SHHHHHH… quiet and drink your beer at Burp Castle NYC.

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Small, dark, dank, crowded, hot inside. SHHHHHH!

Drinking Youngs Chocolate Stout makes it all a heavenly experience!

I had not been to Burp Castle in years, and honestly, not much has changed. Still has the terrific and fun murals of Monks engaged in all kinds of scenes and religious scenerios on the walls. Dark woods and barely enough room to move when crowded. A few small tables on the inside, and a strange gated outside porch area to hang out in. There was music playing when I was here but not too loud. Always a bit warm in here as there really is no AC and just a few ceiling fans. Dimly lit and a bit mysterious. As soon as the sound of conversation and laughter rises to a crescendo the bartenders admonish us to pipe down.


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Can’t help it but the “Shushing” stuff that goes on here still makes me giggle. Each time the crowd got too loud the bartenders gave out an demanding SHHHHHH! A few patrons would also follow suit and do it. Then the whole crowd would get quiet for awhile until the volume slowly rose to a fever pitch and the SHHHHHH would start again. Yeah, it’s kind of hokey but that is part of the charm and history of Burp Castle. It’s the kind of novelty spot to catch a drink over conversation while not getting totally hammered and boisterous.

No hard liquor is served here, but what they do have is an exemplary selection of hard to find beers on tap, usually Belgian style, that rotates weekly and seasonally, and a quality selection of Framboise and Lambics. Usually has around 8-12 beers on tap in the $6 – $10 range. Bartenders are knowledgeable, and will offer good insight about each beer. What I also like is that there are no tv’s here. Definitely a place to converse in low tones and enjoy the beer rather then watching sports or some mindless program. Had a few pints of the Chocolate Stout and one “shushing moment”. I was content and happy.

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With a smile on my face I laughed as I walked out. Still funny after all these years. Even if the bartenders no longer wear the monks robes. Yes, back in the day they wore monks robes. It was a classic look.

Also, please be aware that this place is filled with guys. Sausage Fest. Definitely not meant to be a place to meet girls. Even though there was a mixed crowd on Friday night it was more like 4-1 guys to gals, and those girls came here with boyfriends. So single gentlemen be warned, and keep it down!


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30 thoughts on “SHHHHHH… quiet and drink your beer at Burp Castle NYC.”

  1. Awesome! One of my best friends just started working here a couple of weeks ago. He usually bartends on Thursdays now (but doesn’t have a solid schedule yet). Great place to relax and have a good beer and really appreciate the beer as opposed to getting distracted. Of course, once I have appreciated the beer, I like to move on to another spot where I can appreciate the distractions.

    1. Hey Dave!

      That’s so cool that you have a friend working there. Great beer selection.

      Yes, it’s the kind of spot to have a few in quiet and move on. Too many dudes in this place.

  2. That place looks like lots of fun, but I’m sure I’d get voted “most shushed”. I’m not exactly quiet when I’m drinking. Now that I think of it, who is?

  3. I can’t help but be fascinated by the art work, very unique, but the name then makes it even more of a curiosity, or perhaps the solemnity… or loosely following a tradition that monks generally did not have a lot of women around the abbey (or to the best of my knowledge they did not) any way you read it the place looks quite interesting.

    1. Hey Peggy!

      It is a cool place to look around. Very interesting bar to enjoy a good beer. Yet, us guys do like some of the ladies to be among the crowd!

  4. Oh, I could see my best friend and I being thrown out for one too many sssssshhhings. When we drink, we laugh. Loudly. I would probably have to go by myself and sit in a corner somewhere.

  5. Bwahaha. Laughing my ass off at Beth. What a horndog! I love that woman.

    Now, as for that beer. I’m not much of a beer drinker but I’d give this place a try since I’m almost always up for an adventure. Besides, who can resist a place with the name “Burp Castle”? Not this chick!

  6. Those monks had to have some way of having fun, I betcha they drank their share! What a neat place although my Spanish self does not really know how to Shhhhh so I’d be kicked out in no time. 🙂

  7. Ah… a bar with rules. Are they gender-biased,too?

    This place sounds like it has some mysterious charm to it, but I usually stay away from bars that try to enforce silly rules with limited menus and shotty ac. Sounds like a sight to be seen at least once! Oh and the giggles. Hehe

    1. Hey Jean!

      The rules are goofy for sure but the beer list makes up for it!

      You might like it here as it’s a unique spot for a good brew. C’mon now – you know you want to be shushed at least once!

  8. Keep quiet whilst drinking, how is that supposed to work????

    I do love the sound of this place though, chocolate flavoured beer with a religious feel to the place. I wonder if the monks stay sober?

    Burp Castle is also a brilliant and dare I say apt name. Maybe they should recall it the Shhhh and Burp Castle?

  9. That’s just about the strangest thing I’ve heard today. Folks who drink, tend to talk overly loud. This seems like a strange combination.

    But, I love me some good beer, so I suppose it’s a place I would be inclined to check out. And 4-1 guys/girls, sounds like exactly the place a single gal should hang out. There or Alaska depending on if you like a hot or a cold climate.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      It is a strange combo but works here because it’s funny!

      Yeah, women have it made here is looking to hook up with a guy. Lots of dudes. It is a beer bar though so that might explain it.

  10. Shhhhhhh! I’m not one for strong stout beers as I’m too much of a champagne lady for that LOL, but I do like my “foreign” or continental beers. The more obscure, the better. Shhhhhh!

  11. I’m a dedicated beer drinker and that place sounds awesome. I’ll soon be visiting New York, and this place is on my list now, sausage party or not:)

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      Well, since you’re a gal you might do well here! Worth a visit to have a good beer. Let me know when you are in and I’ll give you a list of great beer bars.

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