New Yorkers, Jan 2nd, and the inevitable.

Life in NYC is always a bit different the day after New Years. It’s always a “bit off” to begin with but maybe that’s just me. After a week’s vacation for the holiday season I was jonesing to head back to work and get back on a normal routine.  Even so, it feels like I am still groggy today, and I can tell that most New Yorkers look and feel the same way. People are moving a bit slower on Jan 2nd . Mr Sandman put some extra sleep crustiness in our eyes and we are trying to get back into the swing of things. For many of us after a week off or long holiday weekend we are still recovering from the excessive partying, bad eating, and extra drinking we indulged in. We know better but still ruin ourselves every year!

Coffee is a must. Actually, it is a requirement as is the air I breathe. I need it. I must have it. Can’t live without it. Even after many cups I still feel sleepy, and out of sorts. New Yorkers love coffee. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts battle it out for our business every day, while the old school coffee carts are stationed at street corners everywhere in the mornings. Good thing we have free coffee in the office. Can’t I just move my desk and computer into the kitchen?

January 2nd is just a rough day for many of us. Even though NYC is known for it’s hustle and bustle it feels as if we are walking in quicksand today. I just feel a step behind everything and my clumsiness is even more prevalent. I already walked into a door today while talking to someone, have the “dropsies”, and slammed a drawer on my finger. I dread heading over to the gym tonight as all the “noobs” who all of a sudden want to join a gym will be there. Not to mention all those who wrecked their diet and played hooky from the gym these past few weeks will be there hogging the equipment. New Yorkers are creatures of habit, especially with our time deficient schedules, so I can count on the gym being described just as I figure. It will be a madhouse from 6-9pm when I am there. Ugh.

I am starving, and I can tell many other New Yorkers are in the same boat as we desperately try to shed the holiday weight gain. Egg whites, fruit, and coffee for breakfast. No buttered bagel or bacon/egg/cheese on a roll today, and for quite a while. When heading over to my normal deli lunch spot the salad line was extra long. The hot buffet area was all out of grilled chicken and salmon. Seems many are eating light and lean today and will be now until Memorial Day. Protein drink and the gym become a daily diet recipe. Beach season is less than six months away!

Hey, at least knowing it will only be a short three-day work week makes the discomfort a little less painful as the weekend will come even quicker. New Yorkers still love the weekends even after a short work week! I think we all can relate to that.



Does this occur everywhere or is it just us New Yorkers?

14 thoughts on “New Yorkers, Jan 2nd, and the inevitable.”

  1. Welcome to the real world! You described exactly what I saw happening during the holidays. Almost everyone from everywhere are talking about dieting after pigging out on New Year’s! Thank god I stayed home that night and stayed away from all those huge fattening holiday get together feasts.

    1. Hi Susana! We stayed home and partied but still ate a lot of fattening stuff and drank lots of beer!

      Started my healthier eating today along with getting back in the gym. Glad the holidays are over!

      Thanks for reading.

  2. I think it is the same across most of the Western world Phil.

    You’ve introduced me to a couple of new words here “jonesing” and “noobs”, must investigate those.

    As for the coffee thing, well I’m no expert and drink in moderation. I did once go kind of cold turkey on coffee and just drank water or juice in the morning and during the day. I must admit that in less than a week I felt more awake in the mornings than on coffee induced days.

    Happy New Year to you Phil, hope you had a blast.

    1. Hey Guy! “Jonesing” is an old phrase here that means “wanting” or “craving”.

      “Noobs” are referred to those that are newbies and don’t know what they are doing.

      I still love my coffee! Can’t help myself. 🙂

      Happy New Year!

  3. Coffee is a must for me too. I have to wake up at 530 everyday and without coffee I am literally a zombie 🙂 I have been eating healthier again also, but I still miss all the chocolate and sweets from the holidays!

    1. Hi Frugal! Happy New Year. I need my coffee every day.Especially now that I’m back in the gym and eating better. I miss the bad food food too but need to wean off them.

  4. It happened here in Iowa. Thank God we only had 3 days of work. I barely made it. I was watching football on New Years and drank a little too much. Hell, I think I was drunk from Dec. 31 at about 4 PM until I woke up Wednesday Morning!

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