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The Versatile Blogger Award

versatile Image greenWell, well, well. Even though I have been blogging for only a short time overall I never expected to receive a blog award at this point. I guess there are a few peeps out there who enjoy my scribble, demented observations, and overall ranting about life! Another fellow blogger (thank you very much Nina) nomimated me for the Versatile Blogger award. I guess that means my mind is a jumble of a mess, and I write about anything that comes into it. That, and being a part-time professional drinker/drunk does help keep the creative juices flowing. Her blog, ‘Nothing – Denoting the absence of something’, can be found at this link – http://iknowyouhere.blogspot.com/ It’s a great new blog started a few months ago and she lets rip on a variety of subjects and writing styles. Sometimes I think she is more demented then myself, especially the post with the Alice in Wonderland video in it (I still think it’s a a hallucinogenic drug trip!). She also has a another cool blog with some terrific pictures on it that I think she takes with her Blackberry phone! Check it out at –http://clicksclicksandclicks.blogspot.com.au/ Again, thanks Nina! It’s an honor.

Now, of course this comes with a set of pesky rules I must follow. Oh, the price of fame!

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