Le Viet Cafe – a tiny NYC spot for tasty Viet/Thai street eats.

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Kimchi Fries. Do I need to say more? Look at that!

NYC seems to have an endless array of eateries of all styles and origins that take up residence here year in and year out. You can literally eat all around the world here in the five boroughs. Here is another new spot for good grub that has popped up within walking distance from my crib on the UES/Yorkville part of town. Hot damn! This makes my mouth and belly very happy!

Le Viet Cafe is a tiny resto that serves up some cheap and tasty Viet and Thai style street food. Even though it’s been open for a few months now where the old Buddha BBeeQ used to be we had not checked them out until a few weekends ago. Narrow and efficient looking the space can hold 12-15 people at most with a few tables along the one wall. Decor is minimalist but the service is very friendly. Menu is so very affordable and the portions are just about right for the price. Lunch specials during the week are also offered. I definitely need to go back now and try out some of the soups, sandwiches, fried rice dishes, and assorted appetizers. Yeah, you can say I enjoyed my first meal at Le Viet.

Artsy decor on the wall. Food is beautiful!

We lucked out as on the night we dropped in there was a table open and we grabbed it. Even though it was cold out, and a freezing draft hit me each time the door was opened it did not deter my eating adventure here. Nothing like good hot food on a chilly evening.

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The Chicken Bahn Mi. That bread is so perfect for this sammy.

Bahn Mi w/chicken and Kimchi Fries for the win! The bread they use is wonderfully soft with just the right crisp on the outside. Tender chicken and pickled veggies stuffed in. Loved the small kick that the kimchi on the fries offered. It’s a guilty pleasure kind of snack.

Melt in your mouth delicious Homemade Crepes. These were a nice surprise. Radish, peanuts, ground chicken with lettuce and crispy shallots  – oh my! Came with four on a plate. I felt almost guilty that I did not want to share them. Almost.

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Their version of Homemade Crepes were like eating dessert as an appetizer.

The menu is small overall with a limited amount of offerings, but it seems what they do have is done well. Everything is made fresh too.

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Drunken Noodles. Spicy goodness!

Oh, and the spicy Drunken Noodles! Very spicy but I could not stop myself from eating it. I’m not a huge fan of spicy foods but this kind of plate made me a fan. Got it with chicken. Delish!

So far me likey everything I have devoured here in this hole in the wall joint. Nom!

Dangnabbit! This place is so close to my apartment I can sleepwalk there. Or stumble over in a drunken daze. Heck, it’s not even worth it to get delivery because that would be way too lazy of me. Or would it? I’m not gonna judge. I just wanna eat!

I told you this place was tiny! Only a few tables to the left. Squeeze in and enjoy!





Le Viet Cafe – http://www.levietcafe.com/


8 thoughts on “Le Viet Cafe – a tiny NYC spot for tasty Viet/Thai street eats.”

  1. Having a place like that within sleepwalking distance doesn’t sound too bad. I just got back from Vietnam and I already miss the food, but I’ll be in New York at the end of this month, and now I know where to go to get my Bahn Mi fix:)

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      There are some great places all around NYC to get a tasty bahn mi. This is just one of them. Many are downtown actually and you have more to choose from there.

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