Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn NYC!

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You can shuffle my board anytime, baby!

Can’t get any better than at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn, NYC. Shuffleboard, booze, DJ, cabanas, food truck, and pink flamingo wallpaper in the bathrooms. Drinks in mason jars. Pure brilliance! A unique concept totally out of the ordinary as I love the old school aspect of it blended in with a modern flair. Time to break out the Tommy Bahama shirt, cargo shorts, and sandals. Can’t forget the fruity drink with an umbrella in it.

Man, the last time I played shuffleboard was down in Florida with my long ago retired aunts and uncles. It was always considered an “old folks” game but Royal Palms has bumped it up a notch into the new millenium by making it hip and trendy for the younger generation now. The facility here rocks. Terrific bars on site serving up great cocktails and a good tap beer list. DJ and bands on hand rocking the house. Super airy large location with ten state of the art shiny shuffleboard courts. Cabana seating along the far wall overlooking the action. A built in garage and window for rotating food trucks to come in and serve guests. Shuffleboard leagues. Parties for groups. Bingo night. Live music. This place is just pure fun. Retro styling with a Miami flair. They have nailed it! This ain’t your grandpappy’s shuffleboard! It actually can be called cool to play shuffleboard now.

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Not too long ago we were invited to a media event here and were blown away by the facility, it’s staff, and it’s food and drink. Were were treated to cold concoctions made with Tito’s vodka, Dinosaur BBQ pulled pork sliders, tacos from Taco Santo, and buttery delish shrimp rolls from Luke’s Lobster Truck. Everything was A-OK! Sometimes the lines were long but they moved pretty quickly overall. There were a lot of people at this event. No complaints here as this guy drank and ate enough, along with shuffling a pretty mean board!

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Chatting with one of the owners I found that after only being open for a short time their leagues were filling up fast, and they were already booked well in advance for private parties. Bringing this concept to a part of Brooklyn that is kind of underdeveloped was a calculated risk that seems will pay off big time as the community has embraced it with open arms. With court time being around $40 an hour split between four players the cost is very reasonable, and along with the bars and music it’s a great entertainment value. I can see doing a weekend “staycation” here at the Holiday Inn Express a block away, catching a concert at the Barclay’s Center, dining at Dinosaur BBQ a few doors down, and hanging out at Royal Palms to party the nights away with some booze and shuffleboard fun. Sounds like a plan to me!

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It was surely worth the trek from the Upper East Side to check this place out. Plenty of subway lines to take you to the area and it’s just a few minutes walk. Pretty wonderful job all around bringing this concept to fruition! Looking forward to a return visit. I need to get in my practice for when visiting the parental units in Florida.



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20 thoughts on “Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn NYC!”

  1. This looks like such a fun time. I hope it catches on, I’d love to see something like this in our area.
    And with all the practice you’ll be getting, you can go to Florida for a visit and clean up on the shuffleboard court!

    1. Hey Karen!

      It seems to be packed already and has caught on well. Nothing else like it here. I’ll be beating up on all the old folk down in Florida soon!

  2. What a hoot! Someone was thinking outside the box and hit the jackpot. Shuffleboard for under-80’s? No one would have believed it … and the idea of rotating food trucks is brilliant! Keep us posted!

    1. Hey Patricia!

      It’s a great concept. Geared towards the younger generation – beer, cocktails, food trucks, and music. This ain’t your grandparents old game!

  3. Gahh, I have been trying to play here for ages now, but it’s always crammed full of people at the weekends. So my advice (and I need to follow it…) is to get there in the daytimes/early afternoon if you definitely want a spot at the weekends!

    1. Hey Lydia!

      Yeah, I have heard it’s full on weekends and hard to get a court. It’s become way popular. I need to go visit again on a day off. Lots of fun.

  4. I can’t say that I’m familiar with shuffle board but I guess these things come in and out of fashion. Great to hear that the younger generation are having a go. I’ll have to look it up the next time I am in the US.

    This place sure looks busy. I think having games to play whilst having a drink or two can be a great ice breaker and a key to a fun night.

    1. Hey Guy!

      It’s an easy game and anyone can play. A few cocktails always help make it more fun. Great spot to take a date or just with some friends. Very busy now for sure as it’s taken off.

    1. Hey Victoria!

      It’s played with a long stick and flat pucks that you push into a triangle of numbers with points on them. It’s kind of fun when drunk and loud music is playing. After a while no one cares about the points!

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