Visit The Campbell Apartment for Classic Cocktails in NYC.

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Dress up a bit. Be a tad classy and leave the jeans, sneakers, sandals, and t-shirt for the local pub. Act like an adult and adhere to the dress code. It’s fun to play dress up once in a while. Especially when visiting a spot to partake in cocktails from another era.

Find the exit doors in Grand Central Station on the upper restaurant balcony area. It’s kind of hidden but really not that much of a secret. The Campbell Apartment is listed right above it. Make a left out of them and you’ll see the entrance right off the outside bar/patio area on the Vanderbilt Ave side.

Saunter up to the bar and order a Kentucky Ginger. Watch as the bartender mixes a perfect libation. While he is doing that look over the drink menu and marvel at the list of old-school cocktails that are offered here. Be aware that the room was originally from the 1920’s and has been restored to its former glory. It displays history.

Act all cool like James Bond and take it all in. Lean back against the bar and marvel at the amazing ceiling architecture. Look around at the well dressed crowd enjoying themselves while prohibition era classics and cool jazz play in the background. Limited seating and even on a late evening midweek the joint was jumping. Enjoy the view of those sitting on the balcony area engaging in a little voyeurism of their own. Old school ambiance oozes out of every pore here from the white-jacketed servers, to the black cocktail dressed hostesses adorned with pearl necklaces.

The Kentucky Ginger. A fine libation indeed!

Some were ordering food too. I was having none of that and decided to partake in another Kentucky Ginger. It’s one of those classic historical spots that as a New Yorker you should treat yourself too. Great service, terrific cocktails that you don’t see made much anymore, and a vibrant classy atmosphere. Sure, a drink will average $16 here, but that is the price to pay for opulence in NYC. If that is too much for your wallet to handle I would suggest at least checking this place out at least once, then moving on back to your local budget friendly bar.

As for me, I will be sauntering back here again attired in suit and tie. Reflecting on the life and times of a 1920’s tycoon who used this location as his private office and salon. Wondering if his spirit is standing next to me, leaning against the bar, and taking it all in.

Bartender, another Kentucky Ginger please.

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The semi-hidden entranceway to a room of past history and cocktails.





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6 thoughts on “Visit The Campbell Apartment for Classic Cocktails in NYC.”

    1. Hey Megan!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Yes, it’s worth dropping in for a drink. Also check out Grand Central. Cool place to see.

  1. Did you wear a suit relative to the era? That would have been sweet. It would be even better if you spoke like back then. I could see trying this place once for sure. I can’t guarantee I’d be back with the price of libations, but definitely seems like a place to experience — if I was dressed for it!

    1. Hey PJ!

      I did have a suit on but it was from modern times. Alas, so were the prices, but worth it for my one time visit there. I might splurge again as that cocktail was pretty solid.

  2. I love a place with ambiance, especially ambiance that takes you somewhere you wouldn’t normally go.
    Order a Kentucky Ginger for me!

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