Music is Who We Are, and the Fabric of our Souls.


Music. It is one of those things in life that gives meaning, offers hope, and revives spirit in just about anyone.

I, for one, have been a music fan my whole life. Starting from the days when I was a little tyke listening to the sounds of WABC spinning the hits of the 60’s and 70’s on my parents old living room stereo, to my first rock concerts and the fun metal glam scene of the 80’s, to the current era of today’s artists. Music has always been with me. Not a day goes by when I am not listening to some sort of music. In fact, I have my Spotify on right now playing a rocking list of tunes as I am typing up this blog post. I listen to music while at work, and believe me, I am so happy to work in an office that allows us to actually play music and be creative. I could never work in one of those cube farm offices that ban the playing of music, or only allow some sort of lame soft rock and mindless pop set at a volume level barely audible. I have visited a few offices like these during biz trips and it always strikes me at how quiet they are, and how the employees seem to be expressionless drones. Ugh, not for me.

After work hours I can be found at the gym with my ear buds in place and cranking out a training session while getting pumped with great music. Even when out for a run music is with me. During my daily subway commute. Almost no matter where I am it’s with me. It’s a part of me, and I can’t fathom a life without music in it. Even my gal is a huge music fan, and as a former singer herself in bands years ago, still holds that passion close to her heart. It’s who I am and who we are as a couple, and is one thing that does bring us closer together. Music can be uplifting and energizing, and is something that goes deeper than just having something to listen to which breaks up the silence.


Which is why I just can’t understand those people out there who do not like or care much for music. They have no specific genre of music they enjoy, or will listen to whatever is on the radio. It’s like they don’t care. The ones who really make me shake my head are those who abandon the music they loved. I have always been a die-hard metal and rock music fan. I still listen to the bands I enjoyed growing up, while also taking in the sounds of new musicians I have discovered coming from all around the planet. I just don’t get why people give up on their music. We still love going to concerts as there is nothing like the spectacle of a live performance to rock out to. The stage show, the lighting, the pyrotechnics, the over the top volume, and the audience participation. Wow – I still get excited just thinking about it!

Many times I have been asked by others in my age bracket as to why I “still listen to music like that” or they state “ I grew out of that stuff long ago” to even “I just don’t have time to listen to music anymore”.  What the heck? I feel sorry for people like this who associate becoming a certain age to giving up on the things they loved. I understand that as we become older we take on more responsibilities in life – jobs, family, homes, bills, etc – but does that also mean one has to give up on life’s loves too? You see, I equate music with life. It can be described as a lifeblood the way I look at it. Without music I can not see life having much meaning past the everyday doldrums of our daily routines. I can never give up on the music I love and grew up with. It’s part of my soul. The fabric that intertwines it.


Maybe I am a bit different from many of my age. Depending on my mood and frame of mind I can listen to hard-driving rock, prog metal, mellow classic tunes, rap and hip hop, hits of the 70’s, dance, new wave and goth, doo-wop and the legends who started it all way back when, among others. You’ll even find on my iPod notables such as Johnny Cash, Elvis, Tom Jones, Sinatra to Lady GaGa, Zedd, Rob Zombie, Iron Maiden, Arch Enemy, Sabbath, The Cure, Rihanna, Shadows Fall, Depeche Mode, The Young Guns, and Queen to mix in a few names.

There is no limit to what we should or should not listen to, and it irritates me when specific factions try to dictate our listening habits. Don’t even get me started on the state of the music industry biz right now as we all know it’s kind of broken and rudderless at this point. All I know is that I choose to listen to what I enjoy, and not because some radio station music programmer shoves into our ears what they are told to promote to the masses. Music should be a choice, and one that everyone has the freedom to decide what is right for them.


That being said, I am first and foremost a Metal Head and Hard Rock music lover. Always have been and always will be. There is just something about it that attracts me. The hard-driving rhythms, the power, the aggression, the classical and operatic influences, the rebelling against the mainstream.

