New Yorkers get sweeter with Sweet Leaf Teas!


We New Yorkers sometimes get a bad rap about being rude and ornery. There are actually some really nice and chill people who live in this monolith of a city. Albeit, we are an aggressive lot at times. We move fast, talk fast, and hold nothing back when getting to the point in discussions! Some of us can be a bit edgy at times for sure. Now that Spring has arrived and the weather has taken a nicer turn it seems that attitudes have changed along with the season. I see a lot more smiles lately. To help usher in this feeling of happiness and good will along comes Sweet Leaf Iced Teas to help spread the word.

Hey New York – lighten up and just Be Sweet New York City!


I was fortunate enough to be invited to an early morning media showcase to take a peek at the Sweet Leaf Tea event that was set up on the High Line. They had a very nice exhibit area featuring a life-size art installation made with their bottle caps that when pulled off shared a “sweet message” underneath and call to action encouraging people to participate in random acts of kindness. The cap I pulled off asked me to “bake cookies for my coworkers”.  Now, for fear of poisoning my associates I just might pick up a box of cookies on the way to work next week instead! Gotta do my part as a sweet NY’er!


Sweet Leaf Iced Teas used this event yesterday to kick off their summer campaign “Be Sweet Out There“. Their message is to encourage people to be kind, be a bit sweeter, help out one another. Sometimes it is just the little things we take for granted like holding a door open for people, giving someone some spare change, offering to share an umbrella when it’s raining out, saying thank you, etc. Actually, it’s meant for everywhere and not just NYC. I feel in this day and age with all going on in our country, and the world,  a little more sweetness can go a long way.


Sweet Leaf Iced Teas could not have picked a better day and location for this. It was a brilliantly sunny Spring morning, and the High Line was such a great choice to launch their day long initiative. Everything up there is in bloom and I was sure they would receive massive traffic and exposure in this location. Judging by the pictures I viewed it was a big success! Along with all the flavors of their iced teas they were handing out there were also giveaways such as bandanas, sunglasses, t-shirts, and lip balm flavored with their teas. Lots of fun stuff here today and the crowd was fully involved.


Now, I had never tasted their iced teas before and was curious as to how I would like them. Sweet Leaf is a company that started small in Beaumont, Texas back in 1998 and now is headquartered in Austin. They started out by basically filling the bottles with a garden hose and applied the labels by hand. Talk about a true backyard start up operation! Now they have a dozen flavors to choose from and can be be found around the country. You can find them in Whole Foods, Safeway, HEB, Publix, convenience stores, etc. I was told even some hot dog stands here carry them. My verdict? After taking home a few bottles I was hooked! Original Sweet Tea, Citrus Green Tea, and my fav – Mint & Honey Green Tea. All were very tasty and refreshing. Plus, I do like that their products are organic and all-natural. Reading the labels you can see that there are very few ingredients and the sugar content is very low as most are made with cane sugar. Good for those watching what they put into their bodies, and they also offer some diet and sugar free tea options.


This is definitely a company on the rise and one to keep an eye out for. I enjoyed their products and would recommend them to my friends and family. It doesn’t take all that much effort to be a bit sweet out there people. Spring is finally here and summer is on the way. Be Sweet New York City!

( I was in no way paid or compensated for this post, as I was invited to their event to actually experience their products and really liked them! )



PS – check out the Sweet Leaf website to win tickets to the upcoming Governors Ball on Randall’s Island June 7-9.

Sweet Leaf Iced Teas

High Line

15 thoughts on “New Yorkers get sweeter with Sweet Leaf Teas!”

    1. Hey Ian!

      Good to hear that. We are actually a good group here. Some bad eggs as with any place you go, and some grumps, but mostly good people. I think a lot of the rep is made in jest.

  1. Ah. Sweet Phil emerges. Great campaign, thanks for sharing Sweet Leaf Tea and I’ll definitely be picking it up on my next market visit. Incidentally, I’ve always loved New Yorkers and believe they will happily oblige, unless they flat gotta call somebody out for not responding to their sweet gesture, LOL.

    1. Hey Peggy!

      Glad you liked this sweet post. I don’t just rant and rave all the time! Worth trying out a few flavors. I actually really liked them and the ingredients are organic and natural. Not like reading a science thesis when looking over the ingredient list!

  2. Thanks for this post Phil, as I’m always willing to try something new, so I hope I can maybe find it in London somewhere. If not now, then maybe in the future so I’ll keep my eye out. I also like the fact that it’s quite healthy too.

    It’s always good to know that a real person has tried something out rather than seeing an actor on the adverts. The event looks like it was a great success.

    1. Hey Rum Runch!

      I like to try new products and when invited to this I felt fine posting about it as I liked what I tasted. Plus, I like products whose ingredient list I can actually read and understand!

  3. Did you say they filled their bottles with a garden hose? LoL. This was a very nice post, I enjoyed reading it through. Someday I got to try that kind of iced tea.

  4. I just purchased this last week. I had Green Tea & Mint and Sweet Tea…both were delicious! Now I love them a little more knowing their back story.

  5. Mmmm…. Sweet Tea! If I must drink tea, that is my preference. Oddly enough, the first think that ran through my mind as I began to read this post is “The south is gonna rise again.” 🙂

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