Rocking out with Slash at Terminal 5 in NYC!


Rock Out, or Shut the Hell Up and GTFO!!! \m/

People, its Rock and Roll! For all those whining and complaining about Terminal 5 please just admit to yourself that you should really just be sitting at home and watching reruns of NCIS or Dancing With The Stars in the comfort of your air-conditioned home and cozy couch. Then be in bed by midnight. Yawn.

I have seen many negative reviews and pessimistic complaints about this NYC music venue. I laugh at you all. Where to start?

I was here a few nights ago for the Slash w/Myles Kennedy show. It was effing amazing! Slash was in a zone all night and once again proved he is a Guitar God. Myles’ voice is great, and he is a super frontman and perfect complement to play off of Slash’s fret work. The whole band was tight and played with crunching precision. They had the packed house rocking out and screaming for more over the two hours they performed. Hits from Guns and Roses, Slash solo, Velvet Revolver, etc, and even some Jimi Hendrix thrown in. Blown away at how good this show was. Wow – just Wow!

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Slash, Myles Kennedy, and The Conspirators rocked the house!

I have been to a ton of concerts over the years in all types of music halls. Some good, some bad, but all have their pro’s and cons. Terminal 5 is no different, but there’s way too much hate for this place. Are you all spoiled wussies or something?

Get there early! We made sure to get in line at 6pm and shortly after they started to let people in. The long line moved pretty quickly even with security making us empty our pockets and patting us down. I had no problem with this or the staff. The more security the better. Will-call window staff was polite and I received my tickets quickly. Yeah, I still like real tickets. I collect them. It’s memories. We headed right to the rooftop bar for about an hour for some drinks in the perfect Spring evening. Yeah – rooftop bar!

Hey Bud, Let’s Party! Wouldn’t be a rock concert without some booze!

Sure, once the doors open it’s a mad scramble to get your space. Only amateurs head to the GA floor area. Head upstairs to one of the balconies and perch yourself to have a great view of the stage. We got a sweet view standing behind the Front of House engineer area. Fewer people, full bar, and clean bathrooms close by. The bar even has a water cooler with cups for free. Free water? Very nice perk. Decent beer list in the $7-$8 range and cocktails for $11-$13 is pretty good for a music venue. Magic Hat, Stella, Newcastle, Brooklyn Lager was fine by me. Cash only so be sure to hit the ATM. Again, not a big deal.

People complain because it’s so far over on the west side. Big whoop. Take a subway to Columbus Circle and walk over. Take a cab. It’s not that big a thing.

It’s basically one giant cube with a main floor and two balconies that wrap around it. Raised stage. Standing room only. They could do a better job for those with disabilities and wheelchairs. Sound can be iffy at moments but the concert sounded terrific overall. My ears are still ringing, but so worth it to hear Night Train, Welcome To The Jungle, and Paradise City as played by Slash! Even a guest performer from The Voice sang Hey Joe with Slash playing the part of Hendrix. Pure magic.

Loved the balcony view over the main floor. Way too much humanity mashed in down there.

Can it get hot in here? You bet. It was air-conditioned at the start but with that many people packed in, and all our bouncing around we were a hot sweaty mess by the end. That is Rock and Roll baby! Party hard and get wet!

Tickets to major acts such as this for only $40 in a mid-sized intimate setting? That’s big winning in my book! I would gladly come here again to see a show, even if it is standing room only. Heck, life is short. Suck it up and enjoy!

Don’t hate me because I rock out better than you. Learn to play the game or STFU!!!

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24 thoughts on “Rocking out with Slash at Terminal 5 in NYC!”

  1. Oh Phil – you crack me up. Concerts are definitely not my thing. Too loud and too crowded. But hey, if that’s what you’re into – knock yourself out my friend. I guess I’m an old fuddy duddy, but I’ve never really enjoyed concerts, so I’m thinking it’s not my age, I’m just a weird-o.

    I love the idea of a rooftop bar, though. I’m all over that. Schwing!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      Gotta love rooftop bar on a nice day, right! The concert was a bonus! I know there are some who aren’t into live music. Just rock out at home, where we can all be closet weirdos!

  2. This is such a cool venue! You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Slash that up close and personal. Thanks for sharing this badass experience.

    Laughed Out Loud at these words….hahaha
    “For all those whining and complaining about Terminal 5 please just admit to yourself that you should really just be sitting at home and watching reruns of NCIS or Dancing With The Stars in the comfort of your air-conditioned home and cozy couch. Then be in bed by midnight. Yawn.”

    1. Hey Lisa!

      I call it as I see it. People need to get over themselves sometimes and just kick back and enjoy. Rock music is a big party, so rock on!

  3. This place looks like a great music venue. Not too big and perfect to rock out to.

    Great work on seeing Slash too, he’s still going strong after all these years.

    Whilst I’ve never been to Terminal 5 I like it already due to it’s name alone.

    1. Hey Guy!

      I’m still like a kid when it comes to seeing concerts. Slash is better than ever and it was great seeing him in a smaller venue.

  4. I love Slash!!! Velvet Revolver is/was badass!! Looks like a fun venue for sure and the free water is actually a nice bonus. Rock On!!

  5. Sounds like a great time, wish I would have known about it sooner, I would have come out for that! He’s playing this weekend near me, but unfortunately I’ll be in AC. 🙁

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