The Curvy Widow is Dating Off-Broadway in NYC

I had a chance to attend a performance of Curvy Widow as part of a Yelp Night event recently.

Now, I know my rating might seem a bit lower than many who also viewed it, but I need to go with my gut feelings and be honest with my thoughts of this show. Maybe it was because perhaps the content matter was just something I could not totally relate to.

The show itself seemed skewed to an older demographic of a specific age category and gender. In my opinion, this is the type of show to take your 55 years and older mothers, aunts, grandparents, and female relatives. Seemed the majority of the crowd fit this profile on the night I was there. Nothing wrong with that at all, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Others might find it enjoyable and entertaining, especially if they can relate to the subject matter which has to do with being a widower dating after decades of marriage suddenly ending.

Photo credit – Yelp

Hey, disagree with my viewpoint if you want, but it’s my opinion. Real people, real reviews, right?

At a breezy 85 minutes with no intermission the show moved quickly. The driving engine of the show is the very talented and personable Nancy Opel. She stars as Curvy, a widowed 50 something woman who throws herself back into the modern era dating scene, with a mixed bag of humorous results. Sure, there was the stereotypical bashing of men in the NYC dating pool. I did have to laugh at some of those scenes where she endured dates with these fools. Nancy is a Tony Award nominee and she handled each scene, and each musical number, with great comedic timing and versatility. She is a pro, with terrific stage presence, who can sing and act very well. She carried the show for sure.

Set on stage for an upcoming scene. Photo credit – Yelp

The supporting cast was serviceable, and moved into and out of multiple roles pretty effortlessly. For some, there seemed not a lot to do. The music was ok overall. Some tunes were bright and funny, while a few others seemed a bit forced and thin.  Some songs seemed to push the sexual banter trying to be amusing, but falling flat at times. The staging was minimal, with a few set pieces that moved on and off depending on need for each scene. It worked well.

Also, was Match. com a sponsor? LOL. Seemed like the dating site was brought up a bunch as she was searching for a companion through the computer. Also, when she accidentally joined a swinger/porn dating site that was pretty funny. The trials and tribulations of being single after 35 years of marriage and widowed was the theme here, and learning how to navigate dating, sex, and starting anew as a woman in a digital dating world offered up some real life laughs and situations. The sexual innuendos and faux pas made for some entertaining situations.

Seems like just the right kind of show to appear off-Broadway at the Westside Theatre. As I stated, if you fit the demographic, and want to enjoy a show that is not too long, along with some good laughs and a quality lead, then this is a nice night out.

Bobby Goldman and Drew Brody during after show Q&A. Photo credit- Yelp

The show, and story itself is based on the true life of Bobby Goldman, who suddenly found herself a widow after the passing of her husband James Goldman.  He himself was an award-winning screenwriter and playwright.


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