Relive the 90’s with a twisted view at Bayside! The Musical!

10171229_498958476893947_4325366556950685331_n If you were a child of the 90’s, or even a twenty something that used to lay around on lazy weekend mornings watching the boob tube there is more than a fart’s chance in a wind tunnel that you used to watch Saved By The Bell. It was the perfect mindless junk TV show. The plots were ridiculous as if a fifth grader wrote the scripts. Many gals had a crush on Zack and Slater. Many guys used to fantasize about Kelly and Jessie. We laughed at the exaggerated awkwardness of Screech. We wondered why Lisa was even part of the show. Mr Belding was the cool principal we wish we had. It never seemed as if any teachers even worked at Bayside High. In fact, were there really any other students who attended this high school? The crew hung out in the hallways by their lockers more than they ever went to class. Sounds like my kind of school! Damn, I wish I went to Bayside instead of the dreary suburban hellhole of a learning institution I got stuck with. My high school resembled a prison. At least we got to live vicariously through our friends at Bayside every weekend, and then in reruns forever!

Now, here we are 20 years later still reminiscing about this series, it can still be found in reruns on TV, and some of the original cast are acting on new series and entertainment shows. Screech made porn tapes. Jessie made a career killing stripper movie. Lisa did something to her face that makes her unrecognizable and not in a good way. Mr Belding has disappeared. Good thing that Bayside! The Musical! has come around to help us relive those wonderful years of the 90’s with a show so twisted and evil that it makes you wish the original series was more like this! Now playing at Theatre 80 on St Marks Place in NYC you can join in and become an honorary classmate. Beware the front row pill splash zone!

1743467_457358781053917_608704220_n Zack is still a cool dude that can stop time and talk to the audience during a pivitol scene. Kelly is still his love interest but also a slutty cheerleader that sleeps with anyone and anything, especially the creepy college dude. Slater is now obviously fighting his own sexuality and homoerotic fantasies. Screech is still annoyingly geeky and also a clueless weirdo horndog. Jessie is a caffeine pill popping addict. Lisa is, well, the same and we wonder why she’s here. Mr Belding is still a clueless principal that pops in to offer guidance that usually gets dismissed by the kids anyway. Bayside! The Musical! is a bizarro world Saved By The Bell and it’s an amazingly funny trip down memory lane. If we were on acid! A bit dirty and raunchy in that it takes these characters we know and love and ruins our view of them forever. In fact, it kind of improves on them. If this version of the show were on TV today it would air on Showtime or Netflix, have a huge following, and garner a boatload of awards! Sex sells baby!

1185424_387227818067014_503422166_n As far as the actual storyline goes here it follows some of the original show’s most known episodes, and mashes them up to over the top humorous effect. As always, the kids have to solve a problem in a half hour show (how to save their hangout The Max), along with impediments along the way, and come out with a happy ending. With the raunch factor thrown in a “happy ending” sounds about right! There are even visits from past characters such as Tori Spelling who was on a few episodes as Screech’s nerdy love interest, and Tori Scott who was the leather jacket clad voice of reason for around ten episodes and another romantic interest of Zack. Tori Tori Tori! I have to say that whenever her character appears on the stage, as embodied by Seth Blum, who is also Mr Belding, he almost steals the show with his outrageous portrayal of this person. There were some points that you can even notice the other cast members holding back laughter. The audience was howling with laughs pretty much the whole show. Some of the scenes brought back memories. Some of the crazy songs had us in stiches. Trapper Keeper, All Girls Slumber Party, Wrestle U, and so many other songs were hilarious. The whole cast is endearing, talented, funny, and can sing. Sam Harvey, Katie Mebane, John Duff, Adriana Spencer, Justin Cimino, Shamira Clark, Amanda Nicholas, and the live band all kill it on stage. You kind of want to hang out with them, in their Bayside personas of course. Kelly – call me!


Bayside! The Musical! is a campy raunchfest that should not be missed if you like your comedy a bit on the filthy side, and love 90’s brainless TV. Long live Bayside forever!

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24 thoughts on “Relive the 90’s with a twisted view at Bayside! The Musical!”

  1. Sadly, I have no recollection of the the TV show (although my 23 and 20-year-old offspring know it well) – the 1970s was my decade. But now having read your upbeat review, I so want to watch the musical.

  2. I think I was living in Thailand when this show aired. I think I may have heard of it. Never mind, I would definitely go and see the musical. What fun you have in NY.

  3. Ho! Ho!! I remember Saved By The Bell Phil. I was a Zack fan. Yeah, funny how none of the kids went to classes and there seemed to be no other teachers. I didn’t mind, I just liked Zack! I don’t even remember Slater, and Screech went into porn? Noooo. What an idiot!
    Sounds like a scream!!!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      Since you remember the show and was a Zachaholic you would laugh your ass off at this! Yup – Screech did some strange stuff after the show.

  4. I LOVE that you’re reviewing plays now. Bayside looks like the 90’s campy shit I adore — and I cringe when I watch episodes of Saved By The Bell. God, what bad writing.

    This looks like a fun one. Nice not to take some plays so seriously, as this looks like it’s poking fun at all the characters and plot devices. Oh, and Slater was probably gay. No judgment, just saying it all makes sense. He called Zack Preppy and hugged him way too often for it not to mean something.

    1. Hey Jean!

      So glad you like my reviews! Yup – I do experience some culture here at times in between all my partying, beer drinking, and gluttony exploits!

      If they tour this near you go see it. I don’t wan’t to give any spoilers but some scenes with Slater and Zach are golden!

  5. I’m officially old. I grew up with the Partridge Family and the Brady Bunch; I was all grown up and married by the time the 90s rolled around. Gawd. I turn 50 this year and am getting senile, so even if I had ever seen Saved by the Bell, I wouldn’t remember. But as far as I know, I never saw it. 🙂

    1. Hey Jill!

      It was just like those shows, but the ones you mentioned were classics, and actually not anywhere as good. Even if you never saw The Bell you would get some laughs out of this funny musical.

  6. I am a child of the 90’s — wish I could have watched this! I’m going to take a look and see if this is coming to my town. Great review, funny man. Good blog and thanks for commenting on mine.

    1. Hey Alex!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      Pleased you enjoyed my review and blog. It’s worth seeing if you get a chance as it’s goofy fun!

  7. Wow…although I am NOT a child of the 90’s, I remember this show. The cast went on the have some crazy real-life adventures. Ha ha.

    So envious of all these Broadway shows, Phil!

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