Making My Taste Buds Sing at Saigon Market NYC

Wow, this place brought back amazing food memories of their old sister location that used to be up by me on 88th and 2nd ave in NYC. We were craving some of their wonderfully tasty plates after discussing some of the good eats we had there before the spot by us closed. Well, sometimes wishes do come through when gluttony is involved!

We were recently down by the Union Square area and my girl remembered that Saigon Market was close by, and being that it was dinner time we decided to forgo the normal Seamless route or cooking at home to head over here and feast!

When we walked in we quickly got a table and our drooling was very noticeable as the menus were handed to us. We quickly discovered that the menu offerings were pretty much the same as their old place (the menu is huge), but we did not have to even think twice about what to get. Vegetarian Summer Rolls to start, Tasty and Spicy Chicken for my gal, and Tasty and Spicy Prawns for me. Pot of green tea. One bite and we were transported back into time – food nirvana. Each plate was full and satisfying. So delicious we had to try and eat it slowly to actually enjoy our food, even though we both wanted to shovel it into our mouths with abandon.

Also, just like the old place, the food came out lightning fast!

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Many, many options on their large menu to choose from. Just good old solid Vietnamese food here. Priced accordingly for the area and food quality. Lunch specials too. Open 7 days a week until late. As always, the service is attentive and no-nonsense which was fine by us. We also noticed that this place is very large. Kind of reminds me of going to a big restaurant in Disney World. Easy access from the Union Square 4,5,6, and now the Q line subway stop. Will definitely take the quick subway ride down from the UES to get our food fix again now that the Q is minutes away from our place.

So tempting to go there every day now, but must resist the urge. Can’t let my stomach control me!



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3 thoughts on “Making My Taste Buds Sing at Saigon Market NYC”

  1. I would definitely let my stomach control me if we had a Vietnamese restaurant here in Western North Carolina. I told Mathair after reading your post that I would quite literally eat myself into a coma and that your self control was mind-blowing. hahaha So glad to be back on the blogosphere and catching up with our friends. How I’ve missed your blog, Phil. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some Ramen noodles to heat up on the stove and try to imagine it’s actually Tasty and Spicy Prawns. Have a great weekend.

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