Stumbling upon foodgasmic bliss at Ichabod’s in NYC!

Dry aged ribeye for two. Yes, this gave me the meat sweats. So glorious!

While out doing some much-needed clothes shopping recently it was becoming late in the day and we were a couple of hangry, yes hangry I said, monkeys. Hangry – extreme anger with excessive hunger. Shopping for clothes will do that to a person, especially when you can’t find anything that fits or looks right. Wandering around the downtown area of NYC we happened upon Ichabod’s and took a chance they would seat us as it was prime dinner time. What a terrific food find this was! It’s one of those spots that once you experience it you’ll be thinking about the next time you’re in the area to make sure you drop in again. Exceptional service, food, and cocktails. Worth every penny. Small spot so reservations are a good idea. Even so, they found us a table for two that we could have for an hour and a half and it worked out great.

Don’t ask me why I am reviewing this meal backwards so just go with it as every course was memorable. Maybe the gluttonous pig in me remembered devouring that awesome dessert first!

Toasted marshmallow sundae. House made vanilla ice cream, caramel, sourdough bits, topped with toasted marshmallows in a mason jar. OMG! If I could have stuck my whole body in it to lick out every last drop I would have. Just do yourself a favor and order it and don’t look back. You’re welcome.

Butternut squash dumplings are a must! It’s like eating dessert for an appetizer. Really, these were just ridiculously tasty. Served as an appetizer option I would order this in a heartbeat if offered as an entrée size.

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Butternut squash dumplings appetizer. I wanted to steal the plate away for myself.

Dry aged ribeye for two was perfection. Saturday special of the night. With crushed potatoes and kalamata olives. House made steak sauce and horseradish. You can believe the carnivorous beast in me destroyed most of this by myself. Just look at that hunk of amazing meat in the top picture. I think I had the meat sweats after eating this monster piece of beef! I don’t remember as I woke up on the couch around 3am in a food coma.

Since we had to give up our table to those who had reservations the manager made sure we had spots set up at the bar waiting for us. He was very accommodating while handling it very professionally. We had no problem sitting there for dessert while also ordering up a few more after dinner cocktails. Friendly bartender too. Nice spin on the cocktails offered here and we tried out a few. All well made and delicious.

l (2)
So many good libations to choose from.

I would definitely recommend checking out this little gem of a spot in the Union Square area. Cozy, warm, and comfortable with great service and food. An intimate setting so it can be kind of tight seating but  the tables are set apart well enough. Looking forward to our return visit. I think I might invest in some stretchy pants for these dining excursions!

Foodgasmic bliss baby!

l (3)
Toasted marshmallow sundae. A must. Just do it. Eff the calories!




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