You don’t mess with NYC during the morning rush. The MTA already angers us enough.


Has anyone noticed the world is going a bit nutty lately?

I mean, really, some idiot tried to detonate a makeshift pipe bomb strapped to his chest in the NYC subway? Then, pretty much almost blew himself up because this self-proclaimed terrorist lunatic did not know what he was doing? He picked out a busy tunnel walkway because it had Christmas advertising, which he hated, and it was the morning rush hour. Forget the pipe bomb almost killing him. He is lucky that angry New Yorkers on their way to work did not tear him apart! You don’t mess with us during our morning commute, as most are in an angry mood already dealing with getting to work, and on a mission to get from Point A to Point B.  Get outta my way!

Especially if we didn’t have our morning “Cup O’Joe” yet!

Damn, the MTA angers us enough already with their daily ineptitude. This moron is lucky to escape that tunnel alive. Even the NYC rats in that station probably wanted to shank him for messing up their morning breakfast scavenging. The pizza rat must have really been pissed. At least no one was killed, thankfully, and only a few suffered minor injuries. In a way, it was good that this ignoramus had no idea what he was doing. It could have been a lot worse. Now, instead of being rewarded with his 72 virgins in Paradise, he will get to spend the rest of his life playing “sissy boy” up close and personal with the inmates of whatever penal institution he is locked up at.

Better not drop that soap, moron! Bring a lot of Chapstick and pucker up!

Speaking of the MTA, can they find even more ways to waste the commuter dollars? Is this a stupid question? Does a white girl in yoga pants love a pumpkin spice latte?

Look, I get it that there are many people who love nostalgia, and I am one of them. The idea of rolling out vintage subway trains and buses on the weekends leading up to Christmas sounds and looks cool. Yet, I wonder how much is spent on these pieces of ancient equipment? Maintenance and upkeep, etc. Funds that could actually be spent to, oh I dunno, perhaps be used to fix the things that really need it considering the subway system is a mess to begin with!

What’s next? The MTA will roll out vintage garbage cans for Valentines Day? Old school rat traps for Thanksgiving? Hand out spray paint to decorate the subway cars in graffiti like in the 1970’s “The Warriors” style to celebrate Halloween?  What else can they waste money on?

Warriors…come out to play-ee-ay!!

And another thing. Now that it’s cold out I do see a lot more people riding the rails this week. A little subway etiquette and common sense people!

Don’t be THAT annoying a-hole wearing a heavy winter coat who feels the need to take a seat and squeeze into the smallest of slivers between the two of us. Sorry, jerkwad, but stand if you are physically able. Twice this week so far some guy forcibly jammed himself into the crevice between myself and another passenger on crowded trains. In a space that was not meant for anything wider than a gum wrapper. NO, NO, NO! What the heck is wrong with some human beings? Mommy didn’t hug you enough as a child? You feel the need to make everyone near you miserable?

I really think I ruptured my spleen this morning after you sat on it.

The winter commuting season has only just begun. Sigh…….

5 thoughts on “You don’t mess with NYC during the morning rush. The MTA already angers us enough.”

  1. Yeah, we heard about the “suicide” bomber. What a loser!
    At least he didn’t hurt anybody. Only himself…!

    But I hear ya! Don’t mess about with a city-dweller’s morning commute! We haven’t got the time for it. Once the cops have said it safe to go in, we’re going in! And sometimes even before then. The trains are up, get moving lady!

    Ha! Ha! I’m not long forward to the winter commuting season Phil. Here in Germany, once something isn’t working, they have to check each and every one of the other trains! Just in case. German efficiency gone mad! And don’t get me started on Britain’s railway network system, ‘cos if there’s a single snowflake on the track, it’s a complete disaster!

  2. Haha rolling out vintage garbage cans on valentins day, that would be something… so thankful that guy strapped with the bomb was clueless, New Yorkers don’t put up with much especially something that distrupts their mornings.

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