Happy White People Getting Drunk Day! Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo

Happy White People Getting Drunk Day!

Here we are again at another borderline holiday that really makes no sense at all here in NYC, or in all of the United States really. It’s just another excuse for white people, bro’s and fratties, among legions of suburbanites, to go out and get shit-faced on cheap tequila, margaritas, and Coronas! Now, I’m not saying that myself or my friends have never done the sombrero crawl on May 5th partying it up for Cinco de Mayo, but I’m pretty much over the amateur hour of drunkenness to celebrate a long ago Mexican battle. The date is actually observed to commemorate the Mexican army’s improbable victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. It’s a sense of pride for many in that country. It is NOT Mexico’s Independence Day, which is on September 16th. Just sayin’.

Then again, does anyone really care here in the States? Not really, as it’s just another reason to go out after work and get polluted while eating at bad Mexican restaurants and feasting on nachos and tacos. We all love tacos! There are so many ways to make them – meat, fish, vegan – that there is something for everyone’s tastes. Helps soak up all the booze too. Here’s another fun fact – it’s also Taco Tuesday!

Taco Tuesday

Yes – taco’s for all tonight! Piled high with sour cream and hot sauce. Oh yeah. It seems as if every other restaurant in my neighborhood has some sort of Cinco de Mayo party going on tonight. Spots that are normally not Mexican based in the slightest. Italian restos, Irish bars, my fav German place, sports bars, even the Indian eateries are getting down and dirty with becoming Mexican for the day. Special menus and drink deals. Along with that also comes out the droves of people who want to do nothing but get sloshed and act as if they really know what this day means to many who really are of Mexican origin. Who we kidding? Most people don’t care and just want to drink and eat. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I can attest to being a part of this drunken group in the past.

It’s just that it’s become “amateur hour” here in NYC as I am sure we will also see plenty of drunken shenanigans and puke puddles in the streets later tonight. It’s Mexican St Paddy’s Day! Tequila will fuck you up pretty good. Margaritas taste great and go down so easy. Way too easy. It’s a fun drink. Before you know it after six or seven of them, mixed in with some Dos Equis and Coronas, tacos and salsa, you’ll be projectile vomiting across the sidewalk. I’m steering clear of these spots tonight and heading to the gym. At least if I puke there it will be because I was squatting heavy and will have a bucket close by! I’m sure we’ll see more than enough tequila hangovers tomorrow at our places of employment.

Taco Tuesday


Oh, and for the love of all that is holy, if you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo and live out in the burbs please don’t go feasting at Taco Bell. That’s always a risky adventure.

Unless you bring me back some bean burritos, chalupas, and cinnamon twists! I’m not above running for the border once in a while myself.

Live Más!



28 thoughts on “Happy White People Getting Drunk Day! Cinco de Mayo!”

  1. No, no you didn’t do it. I was almost going to hit that “like” button and then you HAD to go and include that last graphic…

    Well, at least I’m not feeling so sorry for myself for living in the land that tacos forgot (Scotland). At least until I can unsee that last graphic, anyway.

  2. Total amateur hour!

    I shook my head as I walked by Tir Na Nog earlier (in Philadelphia) and saw Cinco de Mayo specials. You’re an Irish pub, Tir Na Nog. Get it together.

    1. Hey Steph!

      Yup – that’s just what I saw here on NYC too. When Indian guys are wearing ponchos and sombreros you know you’ve passed the point of no return. Mexican curry anyone?

  3. Well, who does love a good drinking holiday? Truthfully, Cinco de Drinko has never been high up on my list (though I have celebrated Mexican Independence Day). I’ll be chilling at home tonight with some Thai food and maybe a glass of wine. Maybe.

    1. Hey Jessica!

      We all love a good drinking holiday! I’ll admit to downing a few cervezas on this day, but steer cleer of the bozo bars nowadays.

  4. Hey Phil, get your drift, hate that graphic! Still, Cinco de Mayo is a fun day to celebrate the culture and foods of Mexico that have provided us much inspiration, vibrancy, and good flavor, love tacos, especially those I shared today- Everything Tacos! Margarita Time, Ole!

  5. I tell my students that it’s a drinking holiday and they just look at me – like huh? I and I repeat it. Stupid human tricks. I worked in a Mexican restaurant waiting tables right after I quit my job and went back to school to become a teacher and I dreaded 5/5 – it was awful – stupid people doing stupid things. AND WE HAD GOOD FOOD, but stupid customers on Cinco de Mayo! have a great week and thanks for the reminder I did the right thing.

  6. I celebrated with a ginormous blue margarita and yummy shredded beef nachos covered in cheese. It was awesome and I have no regrets!!

  7. Not sure whether to laugh or barf at that last picture. I may just do both.
    I think the reason we keep celebrating Cinco de Mayo the way we do is that by the next morning we don’t remember what we did the night before so we just keep repeating it year after year.

    1. Hi Karen!

      Well, that is one way of looking at it! Unless pictures are put up on the internet. Then the embarrassent begins. Tequila does strange things.

  8. AHAHAHA! I FINALLY check out your website, after seeing you comment on Tracy’s New York Life frequently, and this is the first thing I come across. Love it! 😀

  9. OMG. It’s like Black Friday or is it Thursday? In Germany, we don’t celebrate this festival of couse, not that that has ever stopped anybody celebrating anything. You’re alive! Drink another beer type-of-thing! In fact, a few days ago, I saw a clothing shop celebrate “Spring Break.” I mean, really! It’s Europe, you can drink whenever you like so there’s no need to wrap it as a “break” LOL!

    In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Mexican restaurant not to talk of celebrate it. We do have “Tex-Mex” places but that’s hardly saying anything as the owners are either Italian or Vietnamese. A fine business initative if ever I saw one!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      I think every day should be a holiday so there would be always be a reason to drink! Make them worldwide!

      Italian Viet Mex -now that’s quite a food combo!

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