Yet, I am not closed-minded and appreciate many genres of music and artists that over the years have helped shape the music scene over the past decades. Relish and live in the past with no shame, but also evolve and discover something new to bop your head to and tap your feet with. Music can elicit so many emotions, whether you’re in a melancholy mood or in gleeful exuberance. There is no reason to limit oneself.

Don’t ever adhere to other’s opinions for or against music. Listen to what makes you feel right. Just tune in and rock on!

Let’s hear it readers – Music fan or not? Still listen to the music you grew up with? Is music a part of your life? Favorite band or concert?

43 thoughts on “Music is Who We Are, and the Fabric of our Souls.”

  1. Hell yeah I’m a diehard music fan. My music tastes are all the hell over the place. In one afternoon on my Pandora, I can go from Patsy Cline to One Direction, from Duran Duran to Creed to Queen to the Beatles. There is no rhyme or reason to my musical tastes, and the only constant is that there is ALWAYS music playing.

    Great post, Phil!!

    1. Hey Teri!

      You said it! There is not one part of my day when I am not listening to some sort of music. Even at work. Glad you liked this one!

  2. Amen to that!
    I couldn’t live my life without music, it’s a massively important part of my life, it gets you through the bad times and makes the good times greater. Rock on! Especially if the Foo Fighters are playing. Omg best. Night. Ever.

    1. Hey Pink!

      Yes! I just don’t understand those who don’t care for music or get any emotional benefit from it. It’s hugely important. I just picked up Faith No More tickets to see them this summer. Can’t wait!

  3. I love this post so much I can not express it with words. I’d sing about, but the last time I sang I wound up in jail for involuntary manslaughter. 😉

    Seriously though, Phil your words are right out of my head and heart. I love music, it is such an integral part of my life, and I’m like Teri up there- I’m all over the place with what I listen to.

    1. Hey Starr!

      So glad you liked this post! I wanted to write about something close to my heart and music is right up there.

      Bacon, beer, sex, and weighlifting are all close behind!

  4. Music Fan all the way! Fall is not fall in Philadelphia without Sunday’s with Sinatra. I enjoy all kinds of music, except sorry Phil, not heavy metal, I’ve just never gotten it.
    When I got my new car in August it came with Sirius- so now one can regularly view me in broad public singing or dancing while driving to the 60’s, 70’s, Soul Train, and I love 40’s music too, memories of growing up, well all of it. Fun Post Phil! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hey Peggy!

      We all like differnt music genre’s. Whatever floats your boat and makes you happy. I have some Sinatra on my ipod. He’s a classic.

      Oh, Sirius is always on at our place. It’s great and no commercials! So many different channels to try out. Glad you enjoyed this one!

  5. I think I’m one of those nerds you don’t understand. I like music, but not like I used to. I used to love punk, Sex Pistols, Misfits, Black Flag. Now I’m old and tired and my hearing is super sensitive. I thought you were supposed to LOSE hearing, but now everything just seems way too loud. I have to put earplugs or napkins in my ears at the movies. Yes, I’m totally ready to retire and sit on the lanai having cheesecake with the Golden Girls. Thank you for being a friend. hahahaha
    I still like music, especially the grunge of the 90’s and I’ll always love 80’s music. I like it more now than I did in the 80’s, but I do get sick of radio stations that play the same song over and over until your ears bleed. I never seek music out or think to put it on usually. If my husband or kids want it, I like it, I just only think to listen to audio books or talk radio, NPR. NERDBUCKET, I guess.
    I totally worked in a quiet drone cube-farm, however we all did listen to music, we just used headphones. We shared our iTunes and had a HUGE musical library, books, shows, all kinds of things. Anything to drown out the idiots talking about American Idol for hours!
    Happy Easter, or Passover, or PassOut or whatever you have going on this weekend!

    1. Hey Joy!

      Wow – you listened to some great old school punk! The 80-90’s were my fav music era. Still into it and still go to concerts. Still have my hearing though!

      Ditch the radio. Today’s radio is garbage. Get Sirius XM as it’s great! Happy weekend!

