Spring weather, bar crawls, and getting drunk in NYC!


It’s the inevitable changing of the guard here in NYC when the seasons change and the citizens of this fair city seems to go berzerk. Including myself. Maybe it’s because we all go cabin fever crazy after the long Winters here. As the first warm sunny days of Spring finally arrive we get all giddy with anticipation. Outdoor seating along all the restaurants on the avenues magically appear. Daylight savings time hits and we have longer hours of sun. The bars and restos open up the front windows letting in an al fresco dining and drinking environment. People are happy and overjoyed to finally be outside. Seems as if all the bars are doing hopping business. In my little part of the world on the Upper East Side of NYC where I reside in Yorkville there has been a slow transformation happening. Normally, this part of town has been more affordable to live in, but also had a stigma of being on the “older grandma and granpa” side with a mix of “old money folks” and “frat boy and sorostitute” bar scene mixed in. Wow – has that seemingly changed overnight as this area has been revitalized with a mix of terrific craft beer and cocktail bars, along with a big time food scene. Sure, it will never be the Lower East Side, Meatpacking District, or Village nightlife destination, but hot damn I don’t have to go downtown to get absolutely blotto anymore along with stuffing myself into a food coma!

Holy crap was I drunk on Sunday! Black. Out. Drunk.


Now, here is where this can get a wee bit dangerous, as all this temptation is making my liver extremely angry at me. Yes, I had a bender this past Sunday, and boy was it a good one! How I even made it home alive is beyond me. Seems as if I’m not the only one though who abuses themselves like this. Blame it on Spring weather. Blame it on daylight savings. Blame it on all the great bars here now. The voices in my head whispering in my ear “drink, eat, drink – do it”. Yes, I do hear voices. They transpire against me at times. I can’t help but to go along with them. They are a fun bunch. So, I decided to take a group of friends on a “cocktail crawl” of my hood on Sunday. As they day went on and we hit up over half a dozen places the memories get fuzzier and fuzzier. This is what I was told but have little recollection –

– I was slurring my words and what I was saying was undecipherable. At one point I think I was speaking in a tongue of a long dead language.

– Someone said I ran out into the road screaming and singing. At least I’m a happy drunk. Good thing my pants stayed on.


– I heard we had pizza after that which I don’t remember but somehow I took a picture of it. Why did I take a picture? I don’t know. I think I instagrammed it. Hope it tasted good. I was also told I tried to eat my cell phone. Pizza, cell phone, all looked the same at that point. Shake some garlic and hot pepper on it. Yum.

– When we stumbled home my gal told me that I broke into her cupcake bag (we bought cupcakes along the way?) and ate most of it and put it back in the bag. She was really mad at me for that one. I don’t remember this. Deny, deny, deny.

– I ate almost a whole gallon of butter pecan ice cream while sitting on the floor of our apartment and passed out with the bucket and spoon in my hands. I have no recollection of that either. No one took pictures, thankfully, so it must not have happened!

Yesterday, one of my friends on the crawl, who was as messed up as I was, actually hit up a Speakeasy after that and pretty much proclaimed he was “White Girl Wasted” and somehow brought a half eaten pizza to work. He also can’t remember much of how this happened, and also wonders how any of us were still alive at this point. Good times!

download (1)Somehow, I did not vomit. I really have no clue how I made it into work on Monday. Gatorade was my best friend all day. I recovered. Not my dignity, but my stomach. I do have to say we had a great time and the bars we hit were exceptional. From what I remember. This is a week of drying out. I keep telling myself that I’m not drinking for quite a while. Then the voices in my head on Friday will whisper “It’s the weekend” and the temptation will start all over again. I blame NYC, the Spring weather, the voices, and all the great bars now in my hood. It’s not me, it’s you.

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  1. Oh man, Phil…I am having flashbacks of the days when I thought drinking Bacardi 151 was cool…and heck yes, hibernating is a right of passage every winter up there I’d guess…great piece Phil..you make me want to travel…

  2. Man, you make me miss NYC! Not that I’m a bajillion miles away or anything; I’m just suburban-spoiled (or, is it SNOB now!?) – anyplace that is farther away by Metro North than 1 hour is just too far to go!

