Iron Chef reigns supreme in NYC – Morimoto!

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Iron Chef Cuisine Reigns Supreme!

Having dined at Morimoto in NYC on a few separate occasions I must admit to having a rocking time at both! The most important thing to remember is to make sure you get a seat at the sushi bar! This is where all the action happens and the chefs will chat with you if you are friendly to them. To see them work up close is really cool. It’s entertainment! Plus, on both occasions the Iron Chef Morimoto himself was holding court there and he came over to speak to us both times. Really nice and warm guy. Was very interested what we thought of his food, which was terrific by the way.

When you pull up to the place the outside is covered with a flowing red drapery across the front. You can’t miss it. Entering the place you are greeted by the front desk staff. Both times our seats were not ready and it would be about 15 minutes to wait, so we went to the downstairs bar/lounge area. Bar area is very clear white with glowing red walls! Futuristic cool. See through poly-plastic type stools, and funky spaceship type feel. Small lounge area to grab a seat and enjoy a cocktail while waiting for your sushi feast to begin.

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Going back upstairs to get our seats we were also greated by a giant bottle wall. The whole place has this very chic Japan meets outer space vibe to it, which compliments the experience here. It is kind of loud and bustling, probably because of the size and open layout. Personally, I prefer sitting up at the sushi bar area, as the setup of the tables on the floor did not vibe well with me.

Photo credit - Morimoto
Photo credit – Morimoto

Dinner here is off the hook! Portions are not huge, but Japanese cuisine is not about huge plates. It’s about presentation and fresh flavors so keep that in mind. Crispy rock shrimp tempura, Japanese lobster fritters, ishi yaki buri bop (which they cook in front of you in a hot stone bowl was delish – yellowfin tuna w/rice), fresh maki and sushi were all good. Many choices to choose from. Plus, Morimoto has his own line of sake in all styles and a pretty extensive wine list. Beer of course also. Great stuff to accompany your meal.

Photo credit - Yelp
Photo credit – Yelp

Had some terrific desserts. Lusted over this flourless chocolate cake with caramel popcorn and corn ice cream that was like a party in my mouth!

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Seriously, no meal at Morimoto is complete without a trip to the famous bathrooms. Life is not complete until walking into this serene environment, have the lid move up and down on its own, and feel the gratifying warmth of that toilet seat on your butt as you sit down on it. Ahhhhh. All types of controls to play with on this robotic throne. You can spend a whole lot of time in this tranquil escape from reality!

You will drop some serious coin here, but very worth it, so bring your credit cards kiddies!

Photo credit - Yelp
Photo credit – Yelp


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30 thoughts on “Iron Chef reigns supreme in NYC – Morimoto!”

  1. Phil, it looks like you found another great spot to hang out. I love the bottle wall 🙂

    One thing that does frustrate me about a few restaurants is that you arrive on time then they keep you waiting say 15 minutes (as your case here). I’m always sceptical and wonder if it is a way to get you to spend more at the bar.

    Even with that said, Japanese food is great to to have food a great place like this is well worth knowing.

    1. Hey Guy!

      I notice the more trendy spots do that with making us wait. I think some purposely do that so we spend cash at the bar. I used to bartend and know for a fact that cocktails have a huge markup rate and they make a ton on drinks.

      Even so, this is a cool spot worth a visit.

  2. That looks awesome! Hope he did backflips either in person or on TVs somewhere in the restaurant, party for eyeballs!

  3. Love Iron Chef, love all the seafood, love the creativity. I never, ever thought I’d see someone say that a trip to a restaurant would not be complete “without a trip to the famous bathrooms.” Intriguing and funny, all at the same time.

  4. I am a huge Morimoto fan-we used to watch Iron Chef every night when it was on at dinnertime. His restaurant looks like a fabulous place to dine. I hope that someday I can check it out for myself! 😀

    1. Hey Sarah!

      I still watch the show now and then. Still ok but the older versions were the best. I used to love when Bobby Flay lost. It’s too funny.

  5. I love Japanese food. It’s just so classical, healthy and sometimes weird but that’s alright. That’s what exotic food is all about. The new LOL! Thanks for sharing mate. 🙂

  6. I love Morimoto! That’s awesome you were able to see him at his restaurant and taste what must have been absolutely delicious food. Yum! BTW, there is a sushi restaurant in my city that has the heated toilet seats. It’s difficult to leave, especially on a cold winter day.

    1. Hey Mary!

      It’s such a fun experience to eat here and we were lucky enough to see him both times we went.

      Yes, those toilets are spoiling for our bums!

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