Brunch in NYC at Parlor Steakhouse is DRUNCH Sunday!

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Brunch is God’s way of telling you it is ok to get drunk on Sunday afternoons! Actually, it should be retitled as DRUNCH!

Just had to tell you about this terrific spot in my hood called Parlor Steakhouse that thankfully is within stumbling distance from my apartment in NYC on the Upper East Side in Yorkville! They offer a killer brunch deal on the weekends.

For $29 you get almost unlimited (yes, it really is almost unlimited as it’s supposed to be five cocktails per guest over two hours, but let’s just say that rule was loose and flexible on our visit here!) bloody mary’s, mimosas, bellini’s and they are not shy about constantly refilling your drinks. Seriously, our waiter must have had radar about when our drinks were getting low. Also, bartender must have had a heavy pour because we are rocked from all the bloody mary’s! Must have had well more than the five allotted per guest. Plus, even though brunch ends at 4:00 they will keep pouring drinks until 4:30 and will not rush you out if still brunching! Bonus points!

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About a half dozen or so brunch choices on the pre-fix “Bottom’s Up Brunch Menu” and all looked good. I had the steak and eggs and they were cooked perfectly. You also get a bowl of home fries with it. We also had the eggs benedict and it is on a homemade biscuit – yummers! You get an ample amount of food here and won’t leave hungry.

We also opted to pay for an extra bread basket and it came with warm scones, jalapeno muffins, blueberry muffins (which were amazing!) and butter /jam. Holy crap was this good.

Since we were feeling no pain, and blew my dieting for this day, we went for the hot apple beignets dessert. Comes with bourbon sauce and spiced ice cream. Perfect ending for a great brunch – not too filling and just the right amount.

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On this day service was super attentive! From hostess station, to waiters, to manager who selected us a table. Could not have asked for better. Place is modern-chic with a nice casual vibe. Finely decorated and large bar area with flat screens to watch games on. Also, bathrooms were spotless and had a nice scent to them! Now, if there was only a way to keep out the hoards of parents with their Fiat sized baby carriages and screaming crying kids. Well, I guess these moms and dads have a built in reason to get drunk! Pass mommy another bloody! Stat!

Overall, for $29 a terrific brunch with almost unlimited drinks. What more could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon? Drunch in NYC is the way to go! Will definitely go back to try out dinner soon. Steak and a cocktail sounds about right to me.

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I was double fisting at one point!


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24 thoughts on “Brunch in NYC at Parlor Steakhouse is DRUNCH Sunday!”

  1. Oh, hot apple beignets [moan]. Why don’t we all live in New York? You make it all sound so wonderful.

    As I read your blog posts—one fabulous restaurant after another—I wonder if you ever go back to a place? Or are you always on the lookout for the next incredible spot?

  2. Yummmy. You would have had to carry me out after all that food and drink. Reminds me of a brunch we went to in Moscow. Unlimited champagne. Oh my.

  3. What’s not to love? In Dubai, Friday is brunch day and most brunches come with free-flowing cocktails, but the price for an average brunch is 5 times as high as the one you had at Parlor Steakhouse:)
    I completely agree about the kids. Lets keep these spots screaming-baby free:)

  4. Could you imagine a Druch like this at Waffle House?
    You’d be expected to BYOB…but the short order cook would share his ganja stash with you…
    More grits please…

  5. Scrummy food, free-flowing alcohol, attentive staff, no sense of feeling rushed, and competitively priced. If it was a few hundred miles nearer to my home I’d be there!

    1. Hey Jenny!

      Feel sorry for those gluten fee peeps. I’ll just have to eat and drink enough DRUNCH for both of us! Oh, the suffer of gluttony!

  6. You had me at mimosas. And then at eggs benedicts. And then at beignets. Oh man, I’ve got to check this place out!

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