Sights and sounds of the NYC underground.

Sometimes when traveling underground around NYC and it’s outer boroughs I feel as if I am a rat scurrying around a maze with all kinds of twists and turns. Some passages I take are dark,  some entranceways are narrow, and some are just quite scary. Yet, among the hustle and bustle there always seems to be something going on to be entertained with. The amount of talented people who live in the NYC area is mind boggling. Sure, at times the subway performers can drive us crazy when trapped in a crowded subway car, but then you come across a few that really make you pay attention and take notice. There is so much musical and artistic talent that sometimes it makes you slow down and take it in for a minute or two. I just had to take a few pics of some while making my way to the next train or hurrying to get to work.


Not sure if these guys are mimes or what but they did look cool. Wonder if I could make a withdrawal at that ATM?


I would hire these dudes for any wedding party! They were great!


Nothing like the sounds of the islands to put a smile on our face in a dreary subway stop.


Not only did he play great but that was a pretty cool guitar!


I thought I walked into a Slipknot concert but these guys still rocked it underground!


Nothing like some blues slinging from his royal highness! Good stuff.


Damn, they can make art out of anything down here! Even subway maps!


Great playing and self promotion! This guy knows how to work it underground!


Another fun band to take a quick listen to when making your way to the next train.


Not just fatty fast food in Penn Station, as there is some musical talent there too!


A classic NYC underground music shop that is still doing biz. Old school style.


There is always a churro lady around now and then for a treat to snack on when taking in the sights and sounds of the underground. How much for all of them?

21 thoughts on “Sights and sounds of the NYC underground.”

  1. Would love to see this for myself one day. I can just imagine the energy and talent that exists there.

  2. Someday, they should do an America’s Got Talent Episode using just people found on subways around the country. I bet alot of them are better than the stuff they have on now!

    1. Hello Gillian!

      Hope all is well and thanks for dropping by my blog! Plan a trip here as NYC is a big tourist destination now. Come in the Fall as the weather is really nice!

  3. You certainly have a lot of buskers on the NYC metro.

    I don’t mind them being on the platforms as you can choose to be close by or walk away as long as it is not too crowded.

    I really don’t like it when they suddenly appear in your carriage, it is like they are imposing on my personal space.

    Having said that I absolutely love the You Tube video of Naturally 7 performing “In the Air” on the Paris Metro. Well worth looking up if you get chance.

    1. Hey Guy!

      On the platforms I don’t mind them at all and some are quite good. When you are trapped with them in a subway car it can get annoying though. I need to check out that video.

  4. Glad to see I’m not the only one impressed by subway music. I once heard a dude playing this windpipe music (corny, I know) but it was so beautiful I gave some thought to buying his CD.

    1. Hey Foodie!

      I love those churros! Yes, there is actually some great talent down there! Some better than those you see on those talent shows on TV!

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