When the GPS sends you to Questa Lasagna in upper NY!

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Lasagna. Delicious, fresh, hot, cheesy, mouth-watering pasta goodness.

Well, this was an unexpected find in the upper regions of New York State. Not much in this small quaint town that looks like it’s plucked from middle America in the 1950’s, but Mount Morris has some nice spots such as Questa Lasagna which was a terrific food find!

After I ran a Tough Mudder last summer in upstate NY the next day we were driving up to Buffalo and Niagara Falls using the GPS, and it had us pass through this town for some odd reason. Sometimes I think the GPS is a bit bipolar and decides to go off on a tangent. I think we had the “Rain Man” GPS unit. As a storm was just starting we decided to park the car and duck into a few places to explore for a while. One shop owner suggested we check out Questa Lasagna for lunch down the street.

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So glad we did! It’s a small hidden gem of a place that is family owned and produces all their pastas on site. Simply stated bright clean decor and wonderful service. The prices are just right too for what you receive here. It’s a comfortable spot good for couples or those on a date. Too bad its way too far from our place in Manhattan!

As for the food? Let’s just say that the homemade lasagna was spot-on fabulous! We opted to start with some crispy hot garlic bread, and also ordered a cheese lasagna and a beef lasagna plate. All I can say is – Wow! The lasagna here can feed an army as it’s piled high in a bowl and tastes wonderful. The chef here knows how to make a proper lasagna. Cheesy carb-laden goodness!

We had to try some dessert, and being that we were both stuffed with lasagna overdose food babies we decided to share a chocolate lasagna. The pasta was made of chocolate, and the cannoli filling was the ricotta along with fresh whipped cream and chocolate ganache to finish it off. More than enough for two to share. It’s a unique and fun dessert that was a perfect ending to a marvelous meal find. We drove up to Buffalo fat and happy. Good thing we had the GPS to guide us there as I was in a food daze for miles.


Glad the GPS had us stumble upon this spot! There are definitely some eclectic eateries that can be found within the most unlikely of places. This Regular NYC Guy needs to travel to the nether regions of NY State more often. There’s some darn good eats up here!



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22 thoughts on “When the GPS sends you to Questa Lasagna in upper NY!”

  1. Oh my gosh Phil that lasagna looks out of this world, that really old fashioned delicious Italian restaurants of past lasagna! I would love to have a big dish of that at the moment though I don’t think I could hold out for the drive. But if I’m up that way at some juncture I definitely know where to head! GPS is sometimes problematic, on the other hand, on this occasion what a find!

  2. That looks amazing. Don’t know what had me drooling more, the meal or the dessert. I think your GPS knew you needed to go there. Either that or the restaurant pays GPS bribes.

  3. I need to talk to my GPS, it is lacking in this category. Sweet mother of god the dessert is mouth watering and I think it just jumped off the screen rich to my hips.

  4. Oh my gosh – how yummy does that look? I love pasta, probably one of my favorite foods. And that lasagna dessert? Holy crap. I even had breakfast before I visited your blog today and my mouth is still watering.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      The lasagna was just terrific. There was so much in that bowl. I wanted to shove my whole face in it. Then lick the plate dry.

  5. That looks amazing!! I am very picky about lasagna because i dont like it made with cottage cheese and so many places use that. I prefer Ricotta. I love it when pleasant surprises happen like that.

    1. Hey Holli!

      Yum- ricotta. This was homemade and made from scratch. It could not have been better. I almost wanted to drive back and get more!

  6. That food looks good. I’ll be in NYC next year for two weeks. I may have to ask you questions for good restaurants. 😉

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