The Supply House – craft beer and cozy in Yorkville!


There is nothing that satisfies my soul more than a delicious cold craft beer on a warm summer day in NYC. In all the years I have lived in my neighborhood we have been saddled by an overabundance of fratty bars and pubs that sling the all too familiar menu of bland flavorless mass-produced and over commercialized brew that we see in print and TV ads everywhere.

Alas, to my delight, and to many others who feel that yellow water called “light beer” is akin to heresy, over these past three years or so a beer bar resurgence arrived in the area to save our taste buds. With the 2nd Ave subway line almost finished many new businesses are coming. One of those bars that has taken up a home here is The Supply House. It’s another terrific craft beer purveyor that took a chance with Yorkville on the Upper East Side. This one in the spot at which the horrible frat boy and sorostitute haunt Tin Lizzy used to be. Not many in the hood liked that place, and it really had no reason to be in this part of town. Years ago it started out ok, but later developed into a bad scene. Good riddance as that bar was a cesspool and total vomitorium. It just attracted a less than stellar crowd. On the flip side, the new tenants in this spot are doing it right, and I wish them a lot of success. The diverse crowd I have seen here also seems to approve.

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The Supply House is such a welcoming spot for those that really appreciate a good beer in a relaxed setting. The inside has a warm, cozy, and rustic feeling. Not a ton of seating overall, but there are booths and large communal style picnic tables along with a sizeable bar up front with plenty of stools and standing room. I love the exposed wood interior, large barn door centered in the back dining area, skylight, and front garage door that opens up fully letting in fresh air on a nice day. A few tables by the front offer wonderful seating and people watching when it’s open. It seems as if all ages are welcome, and the mixed crowd that comes here now is more representative of this quickly changing dynamic community.

They offer a quality craft beer list here and friendly bartenders. Love that I can have a tasty brew such as Ommegang Rare Vos, Bell’s Oberon, Smithwicks, Founder’s Ale, Cider, or a Captain Lawrence. They also offer a small list of house cocktails. Prices are in line with most bars here long 2nd Ave. There is something for everyone’s palate here, and the bartender will happily let you sample a few until you settle on one that is just right.


Of course, we have eaten here too and the burgers are pretty good! Their Supply House Burger and Hot Coffee burger hit the spot and have such different flavors. Just the other night I had the Breakfast Burger, and holy cow, was it delicious! It’s the perfect fit for when you want dinner but also craving breakfast. Thick patty of meat topped with crispy bacon, egg, and American cheese. Cooked just right and juicy. Oh, we also had the terrific French Dip filled thick with shaved roast beef, and actual onion soup for dipping. Yum! As an appetizer we had to go with John Scott’s Famous Wings. I must say I have eaten wings up and down this street and they were solid! Overall, it’s not a large menu but more than enough food offerings for this kind of joint. Think “American comfort style” with flair. Burgers, sandwiches, tacos, salads, bread bowls, etc. Daily specials and brunch too. Also desserts which look ridiculously scrumptious, but I have not yet had a chance to try one. That Mallomar Mint Chip Pie is on my hit list! Get in my belly!

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Did I also mention that this place has some wonderful large flat screens above the bar and hanging over the dining room area? It’s a great place to grab a cold one and cheer on your team. It’s so refreshing to have another nice new spot where I live that has arisen out of the ashes of an old detested establishment. Again, it’s a cozy kind of place which is much welcomed up here. Hope we get more business owners like these who decide to give Yorkville a chance. Cheers!


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  1. Craft beer and wings! I’m so jealous… We had several craft beer spots back in Seattle, but most recently I went to a great one in Missoula Montana with my son. Along with terrific beer, they made their own (fabulous!) root beer—something absolutely unavailable here in Scotland.

  2. I swear the food you post leaves me salivating all the time. Killing me over here, was that an english muffin in place of a bun on that breakfast burger? Be still my poor gluten free heart. Well at least I can have an Angry Orchard, and maybe the burger minus the bun. 🙂

  3. It looks like a cool place, Phil. It seems as though breweries are the new “thang.” I guess they’re trying to compete with all of those trendy wine bars you see everywhere (at least our here in California).

    Looks like a very nice selections of brews is available as well.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      Don’t go hating on sports screens! This is not really a sports bar, but it is a big neighborhood for them. They had to put a few in, plus, the beer and food is delish!

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