Riding Hell in a Handbasket all the way to NYC


You ever go through a day and wonder where has all the time gone?

It’s become one of those days that even if I cloned myself there would still not be enough time to get everything done. I am sitting here taking a breather while wolfing down lunch just to type this while on another window trying to answer all my emails. It’s a repetitive vicious cycle that never seems to end. On one side I feel as if I’m all caught up and raring to go as if I’m pumped up on Viagra and Red Bull, and then on the other I’m all limp as a wet noodle running in quicksand and just can’t get invigorated enough to jump over the hump. My brain feels like a bowl of jello, and not one of the good flavors. More like that green lime monstrosity that no one really seems to like. Maybe I need a mental health day soon. A day to chill out with a few drinks and lay in the sun. I really don’t take enough days off. Maybe it’s just me but I feel that if I take a well deserved day off now and now everything will end up as “Hell in a Handbasket”. Then it’s more of a shit show to deal with when I get back. I need a day soon.

Even then, as I close my eyes and let that warm sun drench my face the bluebird of happiness would probably take a seagull sized dump on my head. Isn’t life swell?


You ever call up your cable company to fix a problem you’re having? Of course you have. We have all experienced this little corner of Hell on Earth that makes us all feel so special. I swear some of these help desk people on the other end of the line are trained in ancient torture techniques. Forget interrogation and water boarding the government should just hire some of these imbeciles to gain intelligence from our enemies. They would drive anyone so bat shit insane all the secrets would come pouring out. Last time I spoke to one I started to have a panic attack. Especially since the person on the other end could hardly speak English. If I had a screwdriver in my hand I would have driven it through my skull. Even so, after about thirty minutes on the phone trying to figure out what was wrong with my cable box nothing changed. Unplug this, plug back in, press this button, press that button, kick box across room. I just gave up and hung up on the guy. Maybe I’ll just show up at my local cable office and dump the equipment on the floor with a maniacal laugh.


What the heck is going on with people nowadays that they can’t enjoy a concert without it turning into a brawl? Why do the police have to act like dictators in a militarized zone? Over the weekend the Summer Jam at Metlife Stadium turned into a war zone outside the gates, people tried to climb the barriers, and then the police shut it down so no one else got in. Mayhem. Tear gas. Arrests. Even those with tickets weren’t allowed in. What a mess. I know there is more to this story that will come out but it’s just ridiculous. I was more than happy to be in Atlantic City attending a terrific Boston concert on Saturday with about 5000 others. It was a well-behaved mixed age crowd that partied as Boston put on a great rock concert. So many classic hits and some new stuff thrown in. Great crowd, great show, and gambling after!

It’s more than a feeling……..

Just a terrific concert! Great seats to see Boston!


Rocking concert. $1000 jackpot win. Balls across the Atlantic City skyline. Oh My!

I caught some of the Tony Awards on CBS the other night. Now, as a NYC guy I am a fan of live theater entertainment and have seen many Broadway productions. Still do. In fact, Broadway is predicting record sales and attendance numbers this year. If that’s so, then why did this awards production seem a bit on the cheapo side to me? Nothing against Alan Cumming and Kristin Chenoweth who are both Broadway heavyweights, but the whole production just lacked something. The pizzazz was missing. Maybe I’m a bit spoiled after having Hugh Jackman and the great Neil Patrick Harris for a bunch of years before.

It’s also kind of hard to follow up NPH. The man is a god. Just let him host everything.


We finally have a Triple Crown Winner! Now, I’m not a big fan of the Sport of Kings, but even I had to drop everything and watch this terrific race. We were at the Hard Rock in Atlantic City having a bite before the concert and when the race came on the crowd went nuts as it was shown on the TV’s. Say what you will about horse racing and your view on it but it was an exciting moment. American Pharoah became only the 12th horse to win the Triple Crown, and first in 37 years! They better treat him like a king.

Dining al fresco in NYC summer is not for me

I’m already getting aggravated at the restaurants in town. Now that the weather is heating up in NYC and the humidity climbs I want to dine in the cool comfort of air conditioning. So all I see lately are many eateries opening up all their window fronts and putting out the sidewalk seating. Some of these places are like a sweat box inside. They seem to think every New Yorker enjoys the heat and sweating while eating. Not me! Close the damn windows and crank up the AC. Stop being so cheap. Suck it up and pay the electric bill. Let those who like to wallow in swamp ass while devouring a hot meal sit outside. I’m melting already!

How the heck did two dangerous convicts escape from an upper New York State maximum security penitentiary? First time in 150 years I read. These guys are both dangerous murderers and just waltzed out, and are now out on the run. They better get caught soon. This had to be an inside job with some help from the outside too. Either way, you better believe someone should lose their job over this. Whoever was in charge that day shouldn’t even be trusted to guard the french fries at McDonald’s.




As Ricky used to tell Lucy – “Someone’s got some splainin to do”!

22 thoughts on “Riding Hell in a Handbasket all the way to NYC”

  1. Hey Phil, I know what you mean about time… no matter how hard one works. Loved the Tony’s this year and too some of the cool dance performances…American in Paris. I like the open windows… waited all winter for them, that being said, there should indeed be a cool place to go within any restaurant, especially in NYC where everything is crowded. I had a most uncomfortable experience in an NYC dining place in such heat one time so I know what you mean. Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to deal with cable service by phone- but when they schedule an appointment- they send the nicest, friendliest folks in the world, they leave and have you scratching your head before saying to yourself- gosh I love cable. Well… do any of us really love cable, personally, I don’t need 500 channels and I hate waiting for five minutes for my tv to turn on… I’ll stop before I get started.

