Muy Delicioso! Get your Mexican fill at El Paso in El Barrio NYC


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Muy Delicioso! Living far uptown on the Upper East Side right below Spanish Harlem it’s a quick trek for us to head a bit north and discover some new joints to dine at in NYC.

As we decided during a nice day on a past weekend to wander around East Harlem a bit and hang out in El Barrio we definitely got hungry for a good dinner and craved some tasty Mexican eats. That is when we came across El Paso Restaurante Mexicano.

What a wonderfully decorated restaurant! You can tell they put some time and effort into the decor here – artwork, statues, ceiling beams, lighting, colors, nice bar and tables, etc. Even the bathrooms with a communal sink area had a cool design. There is even an enclosed outdoor back room which was also nicely decorated and looks like it would also be great for parties. It all projects a feeling of warmth and coziness.

Service this early evening was on-point, very attentive and helpful. We decided to keep it simple and order some of the basics. House made guacamole and chips which had a bit of a kick to it as a start. Mmmm…..fresh and delicious. Everything goes better with guacamole on it! I swear you can slather guac on almost anything. It’s orgasmic!

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We both ordered the soft shell tacos. Three to a plate and you can mix and match the nine or so options. Went with the Al Pastor (roasted marinated pork with onions & pineapple), Carnitas (oven roasted pork marinated in Mexican spices), and Chorizo (homemade Mexican sausage). No complaints here! All three tasted great – meats were moist with nice taste and seasoning. As with most soft shell tacos the shell can break apart a bit but that is a minor complaint. The Al Pastor was the best one of the group. Perfect amount of food to satisfy our hunger pangs.

I washed this mini-feast down with a “Michelada” – a Pacifico beer with maggi sauce, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco sauce, and fresh squeezed lime juice poured over a few ice cubes in a salt rimmed glass. Refreshing with a kick ass bite to it! Hot damn!

Overall, we liked this place. Very clean, good food, attentive service, all in a fun and cozy atmosphere. Pretty large menu with a lot of options in a very acceptable price range for the area. Would eat here again if in this part of town. I’m pretty sure we will be back in El Barrio soon since we do live so close. And why not? There are some wonderful food finds up here if you give this part of town a shot.

Fun and eclectic atmosphere. Photo credit – El Paso

El Paso –

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14 thoughts on “Muy Delicioso! Get your Mexican fill at El Paso in El Barrio NYC”

  1. This place looks terrific. I lived in El Paso Texas for a couple years as a child when my father worked for the service. We used to go across the border for meals on weekends. There is a flavor, rice, awesome rice, then, I’m sure topped with a mole sauce perhaps mixed with something else whose flavor and scent had such an impact on me that I have been searching for its match all my life! Wonder how they are preparing the rice and mole sauce in that place?!

    1. Hey Peggy!

      After reading your reply I am drooling. Maybe I need to head for the border for an authentic Mexican meal. I need to go back here and check out their mole sauce.

  2. I love tacos!! Carnitas are my favorite and the street tacos with the cilantro and onion like yours above with lime juice squeezed over- Perfection!!!
    I am very lucky to have dozens of hole in the wall Mexican restaurants here in Dallas. I haven’t met many tacos I haven’t liked. We do have our favorites though!

    1. Hey Holli!

      Love a good street taco! We have some great taco trucks around the city too. I am sure you have some killer taco joints in Texas!

  3. Chorrizo Soft Tacos – OMG! My favorite!!! We have a little place within walking distance from our house that we frequent. As in, we walk in and they hand me my Sangria. 🙂 El Paso sounds fab!!

  4. Mexican food is delicious, and the first time I had a Michelada was actually in New York.
    I love how refreshing the taste is, like a summer-version of Bloody Mary:)

    1. Hey Gary!

      There is a place around the block from us that has $10 fajita dinner on Monday night. You would love it. So much food! Chips and salsa too.

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