Where an egg Mek Muffin grows in Brooklyn

Mekelburg’s – a hidden gem. Photo credit – Yelp.

I am still daydreaming about the Mek Muffin at Mekelburg’s……..

I’m all about a good egg sandwich and killer beer list. Especially when I am ultra-hangry after running my butt off at an early morning 5K. So many folks told me about this hidden gem of a place in Brooklyn NYC.  A below ground specialty food market, deli, and cafe tucked away off a side street at the bottom of a nondescript apartment building. Normally, this part of town is a bit of a hike for me to get to, but as I happened to be fairly close by I decided to make the trek over and check it out. My stomach and taste buds were ecstatic that I did.

This craft beer list is pretty spiffy! Photo credit – Mekelburg’s.

Spiffy craft beer list – check.

Super friendly staff – check.

Cool concept – specialty food market/deli/gastropub – check.

Fun cozy atmosphere – shop in front, resto in back, chalkboards all around – check.

Backyard patio with picnic tables – check.

Dat food tho – WOW! The Mek Muffin I had for breakfast was killer. My inner piggie wanted to eat five more. Really tasty.

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A Mek Muffin. Order off the menu or build your own! Photo credit – Yelp.

So I went to Mekelberg’s this past Sunday after my 5K race as a triumphant feast meal. My thoughts? A bit pricey for the Mek Muffin egg sandwich though as I decided to build my own since I’m not eating red meats, pork, or chicken anymore. Problem is when one does that the cost for add-ons gets a bit out of hand. Sammie started at $3.75, then $1.50 for some mozzarella, $1.75 for some avocado, $1.75 for some tomato and in the end it was $8.75. For an egg sandwich. Ummmmm…..ok. Again, it was a really tasty sandwich, not too big though, and for that cost maybe I expected a bit larger than it was. Gotta try out their salted baked potato if I ever get back over here, and the chocolate babka French Toast is calling me – oh yeah. I need to eat the whole damn menu next time!

Salted baked potato! Photo credit – Mekelburg’s.

Oh, who am I kidding. That Mek Muffin was delish and worth it for a breakfast treat that I normally don’t get to have. So yes, I would splurge on it again, and again. Oh, and to have a quality craft beer to help wash it down was so enjoyable.

$5.50 for a 8oz glass of Hill Farmstead Mary Pilsner. Good beer and refreshing after a three-mile run. I did also enjoy their coffee here. CAW-FEE. Good stuff.

Too bad its way out in a bumfluck part of Brooklyn which will actually stop me from eating there every day. Way too far for me to constantly travel to from the far Upper East Side.

Maybe that’s a good thing for my waistline, my liver, and my wallet!



Mekelburg’s  – http://www.mekelburgs.com/


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19 thoughts on “Where an egg Mek Muffin grows in Brooklyn”

  1. Hey Regular Guy–
    I always enjoy your entertaining articles. And today I realized it’s okay if I talk about local stuff in my monthly newsletter (AmperArt.com) because it’s so entertaining reading about your locality–on the other end of the country. I’m in L.A.
    Only problem is sometimes you present a dish or an entire joint that sounds so appetizing but I’m so far away.
    But we do have Pink’s Hot Dogs and Philippe’s French Dip (where coffee just went up 400% — from 9 cents to 45 cents).

    1. Hey Chaz!

      Hope all is well. Thanks for dropping by. Glad you like what blog about. I try to mix it up a bit.

      Yeah. I need to get my butt out to LA one day and check out some eats over there. Coffee for .45 cents a cup? I’d live there!

  2. My mouths watering after reading your description and seeing the photos. The baked potato looks a-maze-zing! I am a sucker for potatoes but the photo of this particular one makes me wang to fly to Brooklyn from Chicago just to eat this!

    Chocolate babka French toast? Wowzers sounds positively sinful!

    Love the blackboards and the extensive beer list too.

    1. Hey Peta!

      Thanks for dropping by. All the food here is pretty amazing. It’s a cool little joint. I’m going back to check out their potatoes and that french toast for sure. The gluttony in me demands it!

    1. Hey Barb!

      I’m making the mistake of finally catching up on replying to my blog comments at midnight – and now drooling. Damn, now I need some eats.

      Maybe your kids have been here already. Cool place.

    1. Hey Justine!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Yes, if you’re close by head over on a Sunday. I got there right before noon and took a spot at the bar. Great food and beer list. I saw some people get a bloody mary and they looked delish!

  3. It’s always nice when the staff are friendly AND the food is good. It makes for a great overall experience. I like the name of the dish too- Mek Muffin is very clever 😉

    1. Hey Christy!

      The staff here are terrific. They also happily charged my phone for me after it died. Offered some good advice on what brew to try. Service make a dining experience so much more for me. I need to try another Mek Muffin too!

  4. Looks like a great little gem. The build-your-own Mek Muffin sounds delicious, but I’m really curious about the salted baked potato. I’m sure it will be worth a trip to Brooklyn:)

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      It’s one of this hidden away joints that is a must try at least once, or if you’re a local you go all the time. I am going to go back one day to check out a potato for sure.

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