    Going downtown now requires extensive thought, an early departure from Southeast station, strategic planning of meals to save $$ (i.e. souvlaki-cart lunch+travel snacks from home+reasonably-priced dinner/drinks so as not to traumatize the bank account) and enough cardio aka subway-surfing and stair-climbing so that we’re significantly exhausted by around 9ish. Keeps us from missing the last train back every time!

    1. Hey Lorien!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      I know what you mean by the travels from the burbs to the city. I remember those days of pulling all nighters because we missed the last train and had to wait hours until the next, and getting home at 6am. So little sleep by so worth it!

      Now for me it’s a quick cab ride or subway.

  3. It happens to the best of us, Phil. 🙂

    Luckily you have funny stories, and you made it home safely. Hell, you even topped it off with butter pecan i.c. and cupcakes. Sounds like a great night to me!

  4. Yikes. Yikes…. um… Yikes. Happy you didn’t get sick…?!!! At least you showed your crowd a great time at all the great bars, and ate pizza too, and cupcakes (sorry to your gal!) and, you also need credit because you still were able to find the Instagram button, was that before or after near eating your phone? LOL Friday is only three days away, and it will still be spring!

    1. Hey Peggy!

      I was shocked I didn’t vomit! I was shocked I was able to find my phone by the end of the night. She is still pissed at me about the cupcake!

  5. Well now there’s the down side of living in such a grand city – alcohol and other treats are so easily accessible. Where I live, it’s twenty minutes to a store, twenty-five to a gas station, thirty to a bar and there’s wild animals prowling after dark. You do NOT want to be out there in your condition and you certainly do not want to rely on driving any motorized vehicle to get you back home.

    Sounds like some people missed out on perfect photo ops. We want proof of your adventures and the aftermath. I for one am demanding proof. Proof damn it!

    At least you didn’t get arrested. Or did you? Hmmmm.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      Yeah, living in the city where we can walk to everything or use mass transit is a blessing and a curse! So glad no one took any pictures of me that night!

      I don’t think I ended up in jail. Then again, after eating my gals treats she wanted to beat me like a bad inmate!

  6. I lived on the Upper East side for almost 10 years, and you are so right, the minute the weather got warmer people went a little nuts. Glad you survived to write about it.

    1. Hey Kathy!

      I see that you have lived through this too and know what I mean. We all do kit, then say we’ll be good and never do it again. So what did I do? Went out for cocktails yesterday!

  7. I need to have a talk with that girl of yours. She definitely missed an opportunity by not taking a pic of you on the floor after your ice cream binge. Everyone knows you take advantage of those situations. Those pictures are GOLD! Sheesh.

  8. Sounds like you definitely get the drunken munchies there Phil. Lots of beer and food and you are in a happy zone.
    With a long weekend here in the UK just gone I think a few people may have been like you.

    It is a long time since I drank to be drunk but when I do I can honestly say I’ve never said “never again”.

    1. Hey Guy!

      Along with all the great bars here a lot of places stay open late for drunken munching. I think they are all in cahoots with each other. They know us drunk fools will eat anything at that point after midnight!

    1. Hey Megan!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      I warned them to not take any pictures of me as a drinken mess! I already have enough of those on Facebook! Then again, they might have taken a few I don’t know about. Some of my friends are evil in that way. All I know is when I looked in the mirror that night it was a shit show!

  9. Rot Row….What are we going to do with you, Mr. Phil? If you get sick of Gatorade and want to clean your liver before Friday (you better hurry), you might want to try an herbal liver detox tea! 🙂 🙂

    1. Hey Patricia!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      That comic is pretty much how many of us feel after a weekend bender! Then it starts all over again!

  10. Yes! Blame the weather! I checked my weather app and there’s 25°C in New York right now. This calls for a beer or ten I think?
    PS: Breaking into your GFs cupcake bag is not nice!

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      She is still a little mad at me for that one! The place we went to makes awesome cupcakes. My drunken self just could not resist!

      Hey, it’s sunny and 80 out today. A cold beer is calling me!

  11. Oh, Phil…..sometimes I think you are my twin brother and we were separated at birth. I cannot tell you how many times I have down the pub crawl and woken up in strange places….and in strange clothes. But you didn’t hear that from me….
    One of your funniest posts EVER!!!

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