! Hoorah!


Well, that was something out of the ordinary! When going away on vacation the majority of normal people out there do something relaxing and fun. You know, the normal stuff like laying on an island beach, going on a cruise, doing Vegas or Disney, maybe even jetsetting to Europe to see the world. Some even do the staycation thing or hang out visiting family. Nope, not me being the mildly disturbed individual that I am. For some idiotic reason I decided to train for months to start my vacation off with a Tough Mudder which is one of the more grueling events one can partake. They even make you sign a “Death Waiver” to be allowed to participate. Not only is it physically demanding but also mentally taxing especially when running it solo as I did. I targeted the July 12th Upstate NY event. For months leading up to this my nights and many mornings included jogging for miles, lifting weights, and basically living in a gym. Eating healthier. I can’t say that it was a total waste of time as it sure paid off! In fact, I had a blast at the Mudder and actually did pretty well. Other than some minor injuries, bruises, and scrapes I walked off that course feeling like a champ and exhilarated. It was an amazing feeling knowing that I succeeded doing something I set out as a personal goal, and overall not many people can claim to taking on the challenge of this event and conquering it. Definitely not a walk through the park.

I am now a proud member of Mudder Nation! Continue reading

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Let’s go to adult Camp in Brooklyn NYC for s’mores & booze!


Photo credit – Camp

Let’s go camping!

I just love kitschy bars that have a theme to them. Camp in Brooklyn NYC is the epitome of what a fun campy bar should be. You really are partying in a log cabin! The walls, ceiling, bar, floors, along with a real working fireplace and mounted deer heads on the walls are all set up to make you believe you are out in the woods upstate somewhere in a hunting cabin! It’s a pretty neat spot!

As quoted from their website – “Camp brings Brooklyn urbanites a little taste of the country. Relive summer memories while making your own smores, escape from the cold by cozying up to our fireplace, bag a deer on Big Buck Hunter, and grab some friends for a classic board game competition. All while listening to hand-picked indie rock. Welcome to Camp.” Pretty much on-point as when we walked in I noticed people playing Connect Four and Jenga while sipping away on cocktails in front of a crackling fire in the fireplace.   Continue reading

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Give a suit. Change a life. Lend a hand. Men’s Wearhouse 2014 National Suit Drive.


“True Blood” star, Joe Manganiello spotted entering Madison Avenue’s Men’s Wearhouse in NYC to donate a suit for the 7th annual National Suit Drive on June 25, 2014.

I’m all for helping out and supporting a good cause, and with our uncertain economy and employment hardships across the board it is always nice to see certain companies rise to the occasion with a helping hand. This July, Men’s Wearhouse is launching its seventh annual National Suit Drive and encouraging consumers to donate their gently-used professional attire to help individuals who are trying to enter or re-enter the workforce.

The 2014 National Suit Drive aims to collect 150,000 pieces of professional attire (men’s and women’s suits, shirts, jackets, ties, pants, belts and shoes) to distribute to over 180 partner nonprofits that prepare men and women to enter the workplace through job readiness programs and workforce assistance. In return, Men’s Wearhouse will provide a coupon for 50% off a future purchase to each participating donor. Pretty nice deal if you ask me!

While those reading this may have their own suit or their significant others’ suits they can donate, you can also help the cause without donating from your own closets. Men’s Wearhouse will make a monetary donation of $1 (up to $20,000) to their National Suit Drive cause for every new Twitter and Instagram follower and each time the hashtag #giveasuit is used.



Facebook: Continue reading

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These libations are killing me softly at Dutch Kills in Queens, NY

Photo credit - Dutch Kills

Photo credit – Dutch Kills

The best speakeasy in Queens! Came here with a bunch of friends not too long ago for the first time and realized it’s the kind of cozy, dark, and mellow place that can suck you in for hours and not have a clue as to what time it is before your stumble out. It’s not often that I venture out to Long Island City for a cocktail, but would happily go on another adventure to this little hideaway for another libation.

Love the classic hidden speakeasy vibe Dutch Kills has going on here. It’s in a desolate strip along Jackson Ave that can get kinda sketchy late at night. At least the subway stop is only a block away for quick access. You wouldn’t know it’s here at all except for a small nondescript white neon sign that says “bar” above the door. It’s in a small building surrounded by a few other businesses. Once you open the brown metal door you enter into a terrific hidden den of mixology. Continue reading

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I can’t hear you over the sound of my Freedom this July 4th!


Happy Independence Day everyone! The 4th of July has so much meaning and relevance to so many of us. As a country we are free to make our own gluttonous decisions of what to eat and drink. What kind of job to do. Where we live. What we wear. I still can’t believe it only been 18 short years since Will Smith fought back the alien invasion and saved the human race from extinction! We have so much to be thankful for that the Fresh Prince was there to deliver us from utter annihilation. I’m still in awe that we were able to rebuild the White House so quickly. Normally, our idiot politicians on Capitol Hill can’t decide on anything other than voting on raises for themselves and what extended vacations they are taking. Good thing we have Freedom fighters like Captain Steven Hillar on hand! Continue reading

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