This terrific NYC cocktail joint made me say – Attaboy!

Even this beer guzzler of a dude can enjoy a libation made from the finest ingredients now and then. The boozier the better I say. Living well is so choice.

Attaboy NYC! I could not believe that it had taken me this long to partake in the wonder of a liquid refreshment at this establishment. A good friend of mine asked me to accompany him on a bro-date and embellish in an evening of cocktails, conversation, carousing, and devious behavior. Who am I to decline an invite of such stupendous possibilities?

I have a soft spot for Speakeasies, as they take me back to a more civilized time of NYC history. When gentleman had manners, broke the law, and drank in secret during the idiotic Prohibition years, while keeping it all hush-hush. Honor among thieves for sure.

As we pulled up in a taxi I was enthralled to realize that Attaboy was now housed in the old Milk & Honey location. Same nondescript metal door with no markings or signage letting you know a bar was there. (look for the fake tailor shop next door) We walked up and knocked on the door to enter, and were met by a doorman who happened to recognize my bud from a previous night there. He told us there would be a short wait of 20 minutes maybe so we hung around, and we actually got in a bit quicker. He escorted us to the bar area and asked if we could hold on for a booth, or if we would like a few seats at the bar as it might be a quicker seating.

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Of course, we took the bar. Everyone knows the best seats in a speakeasy type joint are at the bar. Great perch to watch the drinks being made, and view the bartenders work their magic. Plus, it’s a social thing to me, as chatting up the bartender is always fun. Plus, you never know when you might be offered something on the house. Just for being friendly and tipping well. Take care of your bartenders, people!

The inside space is pretty much similar to what I remember. Long and narrow. Dimly lit. People chatting in hushed tones, but with a look of merriment on their faces. Appropriate music played on a low volume level. Just a few booths in the back for couples or larger groups, and stool seating around the bar which has been enlarged from my last time there. As we sauntered over and slid onto our seats I felt as if I had never left this place. I was home.

Photo credit – Yelp

No menus needed. No cocktail list. Just tell the bartender or server what your palate is craving. Whiskey, gin, bourbon, rum. etc. Bitter or smooth. Fruity, sweet, or savory. You name it. From a classic, to a new mix-up of ingredients. Everyone has a favorite. It’s all about the mixology here and those slinging the drinks do it right. We sampled many drinks over our visit and each was so different, and so tasty. I was feeling no pain by the time we left! As with a cocktail bar such as this in NYC it ain’t cheap, but it’s one of those cocktail adventures you take now and then to splurge on yourself. Or, to take a date and enjoy drinks while getting to know each other on a deeper level. It’s all good.

If you lamented the loss of Milk & Honey, and enjoy a perfectly crafted cocktail in a speakeasy atmosphere, chill adult vibe, and outstanding service, then by all means go here. Go here now.

Start off with one of my fav cocktails, the Gold Rush, then see where the night takes you.

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5 thoughts on “This terrific NYC cocktail joint made me say – Attaboy!”

  1. you would never know it’s there… and if you spent too much time at the bar, you might never know it’s there. Hope all is well in NYC. Can’t believe we are two months in to 2017. Have a great week. Peace.

    1. Hey Clay!

      I love these hidden little spots. Great cocktails and none of the frat boy crowd. It’s an adult kind of place to have a civilized cocktail. Here’s looking forward to Spring!

    1. Hey Kathley!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Sorry for the delay as I have been AWOL for a while but now I’m back with an updated blog. It’s a terrific joint to get a really good cocktail!

  2. Looks like an awesome place to grab a drink in New York City…I’ll definitely put this on the list of place stop by next time I’m in the city!

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