    1. Hey Peggy!

      Thanks for the well thought out reply! I’m in Florida right now where it’s 95 degress and everywhere is air conditioned. Even though, I still see some people eating outside. Boggles my mind.

      I agree out the cable company. They send nice people on appoinments but on the phone it’s a nightmare!

  2. On the news last night , they said that it was most likely an inside deal with the prisoners. So crazy!! I hope they get caught soon but something tells me that they did their homework and may be very far by now.
    The only times we can sit on the patio here in Dallas is in the winter. Its already triple digits or almost and its too dang hot. I’m with you- GIVE ME AC!!!

    1. Hey Holli!

      Yeah, now it’s some woman who worked in the prison that had some sort of weird sex triangle with both of them. Shwe helped them escape. What is wrong with these women that lust after hardened criminals and prisoners? What an idiot. Now she will end up in jail. Somehow these two guys are still out on the run.

      I’m in Florida this week on biz and melting it’s so hot here. I would love a 35 degree day right now!

  3. What a great hodgepodge of random thoughts. I hope you find a cool place to eat and get to take a day or two off. Sounds like you could certainly use it.

    Until next time.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      My wandering thoughts are all over the place lately. Lots of things to discuss. As long as I’m in somewhere with AC I’m happy. Seeing parents in Florida this week and it’s in the 90’s here. Yuck.

  4. What a great recap of all the sh** going on! Craziness! Full moons perhaps? You definitely should take a mental health day or two in an air conditioned place with good food and drinks.

  5. I think cable support guys are supposed to be rude, that’s universal:) I feel for you being trapped inside working, and I hope you get a chance to take at least a couple of days off to get out in the sun. Btw, cool that you went to see Boston! My husband love that band (which I didn’t even know existed, before they showed up on his playlist) 🙂

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      Hmmmmm……maybe they are trained to drive us crazy on purpose?

      Honestly, it’s so hot here in Florida I’d rather stay inside where the AC is nice and cool. Yeah, Boston is a great hard rock band that were big in the 70’s and 80’s. They put on a great show with such terrific music. They are so good live.

  6. Just a few comments: 1) Hey! I love lime jello! It is especially yummy in a jello shot or mixed with cottage cheese, pineapple and black cherries. Awesome. 2) Time Warner Cable can go to H-E-double toothpicks! They rake people over the coals with the cost and then send us to hell when we need help. If it wasn’t for the fact that I love my NCIS repeats on USA… 3) I hope they catch the bad guys. Or maybe by now they have as I haven’t watched the news in several days. 4) Have a super duper awesome weekend.

    1. Hey Mary!

      I would never think lime jello with that food combo would be good. As for jello shots those are always welcomed!

      Yeah, Time Warner is the Evil Empire! I still can’t believe those guys are out on the lam!

  7. Woooah! Criminals walking the streets, people not queuing and pushing in the line and then climbing the fence, air conditioning? What is the world coming to?
    Phil! I’m not a fan of the AC. All that horrible dust and disgusting filter. Not to talk of the fact that it’s bad for one’s health. I’m British, if you want cold just stick your head out the door or go to a British beach. In Scotland!

    Seriously though, as a European, dining al fresco is the way to do things. In fact, in Italy and France, you actually get charged more for comfortable seating outdoors than indoors. As well as sitting down! Standing is for cheapos or for those in a hurry. And don’t you want to be seen Phil? There’s a street in my gentrified suburb of Berlin called: Kastanienallee, and has been unofficially named “Casting Allee” ‘cos of the huge number of models, film and music people that hang out there. Thank goodness I did my own TV thing elsewhere…!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      I’ll still take my cold AC over the pea soup weather of England. I love being cool and comfortable. No fun eating a hot dinner in sweaty smelly weather!

      What? They charge more for you Europeans to eat al fresco? Now I know here in the US we still have stupid tipping rules, but that just sounds idiotic over there!

      I love to eat outside when it’s nice out though. Nothing like a bottle of wine under the stars. When in Germany I’ll have to down a bottle with those models and celebs!

  8. They don’t turn the A/C on in Boston earteries, either. I was there last week. It was in the 80s. Having a beer in a humid, hot house is not fun, dear proprietors of places that sell beer and food.

    Hot taxis are just about as bad. OK, they’re worse. Not like you can decide to go find a taxi with it’s A/C on after the ride has already started! (Unless you can. I wouldn’t know. I live in Richmond, where taxis only exist at the airport. )

    Hope things turn up soon!

    1. Hey Elizabeth!

      I think it’s a Northeast thing where the restaurants get cheap with the AC and would rather have us sweat than pay a little extra for the electric. I won’t go eat in them. Oh, I have actually jumped out of taxis with no AC. So many in NYC there is always another to jump into. I even ask the driver before I get in if they have working AC. Keep me cold!

  9. Amen to the cable companies! You know when it’s worse? I had to contact them the other night when it seemed like my cable box was taken over by aliens. I did some googling and realized my DVR was fried. I’m losing all that was saved. But I went to the online chat and the person was still clueless to me. Unreal. The tech came and wanted to do this and that. Just plug in the cable box dude. Oh yeah, it’s fried. A new one. Well no crap. Unreal.

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