NYC Subway Fun!

Like the majority of New Yorkers I take the NYC subway every day to get back and forth to work. Also, just to get around the city area it is the easiest way, but does come with some genuine comedy, annoyances, and entertainment. Here is a rogues gallery of what one can experience on any given day when riding the rails –

And now ladieeeeessss and gentlemensssss!!!!

For your viewing and listening pleasure may I present to you a cornucopia of acts brazen and terrifying, mind altering and unbelievable!

First we have the Amazing Fake Blind Guy who will nimbly walk through each subway car from end to end and relieve you of any loose change.

Next we have have the band of Mexican Caballeros who will serenade you with their loud singing and guitar playing to wake you from your much needed nap after a long work day.

Don’t forget the vocal talents of the Doo-Wop Duo who will somehow always manage to make it into your subway car and annoy you for money.

Candy Break. Please support the youngin’s selling candy for their sports and/or school trips. M&M’s, Starburst, and more, all available.

Back up folks! Now entering is the Break Dancing Fools with their beat box sounds. Don’t mind that kick in the face – it’s all part of their act!

Here comes the Lady With The Bag. Does anyone want to watch a short movie? We have all the new releases right here, in knock-off casings too! Don’t forget your batteries. They look just like Duracells don’t they?

Finishing up we have the sweet sounds of the Electronic Horn Man. He will stand in your subway car for the eternity of your ride and play at ear shattering decibels.

Thanks for coming folks! We hope you enjoyed the entertainment this evening. Don’t forget to pick up a Churro from the Churro Stand Lady on the way out!


7 thoughts on “NYC Subway Fun!”

  1. Boy oh Boy! And I thought we had it bad on the London underground stations but that picture makes it look tame. You should have interviewed that person for your blog, maybe it’s not a good thing to interfere with certain folk ha ha ha ha.

    I had a good laugh though.

  2. That’s a fab picture, what a cool outfit.

    I hate people begging for money especially when you are trapped in such a small space and have to decline their abrupt approach.

    Of all things on the underground I love the video of Naturally 7 on the Paris underground. They are fab and well worth checking out on YouTube.

  3. Yeah, this is one of the things you get used to in NYC, and it keeps you awake and entertained. When I was living in Boston, the only odd-balls you had in the subways were the surly drunken guys shouting “FAHK YOU”. I’ll take the crazy colors of the big apple.

    1. Crazy is always entertaining! I have seen it all down there. From the crazy, to the annoying, to the WTF is that!!! Thanks for the comment!

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