Say goodbye to your umbrella! Ella ella, ay ay ay!


As a long time NYC resident I have seen this blight upon the city streets after a storm many times. First comes a few raindrops, then the torrential rains, accompanied by the gusty winds, and then the real fun begins!

Say goodbye to your umbrella! Ella ella, ay ay ay!


As sung by Rihanna –

The other night was no exception. We were bombarded by heavy rain and winds that could knock you off your feet. A lot of it happended after midnight, as I was told, but I slept through it and did not even know it was happening. I guess my snoring drowned it out. The next morning as I walked to my subway stop it was still lightly raining and a bit windy. Remnants of the previous night’s rains could be seen scattered about the city streets and in garbage cans. Sad crumpled piles reminding us that no umbrella is spared by an angry Mother Nature.





























The tattered remains of these sad tortured souls could be seen all across the landscape of the NYC streets the other day. The stores and stands selling umbrellas must love this kind of weather. Cha – ching!




Oh look, a tattered Mets umbrella among the ruins in this garbage can. It is kind of appropriate!  😉





When we are faced with weather such as this no umbrella is spared, no matter how well made, cheap, or expensive it is. It’s such a pain in the ass though when you are trying to get somewhere in the rain and the wind flips your umbrella inside out, or just totally rips it a new bung-hole! There goes another one thrown in the trash.

Photo credit - Jessica Summers,
Photo credit – Jessica Summers,



I just want to know – where the heck do these guys magically appear from as soon as the first speck of rain hits the ground?

24 thoughts on “Say goodbye to your umbrella! Ella ella, ay ay ay!”

  1. Someone could make a fortune by developing an umbrella that is sturdy and impervious to high winds. I have been using those big golf umbrellas for really rainy and windy days and even though those are stronger than most others, they still break. The other down side is those golf umbrellas are heavy and cumbersome to walk around with.
    If I can avoid using an umbrella I am happy to leave it home and just use the hood on my raincoat…but that’s not always practical either. . But why are there no really great umbrellas out there?

    1. Hey Alexandra!

      I have been the victim of umbrella destruction on a few occassions! Maybe someone can make a lightweight steel umbrella.

      Just hope there is no lightning around when used! Thanks for reading!

  2. This is a very funny post written very intelligently. I’ve had this problem with umbrellas for years. Never could find one that wouldn’t fall apart in heavy rain. I wonder if they will make umbrellas out of steel one day?

  3. OMG–this is sooo true. I was out in that mess and couldn’t even use my umbrella for fear it would be blown inside out.

    When I first moved to NYC, I couldn’t believe all of the dead brellies on the streets. I had never seen such a thing! Now, it’s just another New Yorkism–kind of like pigeons and street vendors! And the umbrella guys must watch the weather — that’s how they know to to show up on the corner and make a killing. I love NY.
    I’ve been wanting to write about this for years–thanks for covering it 🙂

    1. Hey Tracey!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Glad you liked this post and sorry to hear you were caught in that mess! As NY’ers we all have been subjected to blown out umbrella syndrome.

      Still, where do these street corner guys really come from?

  4. Yup, I have fallen victim a few times myself, and it is true, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on the umbrella. If the wind is fierce enough, the umbrella is going down. It’s better to just have a good rain cover up and go for what you know.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hey Carica!

      I think anyone living in the city area has experienced it. It’s like a passage of life! Mother Nature is a mean beyotch!

      Enjoy the weekend! 🙂

  5. Oh don’t get me started on the amount of umbrella’s I’ve lost throughout the years. Ker-ching is an understatement! Nowadays I just close the umbrella because it’s more dangerous to have it up than closed. I also have visions of the wind whisking me up in the air via the umbrella and sending me crashing some place nice in the middle of the road.
    Maybe I should consider making an invincible brolly that no wind could break. I’ll call it ‘indestructible’. What do you think Filbio?

  6. Yeah, where do those guys come from?

    It looks like someone threw out a windbreaker in one of those pics!

    PS didn’t take you for a Rihanna fan. I, of course, love all people and things connected to Jay-Z.

    1. Hey Jill!

      I think these guys hide in the sewers and pop out when rain appears!

      Not a big fan of hers, as I am a metal guy, but I listen to a lot of music. Seems a good choice for this post!

  7. I have the worse luck with umbrellas! We get nasty spring and summer storms here and I am always losing umbrellas the the wind. I do make sure to throw mine away in an actual trash can though 🙂

  8. And Those Umbrellas can be dangerous too! I was in Chicago a few years ago walking downtown. The rain was just starting and it was windy (that’s why they call it the windy city!). A guy breaks out his umbrella in front of me. The wind takes it and it blows right by me, hitting a lady behind me in the face. She actually got cut by it. Just missed her eye and cut her about half an inch above it.

    1. Hi Matt,

      Wow – sounds like a scene from a horror movie. If that was here in NYC she would have probably got a lawyer and sued him and the city claiming not enough was done to protect her from dangerous weather mishaps!

  9. LOVE this post! What I also love is the unspoken umbrella “sharing” system of leaving your black umbrella in the dark and cavernous recesses of a cab, only to find another in short order. I also don’t understand why umbrellas are black. I mean seriously folks, it’s already dark and gloomy out, wouldn’t it be a public service for umbrellas to be sky blue and cheery?

    1. Hey Gail!

      Thanks for dropping by! So glad you liked this post! 🙂

      LOL – I have lost a few umbrellas in cabs and bars, and then found one somewhere else. Its some sort of cosmic thing.

      Black umbreallas for dreary days I guess. Mine is blue – until it gets ripped apart by the rain and winds later today!

  10. I had an umbrella collapse in a NYC blizzard. I threw it in a trash can. Immediately a homeless guy ran out and grabbed it. I realized a broken umbrella is better than none! I felt dumb but was kind of glad I could help the guy out a little bit.

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