Upper East Side does the JBird in NYC!

lGreat hidden spot on the UES / Yorkville for tiki like cocktails in a lounge setting. It’s almost as if a prohibition era speakeasy was mutated with a tiki bar dashed with a bit of the Maltese Falcon thrown in for good measure. When we walked in here I thought I had entered a bar somewhere downtown, but was so surprised that it’s in my hood!

More and more of these terrific spots are opening up around here and it’s another nice addition to the burgeoning bar scene that seems to be happening in the area. Why schlep all the way downtown and back when locally there are so many choice bars around here now? Some nights you just want to stay close to home.

Anyway, JBird exudes a chic speakeasy vibe and has a drink list to match. We were able to score one of the last open tables as it was a bit crowded when we got there. The menu we were handed included a varied and diverse list of libations separated as wine, beer, sours, swizzles, juleps, collins, fizzes, effervescents, aromatized, and old-fashioned cocktails. They also have some “bar bites” such as mixed warm nuts with rosemary and salt, and popcorn made with avocado, cholula, lime, garlic, and cilantro. We ended up getting both and though a bit messy were kind of tasty and addicting to eat. There is also a small menu of dinner entrees, cheese plates, salads, and sides. They support local, natural, sustainable, and organic farmers which is a good thing on their part. It’s nice to have the option to nosh on a snack, or sit down for a hearty meal over a quality cocktail.

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We ended up ordering a few swizzles and mixed drinks on crushed ice over fun conversation and some great music they were playing here. A mix of old rock and some new wave tunes that night. All the drinks were delicious and of a good size. The JBird Swizzle ( jasmine flower rum, don’s spices, pineapple, lime, orgeat, blueberry syrup, and bitters) along with Behind God’s back ( aged run, pineapple and lime juice, cane sugar, cinnamon syrup, orgeat, and bitters ) were frosty good and packed a nice punch. They even have a flaming scorpion bowl for two! How romantic!

As far as beer It is kind of funny that they serve Budweiser tall-boy cans, along with Negra Modello, Pork Slap, and Innis & Gunn in bottles. I actually saw a few guys drinking the Bud tall-boys and had to laugh. With all the cool cocktails to choose from these lunkheads still drink the frat boy special!

The place can be a bit pricey, but I guess that is par for the course with cocktail bars like this nowadays in the city. You pay for the mixology of a well crafted drink and low lit ambiance. Coming from the minds of a few guys who tended bar at Death & Company and 1534 the cocktail list is inventive and interesting. Overall service was attentive and not too overbearing. They know what they are doing here when it comes to mixology.

Photo credit - JBird
Photo credit – JBird

They do take reservations here and I would suggest if coming for dinner, or with a group, make them. Even though there is a good amount of seating JBird can get very crowded, and loud on weekends. Seems like a nice place to take a date on a weekday when the crowds are away, especially if you live up here in the nether regions of Manhattan and want to keep it local.




JBird –http://jbirdny.com/


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25 thoughts on “Upper East Side does the JBird in NYC!”

  1. Phil, I am making a list of places to visit if I ever to get to NYC – looks like a fun place to relax on Friday night after a LONG week. Take care and keep exploring..

    1. Hey Patricia!

      I love to snack on things at bars. It helps me keep a bit sober!

      Also, did you see my other review a few days back on the Frech place I reviewed? Thought you might like it.

      1. Phil, I just went back and had a look at La Tarte Flambée! I don’t know how I missed that post but all I can say is lucky you to have a spot like that right across the street.
        We took the daytime flight to London today. Tonight it’s a shandy and fish and chips at a Heathrow Hilton, tomorrow and Wednesday a Grolsch and schnitzel fest in Vienna, and then a month of eating in France. Being a geezer ain’t all bad!

        1. Hey Patricia!

          We are lucky but it’s also dangerous having it so close to us!

          I am so jealous of your upcoming itinerary! Feast and drink and enjoy! Geezer? No way you young lass! Hope I have your life one day!

    1. Hey Kitt!

      One day when you come to NYC I will give you a list of places to try. You might leave an alcoholic though. Also, about 20 pounds heavier. You’ll hate me! 😉

  2. Those drinks look absolutely beautiful, if it’s even possible for a drink to be beautiful. I am all for restaurants using local farmers and never mind paying a higher price for those fresh ingredients. JBird sounds like a match made in heaven for me..glad you enjoyed it too. Hey, is there a meaning behind the name, it’s unusual.

    1. Hey Lisa!

      They tasted just as good as they looked! I have no idea what the name means but they mix a mean cocktail! It’s a nice local spot in my hood.

  3. Yum to the rosemary and nuts! It seems everywhere is getting pricey these days 🙂 It looks like a fun place to visit on occasion though!

  4. You find the best places to eat in the City. When my husband and I lived in town, we either went for Chinese or Mexican because they were near the healthclub. We worked out then gorged ourselves. Those drinks and snacks look amazing.

    1. Hey Lauren!

      Oh, we eat out or get delivery from all those places too. My gym is right up the block from our place. I have no excuse to not work out. If I didn’t I would weigh 300 pounds!

  5. Around the corner from my old apartment at 1427 York Ave! Definitely liked to stay in the neighborhood sometimes, especially when drinking until 4:00 a.m. 🙂 Looks tony, but hey, when you’re paying retail for a drink anyway . . . And you can meet articulate, well-heeled NYC neighbors and make out with them maybe.

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