Memorial Day 2014 – Beer, BBQ, and Remembering.


About this time last year I wrote a post regarding the real meaning of Memorial Day and how it’s more than just about BBQ’s and partying. Sure, as Americans we all work hard and deserve to enjoy a long holiday weekend. The decision to do just that is one of the simple pleasures that our armed forces have fought for, and affords us the freedom to make our own choices of how we want to live. We should all be thankful for the sacrifices our brave men and women in service have made – past, present, and future. Many have died during duty to our nation and for those we should all offer a nod of thanks and remember them on this day. Freedom is not free and does come at a price. Let’s not forget that while we are having our fun this weekend.

My gal’s brother is in the Air Force and at this time last year he received orders that he was being sent over to Afganistan for another tour of duty. After many months there he returned home safe and sound, and now is back here in the states with his wife for good we hope. While hopefully enjoying some cold beers and tasty BBQ himself this weekend. He’s earned it.


I thought it would be appropriate to include the link to my Memorial Day post from 2013 so here it is if anyone wants to revisit –

This Memorial Day also holds some special meaning for yours truly since I am getting in shape to run a Tough Mudder on July 12 for charity. I am raising funds for the Wounded Warrior Project which is a terrific organization that supports our wounded service men and women. With over $750 raised so far I am getting closer to my minimum goal of $1000 but want to garner as much in donations as possible by that day. Maybe $1200? Maybe $1500? Anything is possible, and goes to a worthy cause. Thanks to all those that have donated so far as I really appreciate your support!

Here is the link to my blog post about it, which includes a link to my donation page, and there is also a logo to click on in the top right under my pic on the homepage –



Thanks for reading and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend everyone! Time for some cold brews and tasty eats. Plus, maybe even take in a movie or two. Godzilla and X-Men for sure!

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  1. Thanks to him and all the men and women making the ultimate sacrifice for our (not free) freedom! I love that saying “Land of the free BECAUSE of the brave!”

  2. I remember your Memorial Day post from last year, Phil, and am going to reread it now. Good luck with your Tough Mudder training. It’s a pleasure to support you in this worthwhile endeavour! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. How right you are, Phil!! Thank you for reminding us all what is real important! Enjoy your long weekend! The weather is fabulous in my neck of the woods today! 🙂

    1. Hey Brickhouse!

      We had a beautiful Sunday and Memorial Day Monday so no complaints here. Glad you liked this post. Hope you had a good long weekend too.

  4. Well said, Phil. What these soldiers give up for us is priceless. One day to say thank you is woefully inadequate — we should be celebrating Memorial Day 365 days a year.

  5. Your outlook on this holiday is refreshing. Thank you for acknowledging that it’s okay to enjoy the long weekend while also reminding people that it is a time to remember those who gave their lives for our freedom.
    As a USAF veteran myself and wife to a guy still serving active duty, even living this military lifestyle, I can’t fathom the pain of a loss like that. For those long gone as well as the recently departed, I will absolutely keep those individuals and their families in my thoughts today and I will be forever grateful for their sacrifice.
    Good luck with that Tough Mudder! I hear it’s no joke! 🙂

    1. Hey April!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. So pleased that you liked my blog post.

      I felt something like Tough Mudder is the least I could do to help out, and it’s for the Wounded Warrior Project. A good cause.

      I salute you and your husband for your service. Thank you!

  6. Great post! You can count me in on a donation. There are so many wounded warriors that get forgotten about who really need our help.

    1. Hey Lisa!

      Thanks so much! It’s for a good cause I am doing this. Made sure to hit the gym over this weekend in between eating bad! Least I can do.

    1. Hey Peggy!

      Hope you and yours had a good holiday weekend. Always nice to see those who put up the flag, especially on Memorial Day. We say thanks to those who served and passed doing so.

  7. Happy Memorial Day Phil and good luck with your training and run. I’ll go check out your donation page on pay day. That’s a cause both my husband and I support.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  8. Phil – you are so correct – Memorial Day is not for barbecuing, or for sleeping in, or playing video games. It’s a day set aside to remember the many who served our country. I watched the parade and chronicled what I saw, I am hoping to put it all together in a Memorial Day post some time later today. Good luck with your upcoming event…. I checked on it and it looks incredibly difficult. Have a great week!

    1. Hey Clay!

      Thanks for the comment. I think many have forgotten what this day is really put aside for at times. Sure, we should enjoy our lives on the holidays, but not forget those who fought for our freedom to do so.

      Tough Mudder should be fun. Hopefully all this gym time will pay off!

    1. Hey Coleen!

      So glad you enjoyed. Hope you all had a good weekend. I made sure to not skip my training along with eating some bad stuff and going to the movies. 🙂

  9. Thanks for this post Phil and Happy Memorial Day to you all!

    At a time of peace and general prosperity, it’s important for us to remember all the fallen men and women who fought so that we could be where we are today.
    I live in Germany so of course, it’s a complicated issue however, we are all able to live with the fact that the end of WWII was a good thing.

    In Berlin, we also celebrate the 1948 Berlin Airlift via my fellow British comrades, American and French cousins! As a result, in the last week alone, I was lucky enough to meet and shake the hands of the Royal British Legion in Berlin. Although I have no military connection like you Phil, I was nevertheless very proud, that in a room full of American and British Veteran soldiers, my son read a moving speech and represented my home-nation of Britain.

    1. Hey Victoria!

      So pleased you enjoyed it. Yes, I am sure in Germany it is a touchy subject. Sounds like a cool meeting you had with the veterans and your son reading a speech. I appreciate the comment.

  10. Hi Phil…
    Great tribute and Wonderful initiative on wounded warrior project, Thanks for doing a big difference with that contribution you are making Phil. The world would be a better place If each one of us do something. Please keep It up…
    Best wishes, Aquileana 🙂

  11. Very thoughtful, Phil. I did donate what I could on your original post and I think you should milk it…keep reminding…you’re right – it’s an incredibly worthy cause.

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