Snow, Selfies, Fires, Sniffing Glue – Another Week in NYC!



As I am sitting here in my favorite coffee shop on the Upper East Side on this cold and blustery NYC morning I’m looking out the window and pondering the sweet mysteries of life. Most notably right now I’m watching the wind blow around the snow flurries that are coming down. Snow! God damn snow! It’s supposed to be Spring dammit! Go away Winter, enough already. I’ll be the first to admit I do like the colder dry air of the winter season but this is getting on my last nerve. All I ask for now is a few days of sunny weather in the 50’s at this point. Is that asking too much? Oh great, now it’s really coming down. It looks like we’re inside a giant snow globe. It’s 33 and snowing out yet there are some idiots walking by wearing shorts. People here are getting so pissed off at the weather they are rebelling. That’s all cool as I’m kind of like that too, but I’m not dumb enough to go out and catch pneumonia. As they saying goes, I might be dumb but I ain’t stupid!

546394So much has happened here in NYC these past few days. Most notably the building fires. Many injured, killed, and displaced. People lost everything. Long time popular businesses are gone, maybe for good. Buildings collapsed. It was a heartbreaking scene all around. I applaud all the brave members of the FDNY and NYPD who helped out, along with the many first responders. There were scenes of normal everyday people climbing up fire escapes to help rescue those escaping their apartments. Never doubt New Yorkers ability to come together and do the right thing in times of peril. Yet, there are also those imbeciles who feel the need to stand by and take pictures and video of these disasters as those who are laying by injured and in shock are right at their feet. I have seen many images of this on the internet and news. What is wrong with people? Put down your phones for a few goddamn minutes and offer assistance or support. It doesn’t take any special training to give some compassion and empathy to those who need it during times like this. These morons think it will make them so cool to show their friends their amazing pics and video over cappuccinos, or post them on social networks so they can brag about getting the perfect shot. Meanwhile, they dismiss the thought of those who were gravely affected by these tragedies so they can stand there with their cell phones and pose for selfies. I recently came across a picture of a group of young girls using a selfie stick to take a shot with the buildings on fire behind them. All smiling. What the fuck??? How insensitive can a person be? Karma is a bitch and I hope it comes back at them tenfold. This current generation is so self-absorbed that many have lost touch with humanity. It would have been justice if a fire truck had run them over. Say cheese!


This past week I was out on the road for client visits. Rented a car to drive around the tri-state area. On the way back to the city I needed to fill the tank back up and noticed how much cheaper gas has become all over. As low as $2 a gallon in parts of New Jersey. Fuel costs are definitely down. I also had to book a flight for a biz trip coming up soon. Seems like the airlines did not get the memo that fuel costs are down as my flight was not cheap at all. If I remember right they all raised rates claiming the high costs of fuel made it necessary to pass the extra fees onto the consumers, along with also charging for baggage to help offset them. It’s such a giant scam they have going. They have made billions over the past years and now that fuel is down they won’t pass along the savings to the flying public. From what I read I think many also bought fuel in advance to lock in a good rate. If the airlines really care about their customers they will stop nickel and diming us to death and offer a break already! Bad enough some have stopped serving peanuts!


What is going on lately in my hood with businesses disappearing? Seems like every other day a restaurant or shop just closes overnight. It pisses me off especially when I have a craving for something to eat and when I drop by its all boarded up and gone. I’m all for upgrading the part of town I live in with great new biz, but not the expense of quality long time businesses that have served the community for years going under. For what? Another bank? Cell phone store? Trendy dumb hipster idea for a biz that will last a year then go bye-bye? I’m hoping that something good pops up where my sandwich shop used to be or where our Chinese food spot used to reside. Last thing we need up here is an Applebee’s or Olive Garden. Then again, dat never ending pasta, salad, and beadsticks tho……..



Well, after an egg wrap and six cups of coffee the snow has stopped and the sun is peeking out a bit. Time to get my ass in the gym and train for my Urban Mudder. Need to start my running regimen and get my legs in gear. July 25 will come around soon enough. Maybe one more cup of coffee first. Yes, I’m a coffee slut. Maybe even take me a selfie…..




24 thoughts on “Snow, Selfies, Fires, Sniffing Glue – Another Week in NYC!”

  1. Much like Spring here, Phil! And, I agree with you on the selfie thing. There’s a time and a place and neither are when there is suffering and tragedy all around.

    I hope you ended up at the the gym. All that snow, coffee and food, I’d be going couch surfing!

    1. Hey Alana/Hazy!

      Looks like Spring is finally here for us! In the 60’s here but a rainy day today. I’ll take it. Funny, I saw a bunch tourists today with a selfie stick and had to laugh.

      Oh yeah, have not stopped the gym. It keeps me from going insane!

