Traveling out of NYC – futility and madness!


Traveling out of NYC for business or vacation is always an adventure. Sometimes an adventure in futility! Now, I am one of those easygoing travelers. Nothing bothers me too much whether traveling by air, rail, or car. We all know that things do happen to affect our travel schedules and best laid plans. Bad weather is inevitable. Flight delays will ruin your morning. Traffic jams will cause road rage. Ever want to tear the steering wheel out of your car and beat someone senseless with it? Even I get to my boiling point at times. I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s all about getting to my destination, and that the trip itself is a necessary evil, or impediment to getting there depending on your point of view. I am penning this post on my flight right now which actually took off right on time. A miracle!


My airport of choice this morning was LaGuardia airport which is usually considered the armpit of the group here in the NYC metro area. I usually take flights out of JFK but LaGuardia is so much closer to where I live on the Upper East Side, and if the flight times and city I am flying to align just right I jump at the chance to use it. Car pickup today door to door took just 15 minutes to get me to the airport. Was a breeze cruising over the Triboro/JFK bridge as there was virtually no traffic heading away from the city. Oh, by the way, I still refuse to call it the JFK bridge. It’s the Triboro bridge to me and always will be to us old-school New Yorkers. It pisses me off that our idiot politicians feel the need to rename all our long standing structures and historic monuments after other politicians dead or alive, and spending our tax payer dollars to do so. Total waste.


Also, I just had to notice the massive traffic jam heading into the city at 8am. Holy crap that is insane! How do people do that every day? I had to laugh at all the idiots who refuse to take mass transit and stubbornly drive their cars into the city while sitting in gridlock for hours it seems. Then having to work all day and do it all over again. Is that not the definition of insanity? What kind of life is that? I do realize that there are those that have no choice and need to travel this way for work and I feel for them, but there are many that really can ditch the car and find another mode of transportation into the city, whether it be by train, bus, or car pool. Plus, the traffic was made worse by some sort of accident/fuel spill on the road that had the cops blocking all the lanes and movement was at a standstill. I just thought to myself “suckers!” as we whizzed by observing the mess on the other side. There must be a lot of people already having a bad day!

I have to admit I love taking JetBlue. Newer planes. Comfy leather seats with plenty of leg room. TV with plenty of channels. Terrific snacks! No complaints here other than I wish LaGuardia airport would get a total renovation. Food choices suck and the place is a crap hole of an airport. Well, it could be worse. I could have flown out of Newark, NJ. Oh hell no!



Hello hot sweaty Orlando. They are expecting record high heat here today. A few days on a biz trip and then a week with the parental units. Help!


22 thoughts on “Traveling out of NYC – futility and madness!”

    1. Hey Karen!

      It’s actually true. I live close to the bridge and if leaving early enough there is no traffic heading out and I can get to LaGuardia within 20 minutes. At other times it’s a frickin mess and time killer.

  1. True that. No way RFK. Always Triboro.
    No way Ed Koch. Always 59 Street Bridge. True that.
    One day in the future we will find NYC called “something else” City or “New Facebook City”. Maybe?????????

  2. I hope you have fun!! In Orlando there is a place called Sweet Tomato that I love love love. It’s a massive salad bar. You pay one price and can keep going back for the pizza, pasta and soup. I hate the airport in general. It’s a hassle and if I could I’d probably just crinkle my nose like in I Dream of Genie and poof myself to my desired location.

  3. No one travels that easily anywhere as long as there’s flying involved. Smaller airports do better than big ones, but it’s still a toss up as to whether the experience will be decent or not.

    1. Hey Kitt!

      When I am traveling on biz trips I try to fly into the smaller airports over the major ones. I used to fly into Midway in Chicago rather than O’Hare as it was usually less of a clusterfuck!

  4. ALL NYERS WHO WANT TO MOVE TO LA….TRAFFIC HERE SUCKS!! here’s the worse part, even if I wanted to use the public transportation here, it takes me two hours on a bus to get to a destination that’s 30 minutes away. Don’t get me wrong, transportation has gotten a little better out here but trust me when I say horrible…as for LAX, some days it’s bad out there but it’s become a lot better then it was…they stopped people from parking in the front to unload b their luggage…before, it looked as if someone stepped on a ant trail… =/

    1. Hey Dean!

      I have driven out there so I know what you are saying. When visiting clients in the LA area they tell me to only come by between 11 – 3pm as no one wants to stay late and get trapped in traffic on the 405. It’s crazy out there!

  5. Ha,ha, now I can’t wait to see what the LaGuardia airport is like now. It’s been over 25 years since I’ve been in that one. Oh boy, I’m looking forward to see what you are talking about. I’m getting ready to head to N.Y.C. We are eating out there every single night. I hope I don’t gain weight on my trip.

    1. Hi Susana!

      I bet it has not changed all that much. Not a horrible airport but it needs a major upgrade.

      Let me know if you need any recommendations for food spots.

  6. No one travels that easily anywhere as long as there’s flying involved. Smaller airports do better than big ones, but it’s still a toss up as to whether the experience will be decent or not.

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