The Gilroy – a touch of craft cocktail class on the UES!

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The Gilroy. Just the name of this fine cocktail establishment harkens back to the days of the roaring 20’s and pre-prohibition era libations. Not only does this new craft cocktail emporium on the Upper East Side/Yorkville serve a quality drink, but it also offers up some mighty fine gastropub fare! As the reinvention of this part of Manhattan in NYC is taking place lately new businesses such as The Gilroy are helping to usher in a new era.

After a few visits here so far I can righfully proclaim that I am a big fan of The Gilroy. It’s hard not to enjoy yourself here when you are surrounded by a wonderful staff making sure your visit is to your liking with terrific food and friendly service. The first evening we wandered in and took a seat in the cozy back room dining area. The decor features a warm and candlelit atmosphere, seating in the back room, hanging Edison style lighting, a stylish wooden communal table in the middle up front, fun background music, and a nifty looking copper top bar by the entrance. Well thought out to fit the space they had to work with and put together in a classy but inviting way. It’s definitely a step above the normal fratty pubs and sports bars that line Second Avenue where it resides. A perfect spot to being a date, or converse with a few friends late at night in the dim light over cocktails and a bite to eat.

Photo credit - The Gilroy
Photo credit – The Gilroy

As we looked over the well thought out eclectic menu of dinner and house drink selections we saw a few that caught our eyes. We asked our waiter for a few suggestions and they were pretty much spot-on for our palates.

The appetizer!

Marinated Olives – calamata, gaeta, castelvetrano olives, chilies, citrus zest. We are suckers for olives and these did not disappoint! Served with toasted bread strips we pretty much lapped up each one along while dipping the bread into the remaining oil in the dish.

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The eats!

The Gilroy Wellington – beef tenderloin, foie gras, mushroom, puff pastry. Just. Wow. I totally devoured this. Made in a way I never had it I felt like I was eating a high class “Hot Pocket” of beefy deliciousness. Can I have another?

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Chicken Pot Pie – slow roasted chicken, seasonal vegetables, pastry top. Full of flavor and thick with ingredients. What’s not to like? I will kill for a good pastry top and this was so satisfying.

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The cocktails!

Phils Collins – genmaicha green tea infused fords gin, raspberry, lemon, mint, seltzer. A refreshing drink that is both light, fizzy, and great for Summer season.

Heart of Gold – Old Forester Bourbon, maple, grapefruit bitters, smoked bacon
salt. I’m a bourbon guy. Yes, I am. Yes, I really liked this drink! Oh yes.

IMG_20140504_131145_280On our next visit I ventured in here on a Sunday afternoon with friends. We took a spot at the bar and began lively conversation with the bartender, an affable British gent, and proceeded to explore some new brunch options they were launching. First things first – I ordered a Mint Julep in honor of the Kentucky Derby which was perfectly made and served in a copper goblet which kept the drink cold and accentuated the flavor. Just so fine. In fact, many of the cocktails are served in these copper vessels. The bartender did his thing with the proper ice for each drink we had, along with fresh fruits and mint leaves in each. Outstanding! I could sit at this bar all day, sip away at my libation, and watch him contruct drinks one after another. I might have to be carried out of here!

We had even more success with the brunch items. Super fresh oysters on the half shell, malty waffles with fresh berries, creamy mozzeralla with tomatoes, and amazing mini pancetta sandwiches. If these are just a sampling of what’s in store for brunch then I am so there!

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Everyone from the owner that we met, to the very knowledgeable bartender, to the attentive staff were exemplary. They make you feel welcome here, and you can tell they have a plan for success with The Gilroy. A passion. Heck, even the clean bathrooms with decor that makes me jealous of my bland apartment commode are well done.

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They are hitting everything right here on all cylinders. Bravo!