  6. Yeah I’d say im a music fan for sure. I mean its in my soul and nothing picks me up better than the sound of my favorite artists. I agree with you on this topic. We just need it. Rock on indeed!

    1. Hey Kelsey!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      Well said. It’s a great pick me up, or a soothing partner to have in times of sadness. Music is a part of our souls. We need it.

  7. Great post! How can you live a life without music, good music!! Seriously I can do without television, but don’t take away music. Windows down, music up, long drive to nowhere…it puts you in the mood you need to be in. Lifts you up, mellows you out, gets the adrenaline pumping. I’ve got my playlist featuring Todd Rundgren, Metallica, Poison, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Marylin Manson, Beastie Boys, Miles Davis, and even some Taylor Swift 🙂 I don’t discriminate with my music! Although I do think music of today’s era is vastly different than years ago. Times they are a changin’

    1. Hey Paula!

      Thanks! I agree, as I have been watching less and less tv but always listen to music. Great playlist you have there.

      Problem with today’s music is that the majority is disposable. Very few classics are being made nowadays and the songwriting is horrible.

  8. I have playlists for writing, and those I will listen to on repeat. When I’m in the car or the kitchen I listen to the radio (and I will dance, I even find a way in the car). I’ve always been a Top 40 person. In high school I used to make mix tapes every weekend during the countdown. 🙂

    1. Hey Coleen!

      I also have different playlists I listen to for writing, work, the gym, etc.

      LOL – I remember those old mix tape days. I wore a few of them out in my car. Always on heading to the beach and clubs. Cassette tapes were the thing back then!

  9. I’m totally with you on this one, brother. My taste is wide: Led Zep, Sex Pistols, Leonard Cohen (my hero), Simon & Garfunkel, Eagles, Ed Shearon, Paloma Faith, Abba, Black Sabbath, T Rex, Slade …. I could go on and on. Music and lyrics are the most potent force to impact on my emotions. I’m not ashamed to say that I regularly cry (in a good way) while listening. Super post, Phil.

    1. Hey Gary!

      You listen to a wide range of classic rock. Very cool. Those were the days of real songwriting and musicianship.

      I only cry when I listen to today’s pop music as it’s so horrible it’s painful!

  10. Love music, especially songs that bring me right back to a happy or carefree time in my life. Like Low Spark of High Heeled Boys or You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ or Mama Kin. I love that my older son is into music of all types. He even has a turntable in his room.

    1. Hey Karen!

      Music does have a way to bring us back. So many great memories.

      Vinyl is making a comeback! There is a place here in Brooklyn that does nothing but make vinyl records. Barnes and Noble has a whole selection of reissued classic albums now. It just has a more real warmer sound.

  11. Not super duper in love with Rap or country, but all else is good. When I run, I know that each song is just over 3 minutes. That means 3 songs = 10 minutes = a fifth of the run = which equals… I have no idea. I like to run with music. 🙂

    1. Hey Shelley!

      You and me both! When I go out running now for my training music is a must! I have spotify and my running ap on my phone so I’m all good!

  12. This is a wonderful post, Phil. I love music in many forms: Rock, Blues (I’m listening to Eric Clapton as I type), Pop, Christian Contemporary, Country, Crooners, etc. I’ll dance to a polka or Pitbull; sing in the shower to a Journey tune or classic Patsy Cline. And I do love AC/DC (Thunderstruck is my fave) and Judas Priest. Music moves me like nothing else and I can’t imagine life without it. How boring would that be?

    Favorite band is Journey, hands down. Steve Perry had a voice like no other. My favorite concert is tied between The Eagles and Guns & Roses. The latter was especially fun watching the stoned and drunk concert-goers try to walk up and down the hill at Alpine Valley (the venue). That was a show in itself.

    1. Hey Mary!

      Ah, Priest and ACDC and Journey. Classics. My gal is in love with Journey. Steve Perry had an amazing voice. Guns and Roses need no explanations. I had many a drunken concert experiencemyself. Glad you enjoyed this one!

