Spring love is in the NYC air!

pda-fail-5th-wheelFinally! Spring has decided to show up around here in NYC. Sunny days. Warmer weather. Drier air. People making out. Yup, Spring also seems to bring out the lovebirds sucking face and playing tonsil hockey in all their spit swapping glory! Hey, I’m all for showing love and caring for the love of your life but sometimes the public displays of affection are a bit much. Spring is also PDA season around here. Kissing, cuddling, touching, licking, nuzzling, groping, and wrapping of limbs around each other, among other things being done to select body parts and orifices. All in public view to the dismay of many passerby.

Just why do couples seem to ignore everyone else around and give in to their lustful desires while we are all watching? Sometimes it is just comical, and at others it’s kind of vomit inducing. Do we really want to see two young people entwined and basically dry humping each other out on the streets? Even worse is when you see two people your parent’s age going at it and slobbering all over each other. Ewwwww! I don’t really even want to see anyone my age going at it either. Get a room you two! There is a time and place for everything. A little smooch here and there, some affection, and the such is always cool, but all out grinding and deep kissing like they are trying to dig out the food particles stuck in their back teeth from breakfast is just plain nasty.


Also, what the heck is that moaning noise? Do you have to make these sounds like you’re in the middle of watching a porn flick on full volume? The swapping of saliva noises is like listening to fish flapping around out of water. Hearing this on the subway or on the park bench across from you when you’re trying to eat lunch makes your appetite totally disappear. Sure, there are those voyeurs and select creepers out there that get off on observing people going at it in public. Yet, the rest of us really don’t want to see it. Some couples I have observed are pretty much cringe inducing anyway.


Also, what is up with those that have to feed each other? The guy sitting on his girlfriend’s lap? The couple making googly eyes at each other on line at the supermarket? The two that need to suck face while out eating dinner? Damn, there’s a time and place for everything. Back in the day we used to have our hidden spots to park the car at for some “intimate time”, or save it for the darkness of the movie theater among other places we all knew. Nowadays some people just have no cares about where they get a bit down and dirty.




OK, we all get it. You can’t keep your hands off each other. Get a room people!



20 thoughts on “Spring love is in the NYC air!”

  1. Not sure on the funniest line or paragraph, soooo perfectly and amusingly fitted! Perhaps ticketing would work, you know, taking up so much public space where others dare not look. Ah, still even in ancient Greece couples fed each other, grapes I believe it was. Then there is Paris and Rome…yes, Spring Love, beyond NYC, its everywhere.

  2. Ugh. ew. I’m glad Minnesota is a little more… puritanical? We don’t get much of that around here unless you hang out right by a high school or something. But back when I was 18 I maaaaaybe was a bit of a perpetrator. Foolish youth.

    1. Hey Alison!

      I’m sure you had your naughty public moments back in the day! Spring in NYC when all the parks are in bloom bring out all the PDA lovebirds! It’s like watching a live action version of Caligula!

  3. Hah! “…fish flapping around in water” “…Digging out food particles stuck in their back teeth.”

    I thought you were going to segue into a food review.

  4. LOL! Your post reminds me of an experience I had in Paris. I was the woman-version of that little dude squished between maker-outers. I think our culture is too freaked out over PDA, which is a major reason it can be so darn distracting. Regardless, hearing others people moaning isn’t anywhere near as fun as letting it rip ourselves. 😉

    Groovy blog. I’ll be following.

    1. Hello August!

      Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and commenting! I’m happy you got a chuckle from this post.

      That must have been a funny scene with you as the fifth wheel between the face suckers. It’s always more fun to be the one involved in the action as you mentioned. 😉

      So glad you like my crazy little blog and will be following. Will do the same for yours!

  5. Oh dear. I think I’m guilty of this. Me and the hubby got reprimanded for dirty dancing at a concert. I’m pleading agism here. If we weren’t over 45 nobody would have noticed.

    1. Hey Nancy!

      Hahaha! Sounds like you two got caught up in the moment! At least you weren’t dirty dancing outside in a park or public place!

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