Let’s Erect Carlos Danger as Mayor of NYC!

tumblr_mqgge9iugk1ql0gxeo1_500The news coming out regarding the Mayor’s race here in NYC just becomes weirder and weirder as the days progress. It seems there is a lot more hidden that is just a zipper pull away from being released upon a ravenous public itching for more of Carlos Danger! His overexposed member just seems to be everywhere these days. It’s the talk of the town. I’m really starting to think that Carlos is real, and hacked into poor Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account. He wants exposure and the more he gets the more excited he becomes. He loves the ladies, and the ladies can’t seem to get enough of Carlos Danger! He is a man about town, and the more dangerous he is, the more the glamorous he becomes. After the last 36 years of Mayor Bloomberg’s overdrawn and boring dictatorship locking down the city and turning it into a homogenized Disneyland we need someone like Carlos Danger to spice it up a bit and set us free! I can just envision it – 


Carlos Danger lifts the ridiculous “caberet laws” that bans dancing in bars and pubs. Carlos can be found constanty jumping on top of the bar doing belly shots each night. He loves his public!

Carlos Danger spotted about town with a trio of supermodels and porn stars on his arm enjoying the nightlife. He is “The Most Interesting Member on Twitter”.

Carlos Danger bringing back the X-Rated filth to Times Square. Including the spank-bank Peep Show booths of which he has a personalized private Mayor’s booth for him and his guests.


Carlos Danger enables the whole city and parks areas to have free wifi, and offers everyone complimentary smart phones with personal Twitter accounts. Stay in touch close and personal with Carlos and view his myriad amount of Twit pics!

Carlos Danger letting anyone drink any size soda they want! Suck on that Bloomberg!

Carlos Danger turning Gracie Mansion into a nightclub that harkens back to the days of Studio 54’s debauchery! Celebrities abound. A grotto pool area is installed on the grounds and during the day and night many well known faces can be seen there. Bill & Hillary have lifetime free passes!


Carlos Danger offers free penis pills to anyone who wants them. Just walk up to the counter at your local drug store and proclaim “Carlos sent me”! Stay hard my friends.

Carlos Danger bringing the Mets back to relevancy. If it’s one thing that Carlos knows, it’s how to erect a flaccid franchise!

Carlos Danger names every Monday “Morning Wood Monday” and declares it a day off enabling everone to have three day weekends during is Mayorship!

carlos danger magick sandwichYes, we need Carlos Danger. His time is now. He is the man for the job, and can lead NYC to new lengths. The girth of his experience and know-how will be a shot in the groin for all New Yorkers.

29 thoughts on “Let’s Erect Carlos Danger as Mayor of NYC!”

    1. Hey Kitt!

      What do you mean? He didn’t send you any penis pics? Oh Kitt, you need to follow him on Twitter. Carlos knows what you need. He knows your desires. His is fantasy! 😉

    1. Hey Patricia!

      This just doesn’t end does it? Now all we need are a few porn stars to run for mayor and I’ll have enough to write about for months!

  1. I’m in Australia at the moment and this mayoral election is getting new publicity here due to the recent Weiner allegations. I saw clips of that press conference and his wife had a really big scowl on her face, rightly so. She showed a lot of public support but I’d hate to imagine their conversations behind the scenes.

    You often wonder when politicians have such shocking indiscretions if the wifes/partners just stick together until they fall out of the limelight. Then they break up and go their separate ways?

    As for Carlos Danger? I don’t know anything about him but that is quite a cool name. Danger by name, danger by nature? There are some interesting mayoral propositions you have there. Maybe I need to get back to New York soon.

    1. Hey Guy!

      Lucky you being in Australia. Put another shrimp on the bar-bee for me!

      This whole Mayor’s race is a joke here. Anthony Weiner (aka, Carlos Danger) had more dirt come out this week and actual penis pics he placed on Twitter have showed up. Honestly, the guy is a creepy pervert. His wife has not been seen since this new revelation. I do feel bad for his wife but she is also a fool for publicly standing by him. My guess is that she will divorce him if he bows out or loses the election. Why would any woman stay with a creep like him is beyond me.

    1. Hey Cindy!

      Oh, c’mon now. Spitzer and Weiner for President and VP! You know these two egomaniacs want to put a stiffy on Capital Hill! 🙂

  2. Hahahahaha! The material that Mr. Danger is providing these days is priceless. Just when you think you’ve heard it all…bam….he surfaces again.

  3. hahaha LOVE IT. Seriously, in New York, is a naked weener even a big deal anymore? Anyone on public transportation sees about a dozen a day. Bigger fish, people. So to speak.

    1. Hello Joy!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! So glad you got a laugh out of this.

      Yeah, we see them all the time whether we like it or not. Images that will last a lifetime!

  4. Maybe this is what we need, a guy that is like the majority of us (not saying we are all sending pics of our Dicks and having Cyber Sex, although I am sure there are many that would if they could.) So What, the guy is having a little fun. As long as he can do the job, who cares.

    1. Hey Matt!

      I agree on some of that, but he has proved he can’t be trusted or use proper judgement and we expect him to run a monolith like NYC? That is a recipe for disaster. Having fun is one thing, but he is just outright creepy to me.

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