  2. Good Post Phil. Maybe we in America could use a little sense of community and public duty reassessment. Sorry to all of those who lost their homes and businesses in the fire.
    Yes, I like winter as well, but this is why we enjoy seasons… because presumably go on to the next one at the natural time… and spring is spring let’s bring it on!

    1. Hey Peggy!

      Glad you liked. It is true what you said. I do have to wonder what values and sensibilities parents are instilling in their spawn nowadays. Sad situation all around with what has happened.

      I don’t mind winter but I wish it only lasted for two months

  3. Hi Phil! I watched the cover of the Buildings collapse at CNN … that was sad and thanks for sharing your thoughts as to the victims…
    Oh the #selfie stuff, I second your statements and found that the last pic you posted above speaks for itself… I hope that spring brings you warmer days and much joy… All the best! (Gonna take a selfie. Nah!, LOL) Aquileana 😀

    1. Hey Aquileana!

      Yes, it was tragic and they are still cleaning up and investigating. A few lives lost and many without homes. Very sad.

      The selfie stuff is getting out of hand lately. So glad it’s Spring but now more people will be out doing them.

  4. Phil, you must be getting grumpy in your old age! Although I’m with you on the idiots who take selfies while other people are suffering life-changing events. And I share your dismay about old businesses shutting down; in my little town the only shops that seem to thrive are fast-food takeaways.

    1. Hey Gary!

      LOL! I only get grumpy when it comes to these kinds of idiots!

      I hear you about the biz. Too many generic chains wiping out the mom and pops.

  5. My mom lives in Montana and feels the same way about the snow. She isn’t catching a break and is so over it.
    I don’t understand the selfies during critical tragic times. Too much of that is happening and like you- hope Karma pays them a visit soon.

    1. Hey Holli!

      Yikes! She must get hammered with snow there, yet the pictures of Montana always look so beautiful when snow covered.

      Oh, karma is a bitch. These idiots will get it in the end.

  6. I saw the photo you were talking about and all I can say is dis – gus – ting. Those girls need to pull their heads out of their asses. I think they should be forced to work a few weeks in the morgue as punishment.

    On the brighter side – here in sunny California it’s expected to be 85 today. Not a snowflake in sight. On the other hand, gas is over $3 a gallon again here. What the heck? I’ll trade some sun for some snow in a heartbeat.

    Hang in there. I’m sending sunshine wishes your way.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      Yeah, it was a pretty insensitive thing to do. Seems like that is the way many people are going these days. Sad.

      Finally in the 60’s here and Easter weekend looks to be a super nice one. I’m ready for Spring!

  7. So sorry to hear about the collapsed building and fire in NY Phil. Over here in Germany, we’re not having a nice time of things either with the German airline that crashed last week and people being afraid to fly. My heart goes out to all the friends and families affected in both the US and Germany.
    As for snow. What the ?&%! I mean, only just yesterday it was snowing all over Northern Europe. Again. I mean, it’s April. It’s Spring. The buds were peeking out and now they’re dead! Oh, and on Friday, we even had hailstones. Yes, hailstones. Let’s just forget about Spring and head into Summer. It’ll be better all around!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      So sad to hear about that plane crash. Seems it was the pilot who crashed it on purpose. What a tragedy. My condolences to all.

      Hailstones? Snow? Why does every year it seem like winter is lasting longer? Damn global warming messing everything up!

  8. I’m actually glad that winter is staying around a little longer, but then again I live in Florida and and nowhere near NYC. This weather make life down here a little more tolerable, not great, but okay.

  9. It’s not just in your hood, we’ve had a string on LONG time restaurants closing up. Some of them have been cornerstones of the food business here. One was the longest running restaurant in Arizona! It had been around since wagon trains were coming through and they just closed last month. Now it’s one a week. And it SUCKS!

    Hope your weather gets better…we’ve been in the mid to upper 90s for the last week. WAY too hot for this early in the year. Thankfully, it’s supposed to cool down to the low to mid 80s for the next 8 days. It’s a good thing, cuz I was sweating to death. 😀

    1. Hey Terrye!

      I hate when the old school spots disappear like that. Too many fast food and chain places taking over. Most of them really suck.

      Yuck -mid to upper 90’s to me is worse than cold and snow. I hate the heat like that. But I thought all you in AZ claim it’s a “dry heat”! 😉

  10. I hear you on the selfies. Human kindness and empathy bumped by the opportunity for a youtube hit. Ak. Sorry to hear about the neighbourhood being eaten up by chains. I was told that Austin, Texas blocks chains in its downtown core. Good luck on the training for your Urban Mudder. We are gearing up for a 15 km. Last year I refused to get out of bed because the rain was coming down sideways!

    1. Hey Shelley!

      Austin has the right idea! I’d like to see more of that here in NYC.

      Good luck with your training for that 15km. I hate running, but do it anyway!

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