New Year’s Resolutions, Frozen, Squirrels & Hangovers in NYC!

10409387_10152872711523486_9007701862672997175_nLook, I’ll be the first one to admit that it’s hard to pass up a night out on the town here in NYC. Put a booze filled cocktail in front of me along with a great steak dinner and Phil is a happy boy! I just can’t give up going out with my friends, or meeting up with them at some hot spot for a fun time. I know I have some of the “Peter Pan complex” in me. I just can’t grow up. Maybe it’s because I refuse to. I see too many people that once they hit their 30’s and 40’s they kind of give up on the things they loved along the years. Not saying that everyone needs to be hard partiers their whole life, but I kind of see the alternative as a bit boring too. I know major life events change people – relationships, marriage, children, etc – but do they have to give up on everything they did before that? The fun stuff?

I’m sitting here in my fav weekend cafe where you’ll normally find me with my computer, and on my third cup of coffee trying to shake the hangover cobwebs out of my head. Still thinking about the terrific happy hour last night in an underground lair where I drank way too much, then followed by a jaunt across town in the rain to a steakhouse to end the night with more cocktails and engaging conversation over a medium rare mouth watering filet mignon. Somehow stumbled home around 1:30 and fell into the bed. Did I drink too much last night? Maybe? Spent too much cash? That steak and sazerac cocktail was sure worth it. Do I regret not just going home, hitting the gym, then calling it a night? Hell no! Life is short and time to play is a must. Everyone deserves a cheat day now and then. Mine was last night. Back in the gym today and be good. Maybe at my age I should slow down a bit. Nah! Even though recovery takes a little longer nowadays I refuse to give in to age. You know that saying about “aging gracefully”? I call bullshit on that! There is a big difference of being older and being old. Being old conjures up images of retiring to Florida, watching the grass grow, and hitting up the seniors specials for dinner. Not me, no way. Heck, I know people around me that are already old and they are a lot younger than I am. I’ll fight it and party on until I’m dragged away kicking and screaming. Still love going out, attending heavy metal concerts, lifting weights, travelling, dancing, eating well, and enjoying everything NYC has to offer. Why stop because you get a little older?

Was this worth it? Heck yeah!

Which brings me to the fact that to keep doing all this nonsense I need to keep working out. The joke among my friends and I are that we keep exercising so we can keep eating and drinking. It’s a nasty loop that won’t end. Well, I could stop working out but then I would ballon up to the size of Jabba the Hut. It’s also why I started to get back into my serious training regimen again. Hardcore heavy weight training, cardio, and eating better overall. Even cooking dinners now. After the Tough Mudder I ran back in July I lightened up on the gym sessions, but now I’m back in on a mission. Started the week of Thanksgiving with turkey day being my one cheat day. I wasn’t going to wait until New Years to get my ass in gear. There are enough noobs out there who will wait until January 1st and start up the “New Years Resolution” garbage. Why wait when you can get a head start and do it now? Well, I might wait until this hangover is totally gone today before hitting the gym later. No one wants to see me vomit on the squat rack.


You ever wonder why it rains right after getting a shoe shine? I think for a man there is something so old-school pleasureable about sitting up in that chair, reading the paper, and having a pro shine your shoes for a few dollars. My shoes looked killer. Shiny and black. It was a good day. Then, it had to go and freaking rain. A lot. Dammit! It’s like that same feeling you get after taking a nice shower, being all fresh and clean, when all of a sudden you need to take a dump. The kind that’s a bowl destroyer. WTF??? Why lord, why?


Is it just me or am I the only one who hated the movie “Frozen”? I just don’t get it. I didn’t think it was all it was cracked up to be. Now that friggin’ movie and it’s bland characters are everywhere. I’m a Disney fan and love the movies and going to DisneyWorld, but I just don’t get the allure of it. I think it’s highly overrated and can’t compare to many of their other animated features. I found the movie boring too. I guess it’s a good movie for the girls and teaches them to be empowered as individuals, or some righteous message like that. It’s the Disney version of an animated “chick flick”. ( My gal hates when I use that term, but it is! ) Honestly, I think Olaf is the Disney equivalent of Jar Jar Binks. Blah. Now Disney is promoting the crap out of it in their parks and changing things to have Frozen included. Everywhere. If I hear that song “Let It Go” one more time……


