Del Frisco’s in NYC. A sleek and sexy manly man meatfest.


Damn good filet mignon to go along with a wonderful sazerac cocktail. Classy boisterous joint to feed your inner carnivore. On my recent visit to this sleek and sexy haven of meat deliciousness and quality libations Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House in NYC did not disappoint.

Definitely a touch of fancy bulked up on testosterone in midtown that attracts a mix of tourists and locals alike. Even an occasional celebrity. Large sprawling restaurant with plenty of seating, thick dark woods, marble floors and stairs, high ceilings, and a huge bar anchoring this spot. Even on the rainy midweek late night that a friend brought me here the joint was jumping and amped up. Many people were still in business suits dining away on plates of meat while closing that deal or meeting up with their mistresses. Maybe even a paramour or two. Groups happily engaged in conversation. Women in designer dresses having a drink at the bar. The smell of finely cooked meat wafting through the air when brought about by a waiter. A lively manly man scene, but sexy enough to draw in plenty of ladies too.

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We sat at the bar area and received terrific service. I like to sit at the bar areas in places like this as you can get a real feel for the joint and chat with those around us, along with the bartenders. Be friendly. Get to know the bar staff and managers, and you might get something in return for treating them good. They are real people too and appreciate the gesture. Plus, they offer inside info on what to order, what is freshest, and what the cooks are doing well that night.

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As for my dinner? Oh, my filet was cooked just as I ordered. Medium rare with a pink middle. Asparagus side was perfect. Warm bread to start. Molten chocolate cake for dessert. All washed down with an expertly made sazerac cocktail. Delicious. As this was a last minute suggestion to go here the choice could not have been better that evening. Can be pretty pricey as you can figure, but worth it to dine here and be treated right. You go to a place like this to eat in an atmosphere with a bit of luxury, but not so over pretentious that casual diners will feel uncomfortable. The service and waitstaff here are first rate, and will make sure you’re well taken care of as it adds to the overall enjoyment of a meal. At least it does for me.

Bring a date to impress, or some friends, or a boys night out for a meatfest in a classy atmosphere. Del Frisco’s delivers.

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22 thoughts on “Del Frisco’s in NYC. A sleek and sexy manly man meatfest.”

  1. I’m glad I waited to read this until after lunch. The filet looks like the bomb. I love expertly prepared beef.

    This definitely sounds like my kind of place.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  2. I normally would chose chicken or fish, but that right there, would have me hopping on the manly man meatfest train in a hot minute! 😉

  3. Phil, I think that you are getting soft. What’s the green stuff next to the meat? I’ve known you as a man that eats meat, with a side of meat, and bacon sprinkles. You down all that meat with a meat smoothie while wearing a meat dress like lady gaga. You getting soft bro!

    1. Hey Angel!

      What can I say? They accidentally put the food that my food eats on the plate.

      I also had to include some food porn for those vegans out there that read my shenanigans!

  4. It’s funny how testosterone manly most steakhouses are. Ladies like steaks too:) Sitting in the bar sound sounds like a fun experience, especially if the bartenders are up for a chat. I’m guessing that you didn’t leave thirsty that night..:)

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      I left completely hydrated and full of tasty beef! I sure know many ladies who like to shove some meat into their mouths too! 😉

  5. I’ve eaten at the Del Frisco’s in Philadelphia on a number of occasions, and it’s always top notch. Ours is located in an old bank, and there’s even a special dining area in the vault that can be reserved.

    After seeing your post, I might just have to make a reservation, as my stomach is growling for some steak!!

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