Rudy’s Bar & Grill NYC – duct tape, hot dogs, and cheap beer!

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Oh Rudy’s – what the heck happened last night? Again. On a Monday!

Why did you make me drink so many ridiculously cheap beers?

Did I really eat 12 free hot dogs?

Why was I singing AC/DC at the top of my lungs with people I did not know?

Was one of our lady friends hooking up with a group of Irish guys and drooling all over them in a pile of mush over their accents?

Who were all these strange crazy awesome people we kept talking to all night?



Why do I still love duct taped booths so much?

Why did I wake up still a bit drunk? Is my partner in crime for the night still alive? Is she puking today?

Why is the big pig statue of Rudy’s mascot in my bed? Rudy’s, you slipped me a roofie again didn’t you?

My love for this dive is eternal.

Rudy’s Bar & Grill is the epitome of a Dive Bar – and I say that with all the highest respect! Cheap beer, free hot dogs, duct taped seats, cool jukebox, eclectic if somewhat crazy patrons. Hell yeah! Go there you must! NYC needs more bars like Rudys. From the cougar mauling the young dude in the booth next to us, to the weirdo lady that kept trying to sit with us, to the guy dancing like Gumby right in front of us, to the celebrity discreetly quaffing a beer behind us! Being drunk and happy at this point it was a laugh riot! My friends and I were initiated into the dive world of Rudy’s a long time ago, and it was a good thing. This place is actually one of the older operating bars in the city as it has been around since the 1930’s, and rumor has it that this location was a speakeasy before that during Prohibition time. Seems not much has changed over the years as it has kept that old bar charm with just a few updates. Bench seating is never replaced but just covered with duct tape. Prices have stayed low and affordable. Heck, they also offer free wifi here now!


Even though Rudy’s is classed as a dive bar you will find all types of people enjoying a libation here. It seems that no matter the day or night I have walked into this bar the overall vibe is fun and hospitable. Why wouldn’t it be? With $3 – $4 pints every day, free hot dogs, a renovated back patio area with huge projection screen, great jukebox, and super friendly bartenders, Rudy’s is the type of bar you can lose yourself in for hours. Perhaps days. I think parts of my life that are blacked out were spent in here. Wish I could remember, but maybe it’s better that I don’t know what happened on those occasions when my memory eludes me!

15706_373278251548_7430039_nI don’t know what keeps making me come back here. The $3 pints of Rudy’s Red, The $5 Bushmills shot and pint of Rudy’s Blonde, the free hot dogs, the $7 Picklebacks and Jamesons, or the big pig mascot that guards the entrance? The fun crowd? The weirdos? The people you meet who are first timers? Could be all of the above, but mainly it’s because I love this damn bar. Too much fun!

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I think I had beer goggles on that night!


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20 thoughts on “Rudy’s Bar & Grill NYC – duct tape, hot dogs, and cheap beer!”

  1. Hello Phil… Oh, mind you I´d love to have a hot dog right now…

    Hope you are getting ready for the new year. May all your wishes come true in 2014; New Yorker Guy 😉

    Cheers, Aquileana 😉

  2. I know you can’t get a bottle of water for $3 at a bar in NYC, so this place must be a treat. The introduction was hilarious and made me wish I was there to hear you belting out some ACDC!
    Happy New Year Phil!

  3. In all my years visiting Rudy’s, I have never made it to the backyard. Always want to be near the action; beer action. Place should be a NYC Landmark……..

    Happy New Year Phil.

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