I always wonder how all the Christmas tree stands seem to pop up overnight here in NYC right after Thanksgiving ends. It’s uncanny. Like at the stroke of midnight they magically appear. It’s great if you enjoy a real tree for the holidays, and I love the smell of the trees as I walk by them. With this wacky weather we’ve been getting I’ll wait until a few days before December 25th to actually buy one. It’s gone from 30 degrees last week to 50 and raining today. Yet, I just saw a few people dragging soaking wet trees back to their apartments. Why? They are just going to get all dried out and become a mess of needles on the floor over the next three weeks. You’ll be pulling pine needles out of your ass until February. I still have that image of the squirrel scene in my head from “Christmas Vacation” every time I get a tree. Or walk by those stands. Love that movie.


47 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions, Frozen, Squirrels & Hangovers in NYC!”

  1. Excellent Post Phil. Love your insights on not growing old, eating and drinking well, enjoying friends, not waiting until New Years to get into shape (a dumb concept) the shoe shine, don’t know about ‘Frozen’ but I’m pretty sure Disney was taking out one of my favorite places to make room, ugh. Yes, and one does not need to get their Christmas tree in horrible weather. Signing off from the suburbs, sigh, but hopefully not getting too old, nevertheless. Happy Holiday Season!

  2. Hey Phil, I admire your gumption. i’m gonna be cooking a steak tonight but I won’t be beginning with or following it up with all of the other goodies – but that sounds like a lot of fun. I don’t do NY resolutions – never worked for me – but I am on the path already – slow and steady wins the race. We do a fake tree but we gotta pull it up from the basement and set it up – that’s coming next weekend – for now it’s gonna be a great day. Take care and stay thirsty my friend.

    1. Hey Clay!

      Nothing wrong with agood steak! Yeah, the resolution thing is well overplayed now. Why wait – just do it!

      The Most Interesting Man in The World will always stay thirsty!

  3. I’m with you, Phil. Mostly. Having 3 kids leaves me little choice in the growing up with certain stuff, but I still love to get out and about, tie one on and have fun.
    And pretty much the only reason I exercise is to eat (and drink) more, and to help fight the OLDness in my bones.
    I didn’t like Frozen either. Give me Monsters, Inc. or Nightmare Before Christmas when it comes to Disney movies. And give me Tarantino movies when my kids aren’t around. Some people, yeah mostly girls but not exclusively, love the movies with big MUSICAL numbers. That’s not my jam. The merch on that movie is NUTSO!

    1. Hey Joy!

      Heck, even with kids you can still stay young and do many of the same things you did before them. Well, no sex in the kitchen or on the living room couch anymore!

      Yeah, I hated Frozen. Give me Kill Bill or Monsters Inc anytime!

  4. Great post, Phil, and you nailed it on “there is a big difference of being older and being old.” I also refuse to “grow up” in many regards. That state of mind. Yet, I just can not party like I used to. My buddy and I were discussing this the other night about the dark liquors (we are both Jim Beam men) absolutely trashing us for an entire next day. I will have some swigs out of my flask that I sneak in at the movies though 🙂 Too funny on the toilet. Ironic you mention that filet mignon as I’m always craving beef lately. What is up with that? Great shout out to Christmas Vacation! I own it and have watched numerous times. Have a great rest of your weekend! 🙂

    1. Hey Mike!

      Thanks! Age is a state of mind, but the body has to be in shape to not get old. Body and mind together is key. I do agree about drinking recuperation time as it does get harder nowadays!

      Christmas Vacation is the best holiday flick! Elf is up there too.

  5. I can’t think of a little girl I know who doesn’t like Frozen. Come to think of it I can’t think of a big girl I know who doesn’t like Frozen. I’m pretty indifferent to it and the songs were clearly written to be very catchy (I wonder if Katy Perry had any say in it?)

    I shouldn’t moan about the success of Frozen though. I have shares in Disney so I just think of the long term payback 😉

    Good on you for the workout regime. I’m sure you remember that I’m like you in that I’m not big on this New Year’s resolution stuff. If you want to sort your life out do it now and mean it. Don’t wait for one day in the year when you are caught up in a frenzy then lose interest 2 days later.

    1. Hey Guy!

      Like I said, it’s an animated Disney version of a chick flick! Just not to my liking.
      Sounds like you are enjoying the dividends though!

