Rantings & Ravings To Start The Year

Yup, it’s a new year and I need to get a few things off my chest. In my daily travels around NYC there are some things I observe on a daily basis that just rub me the wrong way. Even though it’s the first week of 2013 with the air of new beginnings some things just never change. Experiencing a few of these first hand this week made me ponder a bit. It all adds to my list of Rantings & Ravings.

Here’s a few things that literally make me want to smack people upside the head.

With a brick.

Guys who cross their legs like a girl when seated.

People who don’t clean up their dog poop on the sidewalks.

Anyone who wears crocs.

People who won’t ask for help in a gym but get in everyone’s way doing everything wrong.

Guys who wont wear a coat when it’s freezing out but will stand on long lines shivering to get in a lame club. Same for the ladies. 

Bars that won’t give buy backs.


Those idiotic announcements on the subway we hear over and over.

People who cut lines and act like they didn’t realize we are all standing there.

Unannounced store closings.

Women who wear way too much smelly perfume, and guys who bathe in rancid cologne.

Sick people on the subway.

Bars that promote a beer of the month and are out of it.


People who little when garbage cans are everywhere on every corner.

Saying the “N” word over and over in conversations. 

Guys who are “too cool” to use an umbrella when raining out, but get totally soaked and look like fools.

Annoying musicians who actually stink on subway platforms.

Bartenders cutting off happy hour early even if there is still 5-10 minutes to go.

Loud inconsiderate teens acting like an ass.

Crowds in Times Square who don’t move.

Overpriced sports tickets.

Parents that let their kids run wild in public.

People who eat smelly food on the subway.



Just a small list of Rantings & Ravings to start off my 2013. Thank God it’s Friday!

39 thoughts on “Rantings & Ravings To Start The Year”

  1. Bars that won’t give buy backs? What is that? Never heard of it before.

    I’m with though Phil, always good to get things off your chest and you hit a few nails on the head right here.

    1. Hey Guy!

      Hope you are off to a Happy New Year! Yeah, I needed to blow off some steam heading into the weekend. 🙂

      A Buy Back is the common occurance of a bar offering a drink on the house usually after the 4th or 5th round. As a former bartender we always did it. Bars nowadays have forgotten how to reward good customers for their loyalty. Especially with the hundreds of bars here in NYC it’s easy to just jump to another.

      1. Okay, I see. No wonder it is annoying if they stop giving them. I remember from being in the US that you tend to tip the bar staff with each/most rounds?

        There should be something coming back.

        So far so good for the New Year. Hope once you’ve let off these rants that it is all good for you. Mind, some of your rants are what makes your blog so great and keeps bringing me back 😉

        1. Yup, we tip after each round or a big tip at the end if with a group. It’s good form and courtesy for a bar to offer a freebie. It really doesn’t cost them very much, especially is it’s a beer on tap. It also keeps a patron coming back.

          I’ll keep ranting. Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Bonnie!

      Happy New Year! Glad you liked my rants & ravings. You have to ride the subways a few times just for the experience. Lots to see and be amused by.

      Looking forward to a great 2013 blogging year. Thanks for your help!

  2. i can add to the list!
    People who walk slowly in a busy area.
    People who just stop in the middle of the sidewalk like no one is behind them. (i treat myself and everyone around me like cars. If i have to stop, i “pull over” so i am not in anyones way)
    Tourists. IN GENERAL. (just now, someone asked me IN CHINATOWN where they could get good chinese. Aside from the fact that every restaurant in a 1 mile radius is a chinese place, why not do a little bit of research? Also, if i say Oh, try this place on Baxter Street, you’re next question cant be “where is that?” Because i just fucking told you, now take out your smart phone and look it up.)
    SPeaking of Chinatown… those damn “coach/prada/rolex” peddlers. Having a conversation with BR and they are all “coach bags?” in my ear. GAHHHH

    1. LOL!!! I love it!!!

      Yes – TOURISTS is a huge one. I think I will draft a post just for those unique creatures. 🙂

      Maybe we should keep adding to this list so by end of year I will put them all in one huge blog post.

      Damn, we bothered!

    1. Hi Denise! Happy New Year! Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog and crazy observations!

      I guess people are like this in every big city! How do we all deal with this?

  3. Let it all out, why don’t you?

    I am probably unlike most New Yorkers in that I have a pretty high tolerance for stupidity, most of the time. I remind myself that I was an obnoxious teenager once too.

    The one thing I cannot stand, which occurs so often in this magical city of ours, is lack of basic consideration. I am totally with you on the dog poop and the littering and the line cutting.

    I would like to add to that list: strangers that yell at me in overreaction to some minor violation of the commuter code on my part, thereby letting out their lives’ frustration on someone who still seems to be not completely dead inside. (…wow that was detailed. I might need my own ranting post.)

    1. Hi Jill!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s just some of my crazy insights. You must have more patience than I! I like your addition to the list. 🙂

      We deal with a lot of crap here, don’t we?

  4. I laughed so much when you mentioned guys who won’t wear coats on freezing days, because this happens a lot amongst young British lads who have been out clubbing or just left the pub late at night. You can literally hear their teeth chattering as they stand around with their hands in both trouser pockets. All this for the sake of fashion I guess or could it be sheer drunkenness? We all know that England isn’t exactly a hot country on the best of days.

    Oh how the Brits love a queue too. I’ve seen some ugly punch-ups due to queue jumping.

    I’ve never understood those that will just drop litter everywhere without thought. The last time a bloke did this, I called him a litter-bug and he didn’t find it funny at all, neither did he pick up his litter. Mustn’t forget the ones that don’t pick up their dog poo either.

    The best way to deal with the happy hour cut off time, is to order everything you want straight-away, ha ha ha ah .. You can see I’m an expert.

    And don’t get me started on the wild kids running like nutters through the supermarkets whilst their parents stand around gossiping on the mobile, don’t get me going I tell you….
    A great post for the start of the New Year, loved it.

    1. Hey Rum Punch!

      So glad you liked my new post! Thanks so much for the great comment and love! Glad I gave you a good laugh. Guess life is a lot alike across the pond over there too! Here’s to a great New Year!

  5. Phil – like your rant… I agree with most, but I wear crocs – they are too easy to put on so I can stop my dog from barking at the other dog that is pooping on the sidewalk! and who does like those guys (and girls) who think they can cut in line? Who do they think they are? thanks for a GREAT laugh to start my day…..

    1. Hello Clay! Thanks for dropping by and reading! Glad I gave you a chuckle!

      Hey, this is all in fun. If you wanna sport the crocs go for it!

  6. Can you delete two of my comments that were repeated and the same as the first one? They were posted by accident. I had meant to only post one, and I kept getting a message saying it can’t be published, and I didn’t know it was already published. Just keep one of the comments up, thanks. How embarrassing.

  7. Being from the East Coast, having spent time in NYC and now being stuck in the Midwest, let me just say that I’d take living with every one of those just to be back in civilization.

  8. wonderful list and spot on! The happy hour one happened to me on Friday night. There was still 3 minutes left and we all ordered our drinks but charged us full price because they drinks were delivered “After” happy hour ended. We were pissed!

    1. Hi Matt! Glad you like my rants and ravings list! I have many more to come.

      Dude, that sucks! I would have fought that one. Your ordered while still happy hour. Maybe the bartender would have done different if you threatened to not tip!

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