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Getting all fizzy in NYC! The Pure Fizz by Mastrad.

The Pure Fizz – so easy!

One of the fun perks of having a blog are the opportunities to receive invites to events and new product launches. Residing in NYC offers many chances to experience these types of gatherings as it is the media capital and many PR agencies reside here, or come here to gain plentiful exposure. One event I was recently invited to was to sample a new home soda maker that is hitting the market in July. It’s always fun to check out a new product before the public gets a chance to see it, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with this one. The company is called Mastrad and their product is the Pure Fizz soda maker. They are a leading company based in Paris, France, and offer many kitchen specific products for both amateur and pro use.


The event took place at the stylish and chic Eventi Hotel in midtown Manhattan. We were led to a suite converted into a showcase for the Pure Fizz and also for many of Mastrad’s line of kitchenware offerings. They manufacture a variety of fun and functional products for those who are into cooking and baking. We were able to test some out and I will admit to liking their design and ease of use. Great tools for those who enjoy being in the kitchen, and for those of us who live in small NYC apartments and have limited storage space. Continue reading Getting all fizzy in NYC! The Pure Fizz by Mastrad.