Ninth Ward NYC – gumbo, beer, and Charlie Sheen!

Photo credit - Ninth Ward
Photo credit – Ninth Ward

Deep in the Louisiana Bayou hidden far back in the swampland lies this outpost of genial southern hospitality. Night had fallen. Dark and mysterious we entered inside to find a voo-doo laden establishment of flickering candles and dark woods illuminated by the flames of a roaring fireplace. The sounds of soothing music was playing in the backround amongst the chatter of fellow imbibers. In the backwoods of Manhattan we had stumbled upon the mysterious and welcoming Ninth Ward.

We took a table in a corner overlooking the bar. Big heavy wooden chairs and tables added to the charm of this place. We proceeded to check out the menu. Braised beef on toast, which was only $2.50 each and the suggestion was to order two. Done. Fried pickles? Of course! Both were delicious, but I was still a bit hungry. Had to try the gumbo as it is one of my faves. Their gumbo was thick, spicy, and filling. Well worth the $7 for this bowl of happiness.

Photo credit - Ninth Ward
Photo credit – Ninth Ward

Nice selection of beers from the region – Abita Purple Haze, Arrogant Bastard,  Rogue, and some others on tap. Happy hour 2 for 1 deal is always a bonus!

Ventured in the back to the bathrooms to find three doors labeled sex, drugs, and rock & roll. I chose the sex room, but none was to be found inside. Sigh….guess I’ll try a different door next time.

Walking to the back one notices a wonderful patio courtyard area reminiscent of an old New Orleans home. Maybe even a bar along Bourbon Street. During warmer weather it makes for a wonderful retreat with a cold drink.


Wait! Was that Charlie Sheen drinking his namesake concoction sitting in a dark corner booth surrounded by porn stars? Ahhh….the sweet mysteries of the bayou!

We will definitely come back here. Just a terrific bar. Plus, you gotta love a place that has a drink named after Charlie Sheen!



Photo credit - Ninth Ward
Photo credit – Ninth Ward



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28 thoughts on “Ninth Ward NYC – gumbo, beer, and Charlie Sheen!”

  1. I love the creative names and the labelling of the toilet stalls. I guess the rock ‘n’ roll one is the only one they have a license for?

    I also love the sight of an open fire. An open, real fire and great beer would make me quickly lose hours in that place.

    1. Hey Guy!

      Yeah, the bathrooms crack me up. On a cold night with the dim lighting and warm fireplace you can lose time here. Or at least a few hours during happy hour!

  2. Braised beef and fried pickles- um yes please!! I love a good bar that has better bar food. Now i have an orange to head a little East to Nawlin’s!

  3. A drink names Charlie Sheen? Hmmm. Not sure I’d try that. Or any of the door choices for that matter, although I’d be curious just the same.

    This place looks and sounds cool, especially since you can’t get anything for $2.50 any more.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patrica!

      Well, Charlie is an aquired taste. One that I do enjoy.

      Great hapy hour deals for sure. Cool bar, and I do love the bathroom names.

  4. So was that drink called “Winning”? Or “Tiger Blood”? “Anger Management” maybe?
    Looks like a fun place and I love your description of the ambiance.

      1. Good point!

        I have to tell you that you were in my dream last night!! I woke up today and told myself that I had to tell you my dream. (Don’t worry, it’s clean). You were in my town with a wife and infant and I suggested you eat at this restaurant in town. My husband and I joined you. We were all sitting at a table and I was all excited to meet a blogger friend. Then I realized I had my pajamas on AND they were inside out! You looked at me and it was clear you thought I was a WACKO! I tried to talk with you and to get my husband to take a picture of the two of us for our blogs but you refused. 🙁 Then you got up and sat at a different table! I chased you to that table and told you that you HAD to order their Pop Overs because they were famous there. You ignored me. I was so hurt. LOL. Is that crazy or what? 🙂

  5. Now that was just all kinds of badass!!! I’ve missed my favorite haunt & favorite NY Guy!! Hi there, Phil, sounds like you’re slipping into our Southern Comfort Zone quite nicely! Yeah, the bayou can be a tempting bitch indeed!! as for the Charlie sheen drink, steer clear of that shit, word has it, when drunk, it causes strange behavior!! lmao 😉 you know I couldn’t help but think, that this would be the perfect place to watch the final season of True Blood due to air next weekend….hmm…there’s a plan!!! Inion 😉

    1. Hey Inion/Mathair!

      Nothing like a taste of the Big Sleazy! You lovely ladies, me, Charlie, his goddesses, and some Tiger Blood while watching all the vampire sex of True Blood. Winning! 😉

  6. Beautifully atmospheric.
    I love cool, dark, mood of this joint…
    ….even though I think there should be a drink named Emily Dickenson, Virginia Woolf or something like that! xx

    1. Hey Ryan!

      I posted about a lot of cool spots in NYC. Check out my blog next time here. I have a few pages under my header dedicated to eats and drinks!

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