Ringing in the New Year with Boozy Brunch at Maya in NYC!

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Lost track of all those Spicy Bloody Marys I drank!

Unlimited booze and food brunch on New Years Day! Happy New Year to me! We loves our unlimited boozy brunches here in NYC. Any reason to get liquored up in the afternoon is a good thing!

I set up this boozy brunch on New Years Day for a group of us since most stayed in on NYE. Heck, going out that night is amateur hour anyway and overpriced at best.

Had a 1:30 reservation and were seated around 2:00. No biggie, as I knew it would be crowded here. Unlimited brunch is for two hours and we were told they would not kick us out at 4:00 when it ended. Hey, for $39 it’s basically a steal. Unlimited cocktails of all types and family style plates of tapas on the whole menu. Yes, the WHOLE menu. There is a lot to choose from here. I really loved the spicy bloody mary and the mango mimosa. Those went down way too easy! Plus, they certainly did not skimp on the booze! I also tried the lychee mimosa and the tequila spiked agua fresca. A few traditional margaritas also made it into my mouth. Wowza! I drank a lot of booze in those two hours.

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Nutella French Toast – sweet and sinful!

Have to love a Mexican restaurant with this kind of deal on New Years Day. To me, there is something so festive about Mexican food that it was a perfect fit for our celebration. As I said, there was so much to choose from. Mexican style corn on the cob, chipotle crispy bacon, huevos rancheros, chicken enchiladas, bacon wrapped hot dog, ceviche, chicken tamal, Mexican French Toast with Nutella, quesadillas, braised pork shoulder tacos, eggs benedict, tortas, carmelized plantains, and many more. I’ll admit some plates hit it out of the park, and some were just ok. You name it as we ate it! Get in mah bellah!

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Bacon wrapped hot dogs Mexican style. Oh My!
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Mexican style corn on the cob. Yes please!

Service was hit or miss. Our waitress was nice enough and seemed a bit forgetful on some orders but it didn’t matter to me. We had a lot of booze and food flowing. The food came out slowly at the start as the place was packed. Being in the industry as a bartender back in the day I just knew they would be short staffed today. It’s notorious for people to call in sick on New Years Day and this was no different. She was working all the tables in our area by herself. I think it was the owner/manager who came up to me and chatted for a bit to apologize for the slow service and waits on food and drink refills. Again, it was no big deal as we were all having a blast with great company over booze filled fun conversations. I did notice that after he came by the food and drinks started hitting our table a lot faster. I do appreciate the great customer service. That always adds a positive to my review of any business.

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Eggs Benedict. Always a brunch staple.
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So many Mexican tapas plates to choose from!

Overall. a wonderful choice for our New Years Day partying. The food was pretty decent, and the drinks were flavorful and strong. Beats the heck of going out on New Years Eve and paying $100 or more for lackluster drinks in an overcrowded place filled with the bridge and tunnel crew.

Dat Nutella French Toast tho.,….

And dat crispy plate of bacon tho…..

Dat spicy bloody mary tho…..

Dayum son, I’m drooling on myself again, and not because I’m drunk again.

Chipotle Crispy Bacon! Get in my belly!

Maya – http://www.richardsandoval.com/mayany/


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28 thoughts on “Ringing in the New Year with Boozy Brunch at Maya in NYC!”

  1. What a great deal! You must have been one VERY content person New Years afternoon. The food looks absolutely delicious.

  2. What a great idea! I think I’m full and a little buzzed just reading this, but it was worth it as always. Yum!!

  3. I love the idea of a New Year’s Day brunch, but I think I would be afraid of looking too deep in those cocktails and missing New Year’s Eve.. PS: We also have a Maya in Dubai, and judging from the logotype on the menu, I think it’s the same Maya (or, not literally the same, but you know what I mean), as the one you visited in New York. I love that place!

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      Actually, New Years Eve here is basically amateur hour in NYC now. Overpriced and underdelivers. People in the know realize that partying the next day for brunch is way more fun and a better deal!

  4. Who needs New Year’s Eve when you can have this on New Year’s Day! Hoooorah!

    And did my invite get lost in the mail? My oh my does it look like it was great food!

    1. Hey PJ!

      Sorry, maybe next year I’ll invite more people as we had around ten of us there. Full table of drunks!

      Yeah, this was so much better than New Years Eve shenanigans.

  5. Happy New Year to you Phil. Wow is this place a steal? It sounds as though you were close to getting your monies worth in drinks alone.

    For me the food looks pretty average, but the test is in the tasting 🙂 Such a wide range of food over 2 hours. I dare say the slow service (over crowded and understaffed sounds the norm for this sort of thing as you say) is one way to restrict the amount that people benefit from these all in deals. Having said that I still love the concept, no bill shockers at the end!

    1. Hey Guy!

      Considering what an overpriced crap show NYE is here in NYC many of us stay home to celebrate then go out the next day for good food and eats. We made reservations so that was a good start and the menu had more than enough food choices. We also drank out weight in booze! Great deal!

  6. That all looks soooo amazing! Especially the Mexican corn. We have a great summer fest a couple towns over that always has an inventive Corn O’The Cob stand. So delicious it’s hard to believe it’s a vegetable.
    Happy New Year, Phil! Hope you had wonderful holidays, and here’s to another year of making me drool on my keyboard! And also all the food 🙂

    1. Hey Joy!

      Love corn! It is almost like dessert! NYE was good as was New Years Day. The next day’s hangover was a bit rough though. Hope yours was a blast too. Happy New Year!

  7. Happy New Year Phil!! Sounds like you brought in the new year in a very fun and delicious way. Everything you described sounded wonderful.

  8. Happy New Year Phil! Celebrating the New Year in New York must have been exciting and in a Mexican restaurant too! We hardly have any Mexican restaurants in Europe. Not real ones anyway LOL!
    Last year, the party was at our home and we had about 18 people aound our dinner table but this year we started privately, and then went to a house party elsewhere. It was so funny though ‘cos the Hoff (David Hasselhoff) came out to sing on Brandenburger Gate, in Berlin. He’s a fantastic actor but I cringed at the singing and the studded black leather jacket! Even though I’m British, our German friends sort of put us all into the category of “American,” so it was a bit embarrassing! Thankfully, even though the Hoff claimed that he was the cause of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germans love him anyway, so that’s alright!
    We got home at 04:00. A good night. 🙂

    1. Hey Victoria!

      That sounded like a fun way to spend NYE to me! House parties and then getting serenaded by the Hoff himself! Happy New Year!

  9. Nothing like starting the year the way you intend to carry on. The food looks terrific – I adore Mexican food (in fact I’m going there in 10 days time, so this has wet my appetite). Well priced too.

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