Did Satan design those Starbucks red cups this year?

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What the heck is wrong with people in the world lately?

With so many things going on with violence, abuse, the economy, the political rantings of crazy hair Trump, and mostly trying to figure out if Glenn is alive or deceased on The Walking Dead people have gone apeshit over a cup. Yes, a meaningless stupid red coffee cup. Really people, there are so many other pressing matters in the world to be concerned about than this call to arms for those overly crazy Christian zealots screaming out about a “war on Christmas”. If you are judging your bearing on the religion you adhere to based on a Starbucks coffee cup then you really have to look deep inside your own soul. Or lack of a brain. You all sound like complete morons. Let it go people, and enjoy your Peppermint Mochas. No one is trying to destroy your Christmas spirit by not placing a few decorative pics on your cup. Oh, and yes, whipped cream please!


Now here is another thing that I am noticing more and more on a daily basis. Vapers. Vaping. Those who Vape. I don’t care what you call them. They look like idiots sucking on those things. I have heard so many arguments from people on this, for and against. I have read a lot of information on vaping, the pros and cons. Look, I am all for supporting those who quit smoking, but why substitute one addiction for another? Just don’t smoke anything at all and save a lot of that money to use for more important things. I saw this one dude on the subway discretely taking a few puffs between stops and hiding it away in his jacket. I have walked behind those puffing away and taken in the sickly sweet vapor. I first thought this was another hipster fad until I read about how much the vaping industry is profiting. Damn! Profiting off of another addiction I guess. Commercialism at it’s finest! Hey, it’s a personal choice so puff away on your cinnamon vape juice and enjoy. You still look dumb though.


For the love of God enough already with the FanDuel and DraftKings commercials when I’m trying to watch a football game! It’s getting totally obnoxious now. Every five minutes the viewers are bombarded with these annoying commercials with their claims of fame and fortune. “I played only $30 and made $3 million dollars”! “My fantasy pics hit for huge jackpots every week”! “With only a few dollars played I became a millionaire”! Really? Do they thing we are all halfwits? Puh-lease just stop with the verbal diarrhea already. No one wants to see these bros and brahs bragging anymore on our screens!


Oh, and for those who insist on taking pictures with an iPad, please stop. That’s why we all have smart phones with decent cameras now. Or small quality digital cameras that easily fit into a pocket. You also look like a bunch of bozos when doing this. I see it all to often here now in NYC and it’s not just tourists that take pics with these. No one cares that you have an iPad and want to show it off like a status symbol or something. I was in Macy’s the other day and saw a couple taking selfies with one in front of some Christmas decorations. Ok, taking selfies with it was bad enough, but then again what’s with all the holiday decorations already? It’s not even Thanksgiving!

I need a stiff drink. So not ready for Christmas shopping yet.


28 thoughts on “Did Satan design those Starbucks red cups this year?”

  1. Uh, is homeslice holding a baking tray!?? That’s hilarious… Point taken. Seriously, religulous people – get a grip.

    I’ve been fortunate enough not to run into rogue vapers engulfed in clouds of cinnamon juice (ew). There’s nothing up here in Brewster. Literally. I don’t even know where the weed-spot is up here! 😛
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  2. Bravo!!! Agree on all counts. But the Draft Kings/Fan Duel? WORST. THING. EVER. I’m watching college football more now because of my oldest performing in the marching band and I’m sick to death of those stupid commercials!
    Snarkfest recently posted…Fear the Man Bun!!My Profile

  3. A couple of women on facebook said anyone who gets worked up over Starbucks cups is officially a #BlogTwat. There are too many other things to be upset about, as you noted.

    This mom in my kid’s karate class tapes the whole class on her iPad. It’s freaking obnoxious as hell, watching her walk around holding that thing. I’d like to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    1. Hey Laura!

      Sorry for the late reply, as I finally have some time to catch up on comments. Thanks for dropping by!

      It’s all about the bottom line for retailers during holiday season. I have been reading reports that they are struggling as consumers are now spending more on travel and personal experiences rather than on junk they buy in the stores. Very interesting shift.
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  4. So funny Phil! I didn’t hear about the “issue” over the Starbuck cup but then I’m European, we’re Christian in mind n’ all that, but hardly any of us goes to church anymore unless it’s for a concert. In fact, most of our churches are now used for raves and the acoustic is pretty awesome, even if I say so myself lol!

    As for vaping. What the hell is that? Smoking in public places in Europe is illegal so those who smoke, really smoke. Thankfully, I don’t but you should have seen all the tiny bars in the old days, you would think the dive would go up in smoke with all the ciggies whipped out at every moment.

    As for American football, you can keep it. I remember going to a “football” BBQ party organised by one of my American friends. None of us knew what the game was all about so the boys spent their time over the science of putting a sausage on the grill, and we girls spent the evening making comment on all the eye candy football players. “He’s got great legs, look at those biceps, I wouldn’t mind a close-up, etc…!” Great party though which ended up with people showing off at how good they were in yoga. It’s Berlin. Parties start weird and end up crazy. Enjoy Thanksgiving!
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    1. Hey Victoria!

      Sorry for the late reply, as I finally have some time to catch up on comments. Thanks for dropping by!

      That is so funny about the churches there. I am with you on that. I hardly ever go anymore. In mind I am like you and do the right thing in life. Be good to others.

      Basically vaping is making up for many who quit smoking ciggies. Just another addiction for many now I guess. What a waste of money.

      Oh, as for your European futball/soccer you can keep it too. I don’t get what all the excitement is about over a 1-0 or 2-1 game where everyone just runs around a lot kicking a ball around. Pretty boring to me.

      Enjoy the weekend!
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