Remember those on Memorial Day in NYC, and in America.


As I sit here getting ready to start the long three day weekend the upcoming holiday has me reflecting a bit.

Memorial Day means many things to many people. For the masses out there it is the unofficial start of the Summer season. For others it’s a time to travel and visit family. The three day weekend for those who get the day off is a time to relax and even take an extended vacation. Yet, I feel many people forget the actual significance of this day set aside by our country to observe. Memorial Day is meant to be more than about partying, the beach, drinking, BBQ’ing, and vacations. It’s a day set aside to honor and remember our war dead. For those who served in our Armed Forces to protect and fight for our freedom, and lost their lives while doing it.

Sure, I am also one of the masses who enjoy this time of year and see it as a weekend to have fun. Yet, it always holds meaning to me beyond that as I have had many family members in the military and some had fought in World War 2. My father served in the Army and was stationed in Germany in the mid 60’s and even though there as “peace keeping” occupiers there were still many reminders of the Nazi regime all around. It was still not too long after the war had ended and was still fresh in that country’s psyche. Currently, my fiancee’s brother is serving in the Air Force and has been there for many years. We just recently learned the news that he will be sent over for another tour of duty in Afghanistan for what seems like the umpteenth time. He has gone over more times than some others so far, but as they say you go where they tell you to go when in the military. Does it seem fair? No, but life sometimes is not fair and we deal with it. He has made us proud, and is a exemplary Airman who has served this country with the utmost respect and ability.

flags-in-memorial-day-2004-photo-012I guess “respect” is an appropriate word to describe Memorial Day, and as such we should treat it with the utmost reverence. I think many seem to forget that what had once started out as the most somber of holidays has now come to be more associated with BBQ’s, vacations, and shopping sales. It’s more than about that. From the small towns to the big cities that have parades, to the cemeteries we pass by with American flags propped in front of the headstones, to those families still grieving the loss of a son, daughter, or friend while serving, this day has real meaning to many. Please respect that and just give a kind thought or two when out enjoying ourselves these next three days over the holiday weekend. Over 200 years of our nation so many have served, and have given the ultimate sacrifice so the rest of us can live in freedom and enjoy even the simple things like holiday weekends. I think we all sometimes take it for granted. Are we a perfect nation?  A perfect people? Hell no, but we should still honor and hold those who served and died for our country in high esteem.

A “thank you” to all those in the U.S. Armed Forces who bravely represented America and gave it their all. We honor your sacrifice. You will not be forgotten.

2008 Memorial Day Poster #3.



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23 thoughts on “Remember those on Memorial Day in NYC, and in America.”

  1. I love your reminder of the true purpose of Memorial Day. My husband’s father served in the Army during Korea. My dad is retired Air Force (In fact, that’s how he met my mom). He was stationed in the Philippines as a “peace keeper” during Vietnam. My Grandfather was a WWII Veteran (There was an honor guard to present a flag at his funeral).

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who are charged with the duty to protect and serve our country. This time is a great time to reflect on all they’ve done to keep us free.

    1. Hey Kitt!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting on this post. People seem to forget what Memorial Day is really about. I also hate that all the big retailers are open that day. Such a shame.

    1. Hey Jules!

      Thanks so much. I have not been to DC in so long. I want to go back and see all the sights there. So much history.

      Hope you enjoy the weekend! 🙂

  2. Phil, Thanks for this beautiful commemorative, well suited for any major publication.
    Your sincerity and sensitivity is embracing to all those who have paid the ultimate price, and to those who serve. A reminder of our debt, at minimum, remembrance and respect. Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend. God Bless America.

    1. Hi Peggy!

      Thanks so much. Glad you liked what I wrote. We should all remember and respect those that serve and gave their lives for us all.

      Enjoy your weekend too!

  3. Phil – great post. Memorial Day is a day I always look forward to taking in a parade and a Memorial Day Remembrance speech at the town cemetery. I live in a relatively small city about 55K people and it is a time to think and ponder about the sacrifices of our ancestors. Thanks.

    1. Hello Clay!

      I appreciate that you enjoyed my words of expression here about Memorial Day. Surely, we all want to enjoy the weekend and have the right to do so, but we all need to remember why we have this freedom to do just that.

      Thanks for reading and the kind words. Have a good weekend.

  4. Great post Phil. I won’t make this political, but as you stated many people take things for granted. Many people mix up the soldiers and them doing their job with the intent of those in power. Remember, the soldiers are not at fault for the decisions of the higher ups. Rest in peace to all my brothers and sisters that have lost their lives defending the country.

    Though not Americans, or related to Memorial day, I’d like to send a prayer to the friends and family of the soldier killed in the U.K by those nut jobs. The U.K is an ally and a friend of America, so he too is a brother of ours. Rest in peace.

    Enjoy the weekend friends.

    1. Hey Angel!

      That is very true, and some people do not realize that. We should all give thanks to those who serve and have been badly injured and/or killed just performing their duties as ordered for our country. Also, what happened in the UK was tragic and senseless. Very sad.

      Glad you liked this post. I appreciate you reading and commenting on it. Enjoy the weekend.

    2. Angel, what a great thing to bring up. And just so you know, for me, a fallen soldier is a fallen soldier…and Memorial Day is immensely appropriate to remember those British soldiers. They are friends and allies. Since they battle in the same trenches as our guys, I’d say they deserve to be remembered today.

  5. You’re right, of course. We often get so caught up in our plans for our day off that we forget the real reason we have that day off.

    1. Hi Karen!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! It’s always a weekend for many of us to enjoy but I think most have forgotten what the day is really in honor of. Sure, it’s always nice to have a day off and long weekend and we should savor it, but also remember those families that lost someone and treat this day solemnly too.

  6. Beautiful, Phil. My dad served for 22 years and now ‘resides’ in the Veteran’s Cemetery at Fort Richardson, AK. This holiday is a very real reminder of all those years spent waiting for him to come home from some overseas duty, or all those late hours where he had to work late because Russian bombers had invaded our airspace again. Such is the life of an Army brat. Because of him, I got to enjoy the freedoms America stands for. 😀

    1. Hi Terrye,

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Memorial Day does have personal meaning to many out there, and your note is an example of that. Sounds like your father served with honor. I am sure you will be remembering him even more on this day. Sad to hear he is gone now. But not forgotten I’m sure.

  7. Wonderful that you remind people that Memorial Day is more than BBQs and fun. There is a special meaning behind it and, although I am Canadian, I still understand the significance very well. Enjoy your day.

    1. Hey Christy!

      Thanks for reading and your comment! My sis in law is Canadian and married to an Airman that will be going back to Afganistan. We all have those who serve our countries and should respect them.

  8. I missed this when you first wrote it 🙂 I agree completely my family is in the Army on one side and the Air Force on the other. The people that are willing to sacrifice so much to ensure our freedom should be appreciate always. Great post!

    1. Hello Foodie!

      Thanks so much and glad you liked it. My future brother in law is in the Air Force and heading back to Afganistan next week for another tour.

      So many people forget what Memorial Day is really about.

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