The Fat Man Strikes Again! Ferrara Bakery and Cafe NYC.

Photo credit – Ferrara

The Fat Man Strikes Again!

As we were walking around the lower east side I was suddenly tackled and attacked by my arch enemy! As I struggled mightily against my larger foe and punches were exchanged he placed a cloth over my nose and I drifted into sleepy blackness. Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform or cannolis? When I awoken we found ourselves in Little Italy and standing in front of another 100 year old institution of NYC gluttony – Ferrara’s

Now, I have made it a point to go out of my way to check out the super kitschy and old school spots that are still surviving in and around NYC before they all totally disappear. Gentrification is a bitch, and even though we can’t halt the wheels of progress, it’s still nice to see some of these businesses thriving in the face of impending change. I’m a sucker for a tasty pastry, and the gluttonous villian that led me here knew that as we walked up to the front door. Upon entering we were greeted by a large glass counter display housing all of Ferrara’s fabulous looking desserts. “Yes, I’ll take one of each!” I thought as my nose pressed up against the glass leaving a trail of drool cascading down!

l (3)Tourists abound here and the lines are normally long. For some reason this evening there was not much of a line. We went to the host stand inside where we were quickly seated. A very affable waiter quickly came over and took our orders. Was in a cappuccino mood and also wanted to try a few different pastries, so we went with the trio of miniatures. It’s a great way to check out a few different delicacies without going into full blown diabeetus mode!

I must say that I was surprised that the prices here are above the rates that another of their contemporaries, Veniero’s, charges. A few dollars more for each of the drinks and pasty trio. I guess that should be expected considering they are in the tourist trap of Little Italy. Suck it up and pay the price to enjoy a bit of delectable history.

l (2)I also must say that the cappuccino was damn good, and the pastries are delicious. I had the chocolate mignon, chocolate chiminee, and the diplomat. All three were quite different, with the creams and chocolate mousse ingredients smooth and luscious. Overall, it was a nice little after dinner snack and hit the spot without being too filling.

Are there better bakeries in the city area? Yes, and no, as it is always debatable. Do many others have the lure and staying power of this place? Probably not. Is it more expensive here? Of course it is, since it is tourist driven. I just can’t deny that they do have very good tasting pastries, gelato, and cappuccino. Just be prepared to pay a few dollars more, and deal with many picture taking tourists, annoying as they may be. Now, please move aside as I take my pictures of those desserts! 

Photo credit – Ferrara

Again, the Fat Man has defeated me. One day I will resist his temptations. Drats!

( PS – Got to love watching all the tourists gush over the desserts, and ooh and ahh over everything. Also funny are the groups of Jersey goom-bahs and their families sitting around being loud and speaking in their heavy accents. Almost like they are from another country, and I grew up in a half Italian household myself! )

Photo credit – Ferrara


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  1. Why do I do this to myself, whhhyyyy….

    I kind of want to get dressed and drive somewhere to find pastries. Something tells me I won’t find anything of this calibre at 11PM. But I could try…

  2. Ferrara’s! Okay, I can’t get to New York this morning, but I SO want to be one of the tourists asking for the special wrap box so I can take it on the plane. Hmmm… maybe an afternoon flight?

  3. Sweet mother of God!!! I’m not sure if you actually wrote anything, since I was too mesmerized by the delicious photos …. we won’t discuss the licking of the screen. Sometimes you must satisfy the Fat Man!

    Drool. Lick. Savor.
    The fat woman wants to swim inside all of this lusciousness … Especially, the cannoli’s!

    Oooooh, Phil. STOP tempting me. x

  5. Ferrara’s is one of my favorites. I figure with all the walking I have to do in NYC, I more than deserve their delicious pastries!

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