Put a little Amor y Amargo into your sexy NYC life!

Photo credit - Amor y Amargo
Photo credit – Amor y Amargo

I get Bitter just knowing that such an eloquent cocktail emporium is but just a short trek from wherever I am in the city, yet I must be discreet and not let my one true love discover my Amor y Amargo on the side. I meet up with her in the cozy and intimate confines of her abode down in the East Village of NYC.

She will be truly hurt if she finds out about the Sharpie Mustache that my Bitter mistress has drawn on my lips many times. If she knows what we have done in our stolen private moments she will not try to Dismember The Pain that will be inflicted on my body. Our love will be a Casualty that is gone but not Forgotten.

Alas, I am just a Smut Peddler that can’t forgive who I really am. It is a Bitter pill to swallow as can be expected with a Burning Bush.

Call me Old Fashioned but maybe I can win her back with Diamonds & Guns. Perhaps as time goes by she will not be as Bitter. If not, I will just ride off into the sunset on my Wagon Wheel.

Photo credit - Amor y Amargo
Photo credit – Amor y Amargo

Amor Y Amargo describes itself as a Bitters Tasting Room. It is a compact but terrific cocktail bar. Yes, it can get quite crowded during specific hours and on weekends. It’s a Bitter price to pay for your liquid enjoyment. Let the bartenders choose the drink for you and whip up a delicious libation based on your liquor and taste preference. The Sharpie Mustache is Bitter perfection. It’s my cocktail of choice in these kinds of joints. In fact, you can’t go wrong with any of the cocktails mentioned in my sordid tale above. Check out their house cocktail menu as they are all there. Intimate, cozy, reasonable prices, and quality mixologists make an affair at Amor y Amargo all the more worthwhile.

Just don’t get caught by your love or you might end up working as a Chimney Sweep!

( All those above in bold are actually drinks on their menu! If my liver holds up one day I will try them all! )

Photo credit - Amor y Amargo
Photo credit – Amor y Amargo



Amor y Amargo – http://amoryamargony.com/


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7 thoughts on “Put a little Amor y Amargo into your sexy NYC life!”

  1. You Smut Peddler you. I may draw a Bitter Sharpie Mustache on your Old Fashioned mug, before Dismembering The Pain. Oops. You are talking about cocktails. Well, in that case they look fabulous, leaving me to skulk away as a Burning Bush, or alternatively, dance off as a Chimney Sweep Amor y Amargo. Gotta get back on my Wagon Wheel of Diamonds and Guns lest I not be Forgotten.

  2. CLEVER, Phil!

    My sisters and I once had to fill in as bartenders at my dad’s Christmas party. The hired bartender walked out before the party started. He ran a trucking company in Pennsylvania. I’m not sure whether it was a desire to see our reactions or a taste for the drink that motivated so many drivers to order a Sloe Screw.

    Dad didn’t have the ingredients for a slippery nipple. Thank goodness.

    Hey! I haven’t seen your happy face at More Cowbell lately. What is up with that??

    1. Hey Gloria!

      So glad you like my poetic talents! Nothing like a Slow Screw Up Against The Wall! I’ve had a few slippery nipples in my mouth too! 😉

      Yeah, been busy and traveling. Gotta catch up on commenting. Glad to see you here!

  3. I’m not a cocktail man but it sounds as though you’ve got a strong love affair going on here Phil 🙂

    I don’t want you to get bitter now 😉 – that is my drink of choice here in the UK.

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