Running a Soggy but Exhilarating Brooklyn Half Marathon!

It’s been a week later now, yet I still feel waterlogged.

Running half marathons was something I swore I would never do. I still have this love/hate thing going on with running. I mean, I do love the feeling of running outside over a boring treadmill inside, but at times I would rather be eating Fritos and pizza on the couch. I know how that would turn out though, as I would resemble Jabba the Hut on his worst day. Oh, that reminds me, I must go see the new Solo Star Wars flick as it looks pretty decent. As long as the dude playing Solo doesn’t turn out to be another Hayden Christensen/Darth Vader which was god-awful at best.

First up though is Deadpool! Ryan Reynolds has totally redeemed himself from that cringe-inducing neon suit as Green Lantern.  He resembled a glow in the dark apple Jolly Rancher with a great coif. Swoon….

Can Deadpool, uh, I mean Ryan Reynolds adopt me? Can Cable be my cranky uncle? Can Domino be the cool cuz we all hang with?

But I digress.

Going back to last weekend’s adventure, I ran in, and completed the Popular Brooklyn Half Marathon! That was a thrill as it was something on my race bucket list this year, and I just had to complete this run. It was my 45th official race event ( Good Lawd! What is wrong with me? ) and just the thought of running from the Brooklyn Museum, through Prospect Park, then down Ocean Parkway to the finish line on the Coney Island Boardwalk in the borough of my birth seemed like a cool idea.

Well, it would have been if it hadn’t RAINED THE WHOLE 13.1 MILES!!!

Yeah, this is fun! Just a touch of rain……

Seriously, was Mother Nature drunk or something? From the moment I left my apartment it was raining steadily. Then got worse while waiting around for my 7:45 race start since we had to be there by 6:30 for baggage check-in, go through security, then head to our assigned corrals. As there were over 25,000 people running this, and it’s the largest half marathon in the country, and pouring rain, as expected everything was running late. I didn’t even get to the start line until 8:10. Ugh! At this point I was drenched, and my feet were sloshing in my sneakers.

I was a wrinkly mess, as if I had been in a swimming pool for hours and not gotten out. I was afraid I would lose a few toenails on this one, but luckily, all my tootsies were intact when I peeled off the remains of my socks and running gear. My feet were an ugly sight. Like a super wrinkly version of giant freakish albino white raisins. Apply the baby powder – STAT!

The most awesome feeling of accomplishment. Damn, my underwear is soaked.

Overall, I can’t complain as I attained a good overall pace for myself and ran my race just the way I had planned. Considering the brutal weather conditions that day I was more than satisfied. At this point in life I know I’m not a fast runner, more like a “clodder”. I am not competing against anyone else but myself, and at my age with 220 pounds on my frame that’s a bigger dude to compete against when it comes to running. Most peeps in these races nowadays are well younger, and about 50-70 pounds lighter than I am! I’m just happy to be crossing the finish line! It’s all about earning that hardware at the end anyway. Yes, I have a medal obsession, but at least it’s a healthy addiction! Bling Bling! Love the medal that was given out, and the free engraving was a nice perk.

Big thanks to all who supported my charity and donated!

Also, I ran this one for charity, as I try to raise funds for worthy causes at many races I participate in. The one I chose was for NYRR’s “Team for Kids”. The funds this group collects goes to areas around the country for underprivileged children to have access to health and fitness programs, events, and resources. A big “Thank You” to all that donated and helped me reach my charity goal. You all rock and gave me the motivation to not give up and cross that finish line in the pouring rain!

I must say that NYRR does a terrific job with their events. In the face of less than stellar racing conditions they pulled off a pretty seamless half marathon. Everyone had a great time, and it was an experience I’ll always remember. One of the most fun runs I have completed to date, even with the soaking rain and wind. The NYRR pace runners were awesome and inspired many of us to run along with them. It helped me, and I would recommend those inclined at their next race to join them. We all certainly earned those medals on that morning. Too bad the weather ruined the after-party in MCU Park where the Cyclones play.  Of course, the next day was sunny and dry.  Figures.

Suck it up, buttercup.

At that point people just wanted to get the heck home and dry out. No one was really hanging around to drink beer, eat hot dogs, and sit around to watch a band play in the pouring rain, as it was like a nor’easter at that point. I lucked out as Team for Kids charity runners had our own private suite to party in. Food, beer, bathrooms, and dryness. Now, that was a way to celebrate a wonderful achievement!

Celebrating the spoils of victory! In nice sunny weather!




Off to my next running adventure. #45 on the road to 50 races!

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