  13. Music is great, isn’t it? Like you, I find it helps me get through workouts and also is fun to listen to in my downtime. As a writer, it also inspires me! Music fan, yes! Have a nice Easter, Phil 🙂

    1. Hey Christy!

      Yes, music can be an inspiration. Especially when I am feeling lazy and need a boost for my workouts! I am listening to my ipod right now!

  14. My favorite post!! You know how much I love music. I have everything from musicals to Christian to classic country to hard rock, 80’s- you name it! I couldn’t live without music.

  15. I could have written practically every word – you nailed it. I found myself nodding and “yessing” all the way through. Couldn’t agree more with you on so many points here.
    I love music of all kinds and what I listen to depends on my mood, the weather, who I’m with, what I’m doing, and so many other things. I still love the music I grew up with, the music my parents and grandparents grew up with and shared with me, and I love discovering new music now. Music is so much a part of who I am I can’t imagine not having it there playing in the background. I feel kinda sorry for folks who don’t have that relationship with it. Magic.

    1. Hey Lisa!

      So happy you liked! Yes, mood has a lot to do with what we listen to. Many of us were exposed to music from our parents, and even today like you I am constantly scouring spotify and itunes for music and bands I have not heard before. The European market has some amazing rock and metal bands that are blowing away anything in the states. Sad that American radio sucks so hard now. Music is magical.

  16. Music feeds my soul. I’m with you. I don’t know how people can NOT listen to music. It’s always on, and I don’t stick to one particular genre. I like to be open minded. I love that you and your girl go listen to bands together. Now that’s romantic.

    1. Hey Mandi!

      Yes, we stil go to concerts together and have all kinds of music playing in our apartment, but we both lean to the heavier hard rock and metal side. Maybe that’s why we get along so well. Music is a part of our souls.

  17. Yes! to every word. I still love music, always have. I’m particularly partial to music of the 80s because I have so many great memories wrapped up in it. As I get older, I love it even more. It takes me a while to get into some of the new stuff today because I’m a classic girl.

    1. Hey Sandy!

      Pleased that you agree!

      Yes, the 80’s are still my fav era of music. Rock and hair metal forever! Too bad many of today’s bands are horrible and churn out disposable music.

  18. Yes! What is life without music? I can’t even imagine! My husband I go to live shows all the time and every year for our anniversary we go to a music festival in Atlanta. I’m still a groupie at the age of 42. (Not the “I’m gonna have sex with every musician” kind of groupie, the super fan obsessed with certain bands and learning everything about them kind) I’m a classic rock/ alternative rock kind of girl. When I hear someone say “I’m just not into music” I’m so confused and sad. That’s like saying “Eh, breathing… who needs it?”

    1. Hey Gretchen!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      That is so cool that you two still do the music festivals. I am also perplexed when someone says they have no fav music or bands they like. I’m still a classic/hard rock/metal fan and we also still attend concerts. Life without music would suck!

  19. Say it brother!
    I’m a music fan. In fact, I’m surprised that I find myself going and supporting a lot of new artists and well, my husband is a music producer so…!
    I also used to play the clarinet, the bass, treble, and descant recorder and I used to be in both an orchestra and a brass band. I know!
    My son also plays the drums, and a bit of the guitar
    I’m a die hard supporter of the music of the 80’s and 90’s with the late 70’s whom I didn’t really know but the music stuck in my ears LOL!
    Favourite band: the British/American pop-rock group – Garbage!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      I’m preaching for sure! Very cool that your guy is into the biz. You must get exposed to a lot of different music. So many great bands coming out of Europe. Especially the metal scene.

      Damn girl, you are talented! Start up a band!

  20. Ah! Those days are over for me Phil but yes, I’m proud that my husband has a hand in the biz albeit, independent stuff. I’m happy to be in the musical background as “press!” But hubby is still going strong and has produced and played on an album last year and has produced and played on another album in 2015. They’re even doing an album release party in May!

    We’re all going. Even our 13 year old son, as I want him to see his father as more than just “papa” or that “old” man LOL! Our boy thinks we’re all “past it.” The other day, he asked me if I was 50 yet. Fifty!!?! You’ve gotta love the kids today.

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