Tippling a brew at Gun Hill Brewery in Da Bronx, NYC!



Yay local craft beer in Da Bronx! Mmmm……beeeeeer.

Seems like craft beer brewing is all the rage nowadays, and I’m all for it! Why drink some sort of plain light beer that resembles barely yellow water with little flavor when you can enjoy a full-bodied flavorful brew? Just to save a few calories? Really, that’s no reason to sacrifice your taste buds when you can be sipping a cold Cherry Tree Ale, Thunder Dog Stout, Schuyler’s American Wheat, Indian Field Pale Ale, or Void of Light among the rotation of seasonal offerings at Gun Hill Brewing Company in the Bronx, NYC.

It’s a bit of a hike to get up here but if you’re willing to make the journey you will be well rewarded with some terrific tasty quaffing. I have noticed breweries and distilleries popping up all around the NYC area from Brooklyn to the Bronx. Each with its own unique personality and offerings. It harkens back to the golden age when New York City was the mecca for beer breweries. Ruppert Brewery, Schaefer, and Rheingold, among others across the boroughs used to rule here. As a beer lover it’s heartwarming to see the success of businesses such as Gun Hill, Brooklyn Brewery, Six Point and their like doing well here. As a guy who lives in the Yorkville area of NYC which used to be known for an abundance of German beer bars back in the days before gentrification and high rises on every corner I appreciate the history, and also look forward to this new generation of breweries.

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Trekking up to Gun Hill I was greeted with a very low-key and unpretentious spot. Looks like it was converted from an old warehouse or garage. Nice owner and bartenders that will tell you all about their beers, history, and future brews coming up.

It’s a small place that was pretty empty when we arrived late in the afternoon on a chilly day. Mostly locals that seemed to come by at times. Nice easy-going spot to enjoy a few beers at picnic tables set up on the concrete floor or at the bar. You can look at and walk over to the brewing vats that house their beer making process. They offer tours at times. As it was a warehouse at one time the front opens up as a large garage door and must be great during warm sunny days. They host occasional events and live music here too. Will definitely make a trip back soon to check it out during the Summer season.

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Nothing like a cold beer on a warm sunny day.

After my first taste I thought “damn delicious beer”! Loving the oatmeal stout! The cherry beer was also a hit! Pretty much every beer I tasted here was solid. They have done a great job and I hope to revisit again in the upcoming weeks to check out some new brews they might have on tap. For munchies they offer a few items such as hot pretzels. Pairs perfectly with a delicious libation. Pull up a bar stool and savor.


Great prices too – $5 a pint and $9 flights of six which are served up in pretty sizeable glasses. It’s a great way to check out a taste of everything they have on the menu that day. They also offer growlers to go so you can bring home your favorite brew. Very easy to catch a craft beer buzz at Gun Hill! Keep up the great brewing.





Gun Hill Brewing Co – http://gunhillbrewing.com/


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16 thoughts on “Tippling a brew at Gun Hill Brewery in Da Bronx, NYC!”

  1. Hi Phil, great to see you! Gun Hill Brewing Company looks terrific and sounds delicious too, worth the trek it seems. Tomorrow we visit an area brewery outside of Philly with Northeast Bloggers, will be interesting to make comparisons based on your Post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Craft beers and local breweries seem to be all the rage nowadays. I’ve seen them popping up everywhere as well.

    We have a fairly new pizza joint here in my home town that offers some unique beers as well. Nothing goes better with pizza than beer.

    Have a sip for me. I like a dark brew myself.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      Craft beer is the taste of the day, and why not? Regular beer is just so plain and tasteless.

      Mmmm….pizza and beer is a great combo!

  3. I’m not a huge fan of beers as I prefer the cocoktails and champagne myself!
    Having said that, I live in Germany which is the land of beer and I’m from England, which is also the land of cider and beer, so beer it is!
    In the summer.
    We’re having a great run of new breweries around the gentrified suburb where I live, so craft beers made out of rhubarb and organic products is all the rage right now. It’s quite nice!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      I’m a beer guy but always up for a good cocktail! Oh, how I wish I was in Germany enjoying a large stein of Hofbrau right now.

      Yes, they make crafty brews out of anything nowadays!

  4. You have to love these breweries. A cherry beer sounds outstanding. And I’m always up for an Oatmeal Stout. You know, though, if I am able to do so I always end up bringing a growler home with me. Nice to crack it open a week or two later and savor it then as well!

  5. Great prices, flavors and atmosphere, well worth the trek up there. And really, having to make your way there is just the perfect way to build up a thirst.

  6. I love the brew pubs and tap houses, Phil, thanks to my brother, the beer aficianado. I can’t drink Miller anymore as I’ve become somewhat of a beer snob. A friend and I found a new local tap room this weekend and I had a lovely glass of O’so Rusty Red. It was much better than it sounds! Salute!

    1. Hey Mary!

      Yup – Miller, Bud Light, and all those yellow water piss beers just don’t do it for me either anymore. Thank goodness for good tap rooms with a proper beer selection!

  7. very cool. I love little breweries like this. some good friends of mine are opening one in a town near me and I’m so excited for them! I know it’ll be great.

    sorry I’ve been a stranger, Phil Hotberg. It’s harder (she said hard) to be on social media as much while the boys are home for summer, but you’re never far from my mind or heart, my friend. <3

    1. Hey Beth!

      Lucky you having friends opening a brewery. Stay on their good side!

      Don’t sweat it, as I know many people are busy with other things in life. I appreciate you still read me and comment!

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