      Yup, as with many things, why wait? Do it now!

  6. AHhhhh,
    the life of Phil from New York City.
    ((BLISS)) (((FUN))) ((Sin)))
    I haven’t watched Frozen & now I shant because you said so. xxx
    Ps. that bloody steak looks Fab
    PSS. nothing wrong w/ the word “Chick!!’

  7. Phil, you’re killing me! I’m never gonna grow up! So I have a corporate job, a husband, and a sprog (British word for child), so what. Just check out my blog and you’ll see that I can still party like it’s 1999 Yo!
    I mean, I go to the Berlin Video Music Awards and someone breaks his arm! I go to Berlin Fashion Week and commandeer a Mercedes Benz dark-tinted van made for the super-models, and use it to get home on the other side of town. For free.
    I mean I got Noel Gallagher from the British rockpop group – Oasis – to sign my diary with lipstick! It’s all good. Right! Right!?

  8. The picture of the steak made my mouth water! Yummy.
    I think i’m the only human that hasn’t seen Frozen. My nieces sure are crazy about it though.
    I ‘ll never grow up.

  9. Oh crap, now I’m gonna be singing that Peter Pan “I won’t grow up” song all day long. Although I guess it’s better than the Frozen song . . .

  10. I liked Frozen, but I can see where dudes might not so much. Personally, I just REALLY liked Anna…(Kristen Bell *squee*)…and the trolls…and Idina Menzel’s voice…and the parallels with accepting and understanding depression.

    Also, on the Peter Pan complex thing? I say if you can still do and and you enjoy it, rock the fuck on with it!

    Life changes things, but it doesn’t have to kill things! 🙂

    1. Hey Chrissy!

      Ugh – in other words you admit to loving this chick flick cartoon! 😉

      We all must rock on like the Pan! Never give up what you love!

  11. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to the gym for the sole purpose of being able to eat more. I do that.

    And I am so with you about that Frozen crap. What is that all about? Seriously people, let – it – go already. But, I still love Disney.

    Now get out there and get yourself a tree already.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      Eat more, work out, eat some more. Go back to the gym. Story of my life.

      I love Disney but Frozen was crap. Sorry, not sorry! My tree will be waiting for me on Dec 23! Maybe.

  12. Nice segue to “Frozen.” Actually after forcing me to sit through all of those songs, the least Disney could to was marry them off. 🙂 Good for you hitting the gym. We Peter Pans best stick together.

    1. Hey Shelley!

      I felt like I needed my mind erased after watching Frozen and having those dumb songs stuck in my head.

      Yup, don’t grow up. It’s no fun.

  13. I agree with everything you’ve written here. I’m never getting old, I don’t wanna! I don’t believe in NY resolutions- because like you said, we can do it NOW.

    Frozen was on the free on demand at the children’t hospital when my youngest son had his appendix out back in July- I fell asleep during the movie, and both of my boys said they wish they had. 🙂 Not a fan.

  14. I have a serious Peter Pan complex too Phil! And a night out in NYC with a good steak and cocktails is just the ticket. I have to admit, I have steak envy right now. Oh, and I love your Billy Bob banner. haha!

    1. Hey Elizabeth!

      So thankful that I’m not the only Grinch that couldn’t stand Frozen! We actually bought the DVD thinking it would be good. Now I want to burn it!

  15. I like your mindset, Phil; it sounds mentally very healthy. Age is a strange beast, but a sure way of getting wrinkled and boring is to stop doing the things you enjoy.

  16. Hear! hear! Luckily my friends are of the same opinion; they’ll have to drag us out! The only thing I’m not that into anymore is clubbing, but I’ll never grow too old for nights out with the girls, steaks and cocktails included.

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      I love going out to bars, events, concerts, and eating. Even the occasional club too. Never too old as long as your mind is into it!

      Now recovering from a hangover is a different story….

  17. You are officially my hero of the day for stating you hated Frozen. I finally rented it a couple of weeks ago and was like, “Meh.” Pure non-nonsensical empty drivel when you get right down to the story and the characters. “Let it go, let it go…” Whatevs.

    1. Hey Jeri!

      Aw, shucks! I’ll put on my superhero cape today! Yeah, I’ll admit, HATED IT! Glad many out there agree. Let it go………right into tbe trash.

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