May I say that The Gilroy is a tasteful, and tasty, new addition to this part of town that absolutely needed an influx of downtown vibe injected into it. I look forward to spending many a night here perusing their cocktail list with friends and family. Rejoice, cheer, and offer a big welcome my neighborhood citizens as we now have The Gilroy close by that offers the locals another magnificent option in the area for quality drink and dining.

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34 thoughts on “The Gilroy – a touch of craft cocktail class on the UES!”

  1. You keep spoiling us Phil with all these great places to see and eat/drink. I’m sure when I will return to NYC but I don’t think I’ll ever have enough time, too many great places!

    This one looks like another masterstroke by yourself. I’m not so keen on olives but I’d certainly for that chicken pie!

    1. Hey Guy!

      This place is the real deal! Make sure you bring the big pants to enjoy all the gluttony and cocktails at the places I blog about!

  2. Excuse me, I may need a nap after reading this post! I’m feeling quite replete! And that Gilroy Wellington … oh my! Phil, your blog has become a serious reference site for anyone wishing dining info in NYC. Thanks!

    1. Hey Patricia!

      That was one of the best versions of beef wellington I have tasted! Plus, the cocktails here are top notch! So happy to have them close to home, as the Gilroy is a new fav of mine!

  3. Looks fabulous! But I’ve got a few nights stopover on the Upper West Side the week after next. I know you’ll tell me about the perfect place to go there (and, of course, to take all the kids/SOs) that will impress the hell out of them while (hopefully) not emptying my pockets. I await your wisdom, O NY-Guru.

    1. Hey Barb!

      Well, this is more place for the adults so if you can escape the kiddies for a few hours in the afternoon jump in here for a great cocktail or two! I’ll send you a message about spots to go in the city.

  4. I have to check this place out! Right up my alley. And the Heart Of Gold (I’m assuming it’s a nod to Mr. Young) sounds like a most interesting cocktail. Grapefruit bitters, smoked bacon salt and maple? And bourbon! I like my bourbon too. Sounds like breakfast in a cocktail. Btw – since you’re a bourbon guy, have you been to the Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn? They do a great tour and the whiskey is amazing. Try the chocolate whiskey; you won’t be disappointed!

    1. Hey Linda!

      They have excellent bartenders that can make anything, plus a nice list of house cocktails! Yes, bourbon is my thing too.

      OMG – I have not been there yet! My next Brooklyn trip I am so there for that chocolate whiskey!

      1. That’s terrific, because I can’t tell you how many places I’ve been to where the bartender doesn’t know how to make the classics like a French 75. Kind of unbelievable.

  5. In case you forgot, RWA Nationals are in NYC next year, Phil. I hope to be there.

    When I began following your blog, I had a short list of “must visit” places. Keep this up, and I’ll have to sublet an apartment and book a seatbelt extension for the return flight.

    LOVE the look of that Wellington! Forget Zagats. Ask Phil!

    The mouth-watering rhythm of your words when you describe these dishes and drinks and places? I’m getting a sudden visual of you in a sensual situation whispering sweet nothings in your gal’s ear: “Hmmm. the delectable salty flavor of raw oysters on the half shell…remnants of gravy begging to be sopped with a warm, yeasty bun…”

    Hey! I write romance. That’s the way my wonky mind works.

    1. Hey Gloria!

      That short list will become your bible of gluttony soon!

      The food and drinks here are terrific. Such a great new spot in my hood. That wellington is soooooo good!

      Ah, the sweets sounds of food porn being whispered lustily into one’s ear.

  6. You had me at mozzarella and tomatoes!! One of my all time favorite appetizers or light brunch fare!! Drizzled with olive oil and fresh basil on top!! Wow! I’m making myself hungry!! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures!

  7. Yay! Another great UES spot! I hadn’t planned to venture up there, but the more post I read about that area’s great places, the more I feel that it shouldn’t be missed. I’ll skip the Statue of Liberty and go for cocktails at UES instead:)

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      There are so many hidden gems up here now, and hot new bars and restaurants up here that the UES is changing quickly. When the subway is finished on 2nd ave this will be the place to be!

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