Sushi Burritos in NYC? Sushirrito blew my mind!

Sushi burritos? Heck yeah! The Salmon Samba Burrito is really good.

I decided to check this joint out recently while shopping in the area and needed some sort of healthy lunch. Yet, I wanted something different and unusual from the norm. I never had a sushi burrito before so this seemed like a cool choice. There are a multitude of places to eat at in NYC, from around the world, so it’s no surprise to see an unusual foodie experience such as Sushirrito pop up on the scene.

Ordering was pretty easy as the menu is not all that large but the choices are good, yet there is little leeway to customize your food option. My one other gripe is that they need to expand their cold drink choices. At least get some regular and diet sodas here in case people don’t want to choose water or some sort of prepackaged lemonade or iced tea.

Other than those minor things I really enjoyed the burrito here. My salmon burrito was large and hearty. Had great taste and was freshly made on the spot. Can get a bit messy as you eat this with your hands but that’s where the fun is! No chopsticks needed. Good balance of salmon and ingredients. Quite satisfied with this lunch option.

The wait can be a bit long as during lunch hours people who work in the area are now flocking to this place. I arrived later in the afternoon and it was emptier. Plenty of spots to sit at, bright and clean with a friendly staff.

My first time devouring a sushi burrito, and it won’t be my last!


Sushirrito –


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    1. Hey Karen!

      First time I ever had this, as it’s not a big thing here in NYC. Probably more of a west coast thing. Worth checking out as it was pretty good.

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